Holiday manicure - the most fashionable trends and nail design photos


Summer is a wonderful and comfortable time not only for vacation, but also for the embodiment of fashionable manicure ideas in bright colors. The most unusual and varied designs, coating techniques and varnish shades are popular this summer. Bright, neon, pastel colors will impress any fan of fashionable manicure.

Interesting designs with a popular marine theme, watercolor drops, bright flowers and prints, juicy fruits, designs with foam, marble manicure, exquisite ombre, French manicure in various variations, and, of course, the novelty of this season - the quail egg manicure. All of these techniques and designs can be done on both short and long nails. You are faced with a difficult, but at the same time, an interesting decision - the choice of color and shape of nails with which you will shine in any corner of paradise.

Vacation manicure for short nails

Manicure on vacation is a difficult choice from a variety of fashionable manicure trends. If you have not yet decided where you will rest, and it is time to do your manicure, pay attention to the nude palette.

Pearl, pale pink, sand, light blue are great for any outfit. Delicate summer manicure can be decorated with beautiful images, stickers, pebbles, kamifubuki, foil, liquid and dry sparkles and many other decorations. Gentle tones of varnishes visually make short nails longer.

Short nails, masters of the nail industry strongly recommend performing in an oval or square shape. Also on light shades of varnish, the design of watercolor drops looks impressive. The design is carried out with a brush and special watercolor gel paints.

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Bright manicure on vacation

Summer is a bright, juicy, eventful time of the year. The fragrance of flowers, rich foliage of trees, green grass, dazzling, warm, gentle sun. At this time, more than ever, you want a bright, unusual, eye-catching and eye-pleasing manicure, especially since nail art in rich and colorful tones is popular this season.

A classic red, chic blue or an unrivaled "electric" with a matte top will draw attention to the nails, and different shades of yellow, raspberry, mustard, gold, turquoise will be an excellent option for a summer manicure on vacation.

On long nails, a manicure with fruits, berries, fashion trends will look spectacular: exotic avocado, juicy watermelon, kiwi with imitated water droplets will certainly cheer you up.

For girls who are accustomed to classic French manicure, we recommend changing the white stripe for a bright colored "smile" at the tips of their nails. Such a manicure will definitely be in the spotlight this summer.

Manicure on vacation at sea 

When going on a seaside vacation or a trip, think about how you would like to see your perfect manicure. Be sure to pay attention to the marine design, which is rich in interesting details: dolphins, shells, anchors, palm trees. The combination of blue and white is perfect for a sea holiday.

For a more expressive manicure, you can draw stripes on several nails like on a sailor's vest. If the master is not strong in drawing, use stamping, stickers, Yucca flakes, mica. A small amount of dry or liquid sequins, sequins, broths, which will effectively shimmer in the bright sun, will be a great addition.

For a vacation at the sea, a foam manicure is also suitable. Such a design is within the power of even a novice master. With the help of shampoo or soap foaming, the foam is applied to the topcoat, varnished and the sea foam effect is ready.

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Vacation announcement of the manicurist

Like all people, nail service specialists also need rest. How to go on vacation and not lose your clients? This question is asked by a huge number of manicure masters. First of all, you need to plan your vacation well in advance. Clients should be advised of their vacation in advance. How do you warn all your customers? It's very simple. The easiest and most common option is to find a beautiful picture of the sea on the Internet. Add the following text to it: “Dear clients! Going on vacation soon, take care of your appointment in advance. "

Or like this: “Attention! Important information! From August 15 to September 28, I will be looking for new ideas for our creations on vacation.” Post a picture with the inscription on all social networks, instant messengers or your personal website, where you cover your activities and make a preliminary appointment. Properly planning your vacation, warning all your clients in advance and satisfying their wishes in advance, you can rest easy and enjoy a well-deserved vacation.

Vacation manicure and pedicure

Summer, vacation, travel - the unconditional reason why girls immediately rush to sign up for manicure and pedicure procedures with their favorite manicurist. On vacation, we try to go as close as possible to the sea, nature, and there, like nowhere else, an impeccable pedicure is simply necessary. When choosing a manicure, the masters recommend that clients perform manicures and pedicures in a single color scheme. Multi-colored nails became the novelty of the year, not only on the nails of the hands, but also on the toenails.

Performing a colored manicure is very simple, but it looks very impressive. Such nails cheer up the owner herself and energize others. Tropical nails are back in fashion. A variant of this design of nails is suitable for holidays not only at sea.

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Geometry is a trendy design for your arms and legs. There are a lot of ideas for fulfilling such a theme. Colors and shades can be different, bright flashy varnishes and light delicate ones, with the right combination, any palette looks perfect on nails.

Holiday manicure photo

The choice of a design for a manicure is your decision, dictated by the mood of the upcoming vacation or travel. And there are a lot of fashion trends! Great designs and great relaxation!