Lemon manicure - design for bright summer looks


Modern fashionistas who follow current trends know that this year the lemon color is simply at the peak of popularity. It is used literally everywhere, from clothing, accessories to nail design. In the summer season, probably every girl wants to add bright colors to her looks. You shouldn't deny yourself such pleasure. Moreover, we have prepared a selection of the most stylish and original ideas for every girl.

Lemon manicure for short nails

Despite the fact that short nails have long been popular, many girls still believe that it is impossible to implement some ideas on them. In fact, this is a myth, because the main thing is to select a design based on the characteristics of the nail plate. This is the only way to achieve the most harmonious combination.

As for lemon manicure, in this case it is appropriate. Of course, you shouldn’t make a drawing consisting of many details. A good alternative is small lemons on several nails. Thanks to this approach, the design will look very laconic and at the same time stylish. This is exactly the effect we should strive for this year.

It is rightfully believed that for short nails the best solution is a plain lemon-colored coating. To some, this option may seem too simple and boring, to others, on the contrary, too bold. Therefore, always listen to your vision of the perfect manicure, regardless of all the current trends.

Despite the fact that this color is quite bright, it goes well with other shades and patterns. Therefore, manicurists often create amazingly beautiful designs for any occasion. Among them is a single-color coating in the form of a combination of lemon color with yellow, orange, red, blue or black.

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Plus, the lemon design looks great with other designs. For example, an image of a butterfly, a floral print, and even geometry can sparkle with new, bright colors in this combination. When choosing this color for yourself, do not be afraid to experiment. This is a fascinating process that helps to emphasize the image or simply show your own vision of manicure.

Lemon manicure with design

The beautiful lemon color looks good in a single color and can also be combined with a variety of patterns. Depending on seasonality, current trends and your own preferences, choose one of the options presented.

As you know, a gradient manicure combines several shades. And not only from the same range, but also contrasting, and sometimes completely unexpected combinations of shades. Therefore, lemon color can always be used to create an ombre effect. This manicure will never go unnoticed due to its brightness.

Despite the fact that this shade is quite bright, it can be used even for classic design options. We are talking about the famous French manicure and moon manicure. Of course, it is not suitable for everyday work. But in general, for the summer season this is an excellent solution for every day. If you wish, you can make such a design even for a festive event. But keep in mind that in this case the whole image must be chosen perfectly.

Recently, manicures in the color block style have become especially popular. This means that one design combines several shades that are clearly separated from each other. In this case, you can use not only similar, but also contrasting tones. Each option looks interesting in its own way.

A juicy fruit and berry pattern is suitable for relaxation and just hot summer days. Most often girls choose pineapples, lime, orange and lemon. But there are other options in fashion that are suitable for a variety of shades of varnish. By the way, recently drawings in the form of ice cream, a favorite cocktail or even a dish have become popular.

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Not a single trend in the world of nail art is complete without floral design. Therefore, the combination of lemon color with voluminous or minimalistic flowers and twigs is quite predictable. But this does not mean that it should be abandoned.

Geometric design pleases many girls. Its main advantage is versatility. This means that you can combine a variety of lines, shapes and shades. The complete freedom of imagination will definitely please every fashionista.

For lovers of abstract designs, we recommend combining them with bright shades. It's also worth taking a closer look at the stylish alternative wet option. It is created using a brush that mixes undried gel polish. The result is an incredibly beautiful interweaving of shades on the nails.

Sometimes very unexpected ideas are implemented in a lemon shade. Animal prints are a great example. It turns out that on nails they don’t look very realistic. But at the same time, it emphasizes awareness of the main fashion trends.

Lemon-colored manicure with decor

Even a bright, rich color does not exclude the use of additional decor. This solution will definitely appeal to those who don’t like different designs.

However, we note that various decorative elements should not be used in too large quantities. Otherwise, even the most beautiful manicure will look ridiculous. The best option is several rhinestones on two nails. A scattering of glitter and scotch tape also goes well with lemon color. Mostly the latter option is used to create parts in geometric design.

Kamifubuki and foil elements are a great addition to lemon-colored nails. They are often applied over a base coat or over a clear base. The effect is completely different. Photo examples demonstrate this in detail.

Lemon manicure: photo of nail design ideas