Japanese-style manicure and extraordinary design ideas on an oriental theme


The land of the rising sun, Japan, has always been considered the trendsetter of “strange” fashion, since absolutely everything seems unusual here, from the general cultural style to hairstyles, makeup and manicure style. Identical sensations can be obtained after getting acquainted with other cultures of eastern countries, for example, Turkey or Asia. This is why nail designs in Japanese and Oriental styles are so attractive to those who like extraordinary solutions and experiments with their own image.

The limitlessness and unusualness of such nail art amazes with its variety of ideas, and the manicure familiar to oriental beauties is very noticeably different from the design variations that are popular in European countries. At the same time, any designer will tell you with confidence that after a close acquaintance with such a mysterious manicure, you will definitely get a lot of ideas to complement this or that image and will certainly want to repeat the experiment.

What is the peculiarity of oriental nail design, and what ideas for its design are considered the most popular, you will learn further.

Fashion trends in manicure in Japanese and oriental styles

As we have already said, a manicure in a Japanese or oriental style is significantly different from the design options we are accustomed to, and this is primarily manifested in the abundance of bright colors and designs and ornate patterns characteristic of a particular culture.

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Oriental designs can be made on any length of nail plates. The only exception is the recommended nail shape for Japanese manicure, which we will discuss in more detail below. Particular preference is given to artistic painting or ready-made sliders that can clearly emphasize the chosen direction. Also, do not forget about the brilliant decor, since various decorations are an integral part of oriental beauties.

How to choose a nail shape for Japanese design

The choice of the shape and length of nail plates for Japanese manicure is a separate topic for conversation, because fashionistas of the land of the rising sun have their own concept of beauty. The square, oval or almond-shaped nail shapes common in other countries do not impress them at all, unless, of course, we are talking about super long false nails.

Natural nail plates, as a rule, have a slightly pointed tip and a very short length. Therefore, if you want to exactly repeat one of the Japanese designs, you will have to choose between the proposed options.

Oriental style manicure - basic palette of shades

“The East is a delicate matter,” so the choice of varnish shades to create a manicure in an oriental theme should not be taken lightly. Japanese fashionistas especially often use classic black, red, white and blue colors in their design, which combine perfectly with each other and look harmonious separately.

Also worth noting is the pastel palette, translucent light shades and the smoky color, popular in eastern countries, which is a dull and calm shade. As for Turkish or Asian culture, dark and bright shades dominate here, for example, burgundy, emerald, sapphire or turquoise. And also classic white, black, red, silver and gold.

Japanese style nails with flowers and sakura

All Japanese are madly in love with floristry, and in Tokyo there is a wonderful Flower Garden, where you can see thousands of different flowers and plants. Therefore, Japanese nail designs often contain images of hydrangea, saffron, lotus or wisteria. In this case, special preference is given to sakura flowers. Drawings can decorate a plain or translucent base, be combined with French and any other technique, decorate each nail or act as an accent.

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Japanese manicure with hieroglyphs

Manicure ideas with hieroglyphs are direct confirmation of the fact that oriental themes are increasingly attracting modern fashionistas. It is worth noting that for many such nail designs are not just a pretty picture. Ladies thoroughly study Japanese signs and symbols and put deep meaning into their images.

So, for example, the hieroglyph  (tomi) means wealth.  (kichi) – this is luck, (sachi) – symbolizes happiness, and (ai) – love. Japanese symbols are applied, usually in black, using artistic painting, sliders or stamping, and can additionally be combined with sakura branches, geisha images, the yin-yang symbol and other designs in the Japanese style.

Nail design in Japanese theme with anime

Despite the fact that in our circles anime art is not as popular as in Japan, all sorts of images of cartoon and comic book characters with huge eyes or images of unusual fantastic animals are an integral part of Japanese culture and are often used in creating fashionable nail designs.

Such anime drawings are applied using artistic painting. However, if you try, you can find sliders with similar images. This design looks unusually bright and expressive.

Oriental manicure with Turkish motifs

Nail designs with Turkish motifs are distinguished by their amazing beauty and originality, and it is often simply impossible to take your eyes off the intricate designs in such a theme. To perform this manicure, bright and rich shades are used. As for the choice of technique or methods of sketching, there are no restrictions or strict rules.

The emphasis is primarily on the pattern itself, which, at the request of the fashionista, can be combined with any base, golden or silver decor. The most popular and simplest in this case is the image with the original name “Turkish cucumber”.

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Nail design in oriental style with mehendi patterns

The art of body painting using henna or mehendi came to us from India, Malaysia and Arab countries. And now such exquisite designs are popular all over the world. In addition, similar motifs are successfully used in clothing design and have successfully proven themselves in manicure design.

Mehendi patterns are applied to several accent nails using a thin brush or stamping, done in black and white colors, and perfectly combined with voluminous decorations, glitter sparkles and various techniques.

Photo of manicure in Japanese and oriental style

As you can see, nail designs in oriental or Japanese style offer many ideas and opportunities to decorate your nails. This manicure differs significantly from our usual design options with its unusual patterns and color palette. Imagine how beautiful and unusual sakura branches and hieroglyphs, funny faces of anime characters or ornate mehendi-style patterns will look on your nails. This is truly something new and unusual!