Blue manicure - 100 bright new designs in the photo


According to scientists, the blue color is endowed with unique qualities. He is able to relax and calm. To surround yourself with blue, you can finish the apartment in this tone, buy furniture with blue upholstery, change curtains, update your wardrobe in this color scheme, or you can make a chic blue manicure.

Blue manicure - original ideas

Blue is considered a masculine color by most opinions. You will be very surprised to know how popular this shade is among women in manicure. The blue itself looks quite radical, but its stylish design in the latest manicure will make you change your mind.

The main advantage of nail design in blue is that there are many types of shades of blue to choose from. It is very beautifully and interestingly combined with red, black and white. It looks elegant in a matte finish, and is wonderfully combined with drawings and decor elements. The choice of blue in the French manicure technique remains popular. Let's take a closer look at these newfangled options together.

Mysterious dark blue nail art

The noble and muted dark blue color in the latest fashionable manicure looks original and beautiful both in matte and glossy versions. It is this deep and rich shade that has become very popular in the list of the most sought-after colors of the season. You can add glitter decor on one or two nails, use rubbed powder or create a velvet finish with powder. In any case, it looks simply luxurious.

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Blue manicure for short nails: news, ideas

On short nails, the best idea for the execution of this color was celestial shades of blue, or its dark tones, with a lighter finish. A very important detail in this case is the accurate execution of such a manicure.

The trend for short nails is special glued tapes or drawn lines. Particularly popular are gold-colored stripes or azure coating options. As the main shade, you can choose the turquoise or any other color.

For the decor this season, you can actively use the accentuation of one nail with rhinestones or glitter, neat patterns, foil elements, kamifubuki and much more. The main thing is not to overdo it with decoration.

Blue manicure in fashion design.

The leader in the decor for blue manicure this season was the inlay of nails with rhinestones, stones, glitter and beads. This combination will add a solemn and sophisticated touch to your look. Also, it will complement blue manicure according to the opinions of designers, silver and gold in all its variations, be it stripes, covering the nail on the ring finger, complementing the arcs of French manicure or strokes in drawings and paintings.

Manicure with blue flowers: unique gzhel

In addition to inlay, the manicure technique - gzhel, is very popular this season. Original patterns and floral motifs in blue can be done in several ways. To create the most similar pattern to a real, unique, original and traditional painting, the masters use a thin brush. In this way, applying a neat and beautiful drawing is better to entrust to experienced masters who have a skill in art painting, because, alas, not everyone can cope with subtle curls.

You can use stamping technology and apply this unusual design using a special stamp. A little practice, and the same patterns will already decorate your nails.

The fastest and easiest option to perform is considered to be the use of ready-made stickers. This method will not take much time, but will please you with an excellent result.

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Gels contain one or two nails or all fingers on the hands, using beige or white varnishes as the main coating.

Blue and white - a fashionable combination

A manicure in a combination of blue and white colors has become one of the most popular this season. Such a manicure universally looks both in winter and in summer. It is perfect for an evening, formal and casual look.

Among the popular options for its execution were French manicure, gradient technique, white patterns and drawings on a blue background, or vice versa, winter patterns in its variety, marine motifs and much more. White color simply perfectly brings notes of lightness to the blue manicure and refreshes it.

Blue manicure with red: interesting ideas

Complementing the blue nail polish with red in the manicure adds sophistication to your look. This combination looks very harmonious in any version. The main techniques of this season were called the gradient technique, alternate coating and highlighting one or two nails with a different color. For example, one or two nails are colored blue, and the rest are colored red, or vice versa.

Nail stains in this color scheme have become very relevant. You can decorate such a manicure with shiny elements or drawings.

Blue matte manicure

Flawless and mesmerizing will make your fingers blue manicure in a matte finish. Masters unanimously agreed - to use bright shades of blue varnish in such a technique. In the matte solution, they look more impressive. Such a coating can be applied to all nail plates, while adding an unobtrusive design in the form of stones, rhinestones and other elements.

And you can make one or two fingers matte, and the rest of the nails can be done using another technique. Glossy strips of French manicure on matte nails are also gorgeous.

Blue manicure with shades of black

Fashionable blue manicure with black, the original representation of nail art. It is very restrained and concise in such a color scheme, and at the same time does not look boring. The most original can be called a gradient in this design. As a basis, designers recommend giving preference to not too dark shades of blue, and black should be the final option. Get a very original transition.

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Fashionable options for this season are horizontal, vertical and gradient drawing at an angle. The next fashion trend was French manicure in this color design. Swap the shades of the “smile” and the main cover and enjoy. You can also apply blue patterns on a black base, or on a blue base - black patterns. Experiment!

French manicure in shades of blue

Chic French manicure this season will be very fashionable in blue. You can leave the main coating transparent, and “smile” to perform in one of these shades. You can use the triangular version of the French manicure, or decorate the nails with a double line of the arc in combination with silver, gold or any other color.

The trend of blue French manicure is velvet and matte coatings combined with gloss and decor elements. Imagine - on all fingers a plain matte finish and a sophisticated glossy arc. Presented? Now make one or two nails velvet and decorate the “smile line” with decor. Doesn't this option look gorgeous?

Photo of manicure in blue

Original new nail designs in blue that we presented to you today, dear fashionistas, perfectly complement a lot of everyday, office, formal and romantic looks. You will undoubtedly conquer everyone around and will look simply irresistible and original!