The best fragrances of Tiziana Terenzi: space perfumes


The family brand Tiziana Terenzi has a special history, full of memories, which began in 1968, and maybe even earlier…

Tiziana Terenzi scented candles and brand history

In 1968, Guglielmo Terenzi opened a small workshop for the production of scented candles. It was then that he decided to devote himself to his beloved work, spending all his free time in his tiny laboratory, mixing herbal extracts and finding pleasure in it. Paolo often ran to his grandfather and liked to watch him work. Together they walked for a long time in the garden near the house, studying and collecting flowers and plants.

As a very young boy, Paolo learned to distinguish the smells of plants. Grandfather and grandson had such a game - Guglielmo blindfolded Paolo and brought different plants to his nose, and he had to guess what was in front of him this time.

Many years have passed since then. Youth wants to do everything. Paolo followed in his grandfather's footsteps, but first he became a musician and a student of the philosophy of law.

Perfumer Tiziana Terenzi

Over time, the small laboratory of Guglielmo Terenzi turned into a large perfume house Tiziana Terenzi, which today is owned by his grandchildren - Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi. Paolo has become the "nose" of the brand, while his sister is responsible for the design and promotion of the brand.

They are convinced that wisdom is needed in creating a fragrance. Therefore, their candles have a complex olfactory pyramid, that is, top, heart and trail notes, and besides this, the candles have a unique wick, consisting of two types of wood, and each has a special function. One is responsible for a beautiful flame, the other creates crackling.

Candles Tiziana Terenzi

And besides scented candles, the family brand also creates perfumes. At the heart of the fragrances, brother and sister use only natural plant extracts, so Tiziana Terenzi perfumes are known throughout the world for their quality and durability. All fragrances by Paolo Terenzi are passionate and poetic, just like the main nose of the brand, Paolo. “... My works are characterized as complex”, and this is not surprising, because the perfumer approaches the creation of each of them as a work of art.

Perfume Tiziana Terenzi

Debut fragrances under the family brand appeared in 2012-2013, before that time Paolo worked on perfume compositions of other popular brands - for Dior, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Brioni and many others.

In the perfumes created by Paolo Terenzi, woody notes almost always sound, especially sandalwood, fir, pine and cedar, probably because they reflect the concept of the brand, because the whole history of the perfume house is built around burning (it all started with scented candles).

Fragrances such as XIX March, White Fire, Ecstasy, Gold Rose Oudh, as well as Lillipur and Maremma are associated with fire. Fire is not only a burning process that warms, it is the fire of the soul, and the fire of love, the fire and light of a distant star ...

Paolo Terenzi's travels also serve as a source of inspiration for creating fragrances. For example, Lillipur is inspired by a trip to Nepal, where history, civilization and spirituality intertwine. Lillipur is a cluster of temples, and among them the incredible beauty of the Golden Temple stands out. This perfume personifies the mystical fire of the soul, the burning hearts of believers.

The XIX March fragrance, which is more carefree and even cheerful, is dedicated to the Italian holiday La Focarina di S. Giuseppe, which takes place exactly on March 19, when they say goodbye to winter and kindle a fire.

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The Maremma composition also occupies an important place - a complex fragrance filled with fruity and floral notes, with strong leathery and woody tones. This perfume well reflects the charm of the wild beauty of the land - one of the corners of sunny Italy. Today, Paolo Terenzi dedicates his knowledge and skill to the niche perfumery of his brand.

His perfume is original in sound, and behind each fragrance there is a story - memories of travels. But there are fragrances inspired by the stars in the night sky. So there were collections dedicated to heavenly bodies. Paolo Terenzi is a philosopher, and therefore it is natural for him to turn his gaze to the sky, which stores secrets, where each star lives in its place and participates in the life of the Universe.

We are trying to unravel the book of Nature, to penetrate this mystery, and even compose our own stories. But what if these stories are told in the language of fragrances? It was these stories that became the life work of the talented master Paolo Terenzi.

And here are some of them...

The best fragrances of Tiziana Terenzi: space perfumes

Perfume Andromeda Tiziana Terenzi

A magnificent and mysterious oriental floral perfume, released in 2015 in the Lunar Collection. Unisex fragrance.

The composition is dedicated to the constellation Andromeda. This fragrance is a touch of secrets and mysteries. The top notes are vibrant bergamot and a subtle scent of hay, intertwined with floral notes of ylang-ylang. In the heart of the composition, notes of violet and rose, elegant lily and juicy honey pear are felt. A refined base with hints of sweet vanilla, tonka bean, spicy cashmeran and sensual amber adds charm and charm to the fragrance.

Spirits of Andromeda
Spirits of Andromeda

Cassiopea Tiziana Terenzi

A soft floral-fruity unisex fragrance, also released in 2015. The composition is inspired by the starry sky and the beauty of the constellation Cassiopeia. Its sound is mesmerizing, and seems almost mystical, it sets you up for reflection and excites emotions a little.

The top note with an original combination of tart blackcurrant, passion fruit and lemon freshness merges with the floral heart notes, where lily of the valley, carnation and tea rose conquer with their spicy sweetness. The final note of velvety sandalwood, sweet-smoky tonka bean and musk adds depth and sensuality to the composition.

Perfume Tiziana Terenzi

Sirrah Attar Tiziana Terenzi

A woody-spicy fragrance for men and women, launched this year. Sirrah is a star in the constellation Andromeda. One of the most mysterious stars in the sky, which is constantly changing and has different luminous hues. How to describe this star in the language of fragrances?

The composition opens with sensual notes of quince combined with the pungency of passion fruit and precious spices - saffron and green pepper. The fragrance has a special spiral structure where fruity accords vibrate and swirl in a whirlwind of osmanthus, damask rose and amber, subtly accentuated by the sweetness of cardamom and the freshness of oxygen. Expressive accords of patchouli, Italian leather and precious wood shimmer in the trail, surrounded by a musky cloud.

The fragrance captivates in a whirlwind of the flame of emotions, excites the senses and delights.

Mirach Tiziana Terenzi

The unisex fragrance belongs to the group of fruity florals. Mirach released this year. This is another star from the constellation Andromeda, which conquered Paolo Terenzi, and a star of enormous size, many times larger than the Sun. The perfumer was struck by the most beautiful sight, spirals of powerful fire emanating from the star into the depths of the Cosmos.

The composition of the Mirach fragrance is represented by notes that vibrate in an undulating rhythm, the beginning of which is laid by delicate shades of neroli combined with damask rose, nutmeg and saffron.

Luxurious top notes are complemented by smoky woody accents of precious oud, warm shades of patchouli, davana and hot sand in harmony with rose petals and charming ambergris. And again everything fluctuates and develops, ascending and fading in a spiral, embracing with gentle touches of sweet vanilla, hypnotic benzoin, velvety shades of Cambodian oud and Indian sandalwood.

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The magical aroma envelops with mystery, gives incredible captivity and reveals all its emotionality, transferring to the world of sensuality and tenderness, especially in the evening.

The perfumer turns his gaze not only to the Universe, but also to past centuries, where legends and myths, deities and miracles, characters from different cultures and civilizations live. And on the pages of the perfume book written by Paolo Terenzi, amazing stories are waiting for us, told by the author in the language of aromas.

Perfume Tiziana Terenzi

Afrodite Tiziana Terenzi

Perfume unisex, belongs to the group of oriental floral. The fragrance was released this year. Afrodite is a goddess who personifies passionate love, beauty and harmony. Myths say that the goddess was born from sea foam and came ashore in Cyprus. The birthplace of Aphrodite is still revered on the island today - not far from the coast, a lone rock protrudes from the sea, against which waves break, forming foam.

The composition of the fragrance is inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, white beaches, sparkling waters and foamy waves from which the mythical goddess was born. The azure sea and the intoxicating aromas of wild nature fill the atmosphere around with magic. The composition, rich in floral and fruity notes, soft spice and powdery shades, framed in musky and amber accords, reveals notes of lilac, the smell of white currants, the aroma of peach, spiced with pink pepper and bittersweet shades of vanilla.

At the heart of the fragrance, a fragrant bouquet of lilies of the valley, tuberose, irises and geranium merges with sparkling shades of neroli. Heart notes move into a sophisticated trail of musky and ambery notes enriched with woody notes of ebony, sandalwood and patchouli. Afrodite creates an image of grace and beauty and conveys an attractive sensuality and charm to its owner.

Perfume Tiziana Terenzi

Dionisio Tiziana Terenzi

Perfume for men and women. Dionisio belongs to the amber vanilla group, released this year. Dionysus is a daring and mysterious deity. His main undertakings are to plunge a person into insane confusion, to break all conventions and prohibitions. A deity whose essence is intoxication and the embodiment of animal passions. Here is the same exuberant and non-standard fragrance conceived by perfumer Paolo Terenzi.

The composition opens with a strong note of amber surrounded by musk and burns with a seductive pheromone. At the heart of the fragrance is ambergris, accentuated by sweet Tahitian vanilla, lush blooms of jasmine and lily of the valley. Base notes of precious black oud, musk, Madagascar vanilla combined with pheromone create an attraction of seduction and joy.

The fragrance is intended for those who seek to experience all the emotions of life, who appreciate the uniqueness and independence. The rich composition draws attention to itself with its bewitching character, which reflects inner strength and boundless attractiveness.

The brand's perfumery delights and staggers the imagination with the variety of fragrances created. All Paolo Terenzi's compositions are based on completely unexpected and new combinations of olfactory notes. Perhaps the mysterious power of the stars of the Universe, their inexplicable transformations, become the sources of such amazing chords, which, like the stars, develop in a unique evolution.

Tempel Tiziana Terenzi

A seductive unisex oriental floral fragrance. Perfume released this year. Gentle accents of flowering gardens and irrepressible passion of animal chords sound in his character. Such an amazing composition, its contradictory nature excites the emotions of fans of exclusive European perfumery.

At the same time, Tempel has a noble character and perfectly conveys the beauty of flowers and the hypnotic power of amber. The perfume is permeated with an expressive floral chord of lily of the valley, which is the soloist in the top, middle and base notes. Spicy-woody oud is woven into the composition, then seductive ambergris enchants and beckons with its sweetness. The fragrance is dedicated to the comet Tempel.

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Fragrances Tiziana Terenzi
Fragrances Tiziana Terenzi

Tabit Tiziana Terenzi

Selective fragrance, released in 2016, belongs to the floral-woody-musky group. Unisex fragrance. And although the name of a distant star from the constellation of Orion again sounds in it, the perfumer recalls his childhood and summer holidays on the Mediterranean coast in this sweet and sunny perfume.

Blue sky, bright sun, gentle and warm waves, hot sand, a happy memory of childhood, and also juicy, ripe fruits and sweets. The composition opens with sparkling citrus notes of bergamot and the freshness of green herbs that merge with hints of peach, exotic coconut and delicate floral accents. And in all this beauty, you can feel the warmth of hot sand.

A bewitching woody trail envelops with a veil of carelessness and lightness. Sweet vanilla, precious amber and sensual musk intertwine with woody notes and cotton candy. The aroma, uniquely warm and velvety, will give you joy and warm you with the Italian sun.

Perfume Tiziana Terenzi

Delox Tiziana Terenzi

This perfume creation is also unisex, belongs to the floral woody-musky group. The Delox fragrance was released this year. Here the perfumer recalls his sea voyage on a sailboat around the Cyclades. The composition opens with bright accents of coffee, framed by shades of white hyacinth combined with powdery patches of iris.

Top notes are coffee, white hyacinth and iris; middle notes are turkish rose, vanilla and opoponax; base notes: white musk, honey, amber, cedar.

A very small island in the Aegean Delos, the famous temple ruins, the island that became the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. The aroma delights and caresses the soul with its shades of wonderful flowers. This fragrance is a touch to the secrets of the past, inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean, its endless blue. The whole composition is enhanced by noble woods combined with seductive musk and enchanting amber, softened by notes of sweet honey.

Perfume Tiziana Terenzi

Orza Tiziana Terenzi

Aroma - unisex, belongs to the floral fruity group. Orza released this year. It has sweet vanilla accords, juicy fruity notes and an amazing floral bouquet. The aroma reveals a riot of juicy fruits - green apple, plum, tangerine, wild berries, framed by exotic coconut and orchid. Then all this luxury is complemented by the smell of magnolia.

Top notes give way to heart accents of jasmine, rose and exquisite lilies of the valley. It seems that the whole flower kingdom merges into one bouquet and caresses with its fragrance.

Woody shades of sandalwood and sweet Madagascar vanilla, hypnotic benzoin resin and luxurious amber are harmoniously inscribed in the sweet trail of the fragrance, skillfully combined with caramel and white musk.

The word Orza is a nautical term meaning "to move into the wind." At sea, it often happens when you have to move against the wind or change the movement in a new direction. Aroma Orza captivates with its ambiguity, it feels fresh and warm, cheerful and mysterious. It is included in the Starfish collection. The Orza fragrance conveys the contemplation of the blue sky and the sea, in which it is reflected, erasing all lines between a fairy tale and the real world.

Tiziana Terenzi's collections are dedicated to the sun, moon, stars and constellations, "... and the starfish unites the world of the sea and the world of the night sky." The fragrances of Tiziana Terenzi will allow us to travel together with the author into the infinity of the universe and the depths of the ocean, on a journey inspired by dreams.