Manicure in watercolor style: ideas and execution technology, photos of nail design


Modern nail art has an amazing manicure design technology - watercolor painting. This nail decor is more expensive than a regular manicure. But its beauty simply strikes the hearts of many fashionistas. The high price of watercolor painting is explained by the fact that the material itself and the skill of the master have no small costs. We propose to talk a little about the technology of watercolor painting itself, and what is needed for this technology.

Tools and necessary materials for watercolor painting

Outwardly, watercolor decor resembles watercolor intended for painting. They are similar in their translucency spreading and halftones. But for work in manicure, real watercolors are used. Their main difference is the form of release and composition. Paints are quite easy to apply and lie on the surface of the nail. There are, of course, such shades that are difficult to put on top of each other. Therefore, when choosing materials, it is worthwhile to study their texture and properties as carefully as possible.

To perform watercolor painting, you should choose special manicure brushes of the right size. Their difference is that they are very thin and have a long size. For example, a special brush may be marked two and one zero. To dilute the paints use simple water. The desired shades can be obtained by mixing paints on a special palette. In principle, the same actions initially take place as when working with paints on a simple piece of paper.

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When the desired shade is obtained, it is applied with light movements to the nail. In order for the paints to be easily removed from the brush, it is necessary to monitor its humidity. If the brush dries out, it will be difficult for you to remove the paint from it. In some cases, manicure masters use diluted gel polish to complete the drawing. You can dilute it with a clinser or a regular top.

Preparing nails for watercolor manicure with gel polish

For watercolor painting, it is necessary to apply the main tone. After all, the very texture and technique of watercolor requires special efforts. Initially, you need to do a manicure (remove the cuticles and give the nail the desired shape). After that, it is worth removing the top gloss of the nail plate. Then cover the nail with a base, varnish and strengthen with a top.

Each layer must be thoroughly dried in a special lamp. After drying, it is necessary to give the nail a slight roughness with the help of a buff. Now you can start drawing the desired pattern. For this, water-based watercolor paints are used.

Watercolor manicure: how to apply the right ornament?

To apply the picture, you do not need to wet the nail plate. The light composition of the watercolor itself makes the desired effect. With her help, the entire basis of the alleged ornament is filled. To do this, give preference to light tones of watercolor paints, already diluted in advance with water. The liquid texture is laid on the main tone quite softly, giving a smooth transition to shades.

Some areas are easily lightened, and where it is necessary to give the ornament a shadow, it is worth adding the desired tone with light movements. The whole workflow resembles the real work of painting by an artist. The only difference is the location and size of the drawing. Alternately, with the help of color combinations, the necessary shadows and the necessary particles of the ornament are applied. Some elements of the drawing just remain blurry and blurry.

Most importantly, keep in mind that watercolor paints dry very quickly. Therefore, it is worth working with them quickly in order to achieve the desired result.

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Watercolor manicure with flowers.

Flowers - the most common version of the nail design in watercolor technique. In order for the floral image to have a more accurate and beautiful appearance, it is worth paying tribute to the finished pictures. This will provide a unique opportunity to monitor the correct application of specific ornaments and colorful shades.

Watercolor paints provide a unique chance to get the necessary colors by mixing and diluting the colors. Thus, the desired floral pattern does not require multilayer applications. It is only necessary to correctly approach the shades and apply them as thoroughly as possible.

Watercolor manicure ideas: some tips for working with watercolor paints

First of all, it is worth remembering that in order to turn a dark shade into several tones lighter, it is worth diluting it with white watercolor. Thus, all elements of the ornament will have their own smoothness in transitions. But do not get carried away too much, otherwise the drawing will become too whitish and turn into a brightened landscape.

When applying the desired tone, you can work with the combination of colors immediately on the nail plate. For this, a brush will be an excellent assistant. It is she who will give vagueness and help to get the desired result. The thickness of the brushes may vary. It depends on the scale of the picture. If the drawing should fill almost the entire nail, then it is worth paying tribute to the thicker brushes. At the end of the work on the ornament, you should not emphasize all the contours and elements of the ornament. So your work of art will acquire translucency and lightness.

To achieve a watercolor effect, you should not make too thick an outline and stroke the entire ornament. It is also worth choosing high-quality and professional brushes designed specifically for working with watercolors for manicure. When creating a drawing, not all masters manage to draw straight lines. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the main advice - the brush must be held perpendicular to the nail plate.

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Photo manicure in watercolor technique

Watercolor painting of women's nails is simply mesmerizing with its appearance. After all, real masters are able to convey in a meager drawing the whole temper and mood of the future owner of a manicure. It is this technology of nail decoration that occupies a leading position in modern fashion. But, unfortunately, only a true professional is able to create a real landscape on women's hands.