Manicure without a pattern - stylish nail art for different lengths of nails and photos


Manicure plays a very important role in the life of every girl. Fashionistas give great attention to their design, because it can complement the outfit and affect the overall impression of the person. Manicure masters provide more and more unusual, amazing and even luxurious ideas for various occasions. But sometimes you want to perform a concise and at the same time attractive design. Such an option would be a manicure without drawings. Let's take a closer look at all the relevant options for this design.

Main trends

Many people think that a manicure without drawings will look boring and too simple. But having considered fashion trends, girls will be able to make sure that this is far from the case. Various types of decor can replace drawings, for example, mirror rubbed powder, shining rhinestones, amazing glitter, velvety sand, pearl beads and much more.

If the girl plans to perform strict manicure, then as a final coating it is best to use a matte top. The velvety structure will add femininity and elegance to the image.

New ideas for manicure without a picture

Manicure masters offer many interesting and sophisticated ideas for performing manicure. Moreover, it is not at all necessary to limit oneself to the execution of drawings. Among the new products, the leading place is occupied by multi-colored manicure, in which several colors are used. You can perform alternating staining, or apply one tone to 3 nails, and cover the remaining fingers with a contrasting color.

Another novelty is various foil application.

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Stylish and extraordinary design will turn out when using stickers with various inscriptions.

Do not forget about the unusual and sophisticated decor in the form of a spider web. Some girls confine themselves to decorating several nails, while someone applies a design on each finger.

Recently, it has been very popular to decorate with any decor only big or ring fingers.

Manicure without drawing on short nails

For a short length, it is worth choosing the decor very carefully and carefully so as not to overload the design. It is best to use plain dyeing with light colors. Sometimes fashionistas use dark colors as an accent. If you want to perform a festive manicure, then use small glitter, which will give the image a sparkle and solemnity.

On a short length, a smooth transition of colors using the ombre technique looks very beautiful and fashionable. You can use different tones. To visually lengthen the nail, perform a vertical transition in light tones.

Manicure without drawing on long nails

There are absolutely no limits for long nails, because at such a length you can safely embody all your fantasies. Very often, girls use several types of decor. It can be rubbed powder, sand, kamifubuki and rhinestones. A manicure with a different design on both hands looks quite original.

It is best if the main colors of such a manicure are contrasting, for example, light on one and dark on the other. You can safely decorate the valley nails with a classic French manicure. A very sophisticated manicure will turn out when performing an extraordinary smile of bright color.

Gentle manicure without drawings

To perform a gentle manicure, only light and restrained tones should be used. Lilac, pale pink, pastel, nude, white, cream, mint - all this will add romance and softness to women's hands.

A French manicure with a purple base and a light pink smile line will look very attractive. Add a special charm and tenderness will help a matte finish.

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As a decor, it is best to limit yourself to light acrylic sand or silver glitter. As a brighter decor, use rubbed powder. It is better to decorate with just one nail, so as not to get a rough design.

Simple decorated manicure without drawings

Sometimes girls want to perform a simple and concise design with a minimalist decor. For this, monophonic staining in any tone is perfect. To diversify the manicure a little, make a small strip of beads on one nail or foil holes on all fingers.

Another very simple option is decoration with rhinestones. Use only one element on each nail, and then you get a very simple and stylish design for nails of any length.

Bright manicure without a picture

Bright manicure is most appreciated in the summer and spring seasons. This manicure looks playful, coquettish and beautiful. When performing bright nail art, feel free to use orange, yellow, light green, red or pink colors. You can decorate each nail with a different shade.

The transition in the ombre technique using several colors at once looks unusual. As a decor, you can use sparkles in bright colors or rhinestones. Remember that a bright manicure in itself is very catchy, so limit the decor to a small amount.

Manicure gel polish without drawings

Manicure with gel polish is a very convenient and practical way to decorate your hands. The most important positive feature of this coating is that the manicure will retain its beauty for 2-3 weeks. Manicure masters provide fashionistas an incredible amount of design options that are performed by gel polish. In this case, you can choose absolutely any color as the basis, and complement it with a variety of designs.

Photo of a manicure without drawings on the nails

All girls take care of their hands, because manicure plays an important role in the image. When choosing a design for your manicure, it is not necessary to use the usual patterns. In the world of nail art, there are many options for stunning and delightful designs. A monophonic manicure with an accent in the form of covering one / two nails with a different color looks very concise and restrained.

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In this article, we shared the best varieties of manicure without drawings, now choose a design and surprise others with your nail art.