Manicure for teenagers - beautiful and gentle ideas in the photo


Manicure for teenagers should be devoid of any vulgarity and catchiness. Modern designs make it easy to make a beautiful or interesting choice for any nail shape. Manicurists recommend not going beyond artificial nails of more than average length, because too long nails are completely unsuitable for teenage girls. Introducing a selection of manicure designs for teenagers.

Monochrome manicure

The most suitable and best choice for teenage girls is a solid color manicure. Any gentle and not too bright varnishes can go to the choice. For example, you should exclude bright red, neon and black. If you really want, then only one nail can be distinguished in a similar tone.

Neat French manicure

French design has always been the perfect option for creating a neat and attractive manicure. In addition, it fits well on any nail shape and length. As a color, it is better to choose classic colors - white or pink. You can also pick up beige, ivory, milky, coffee, caramel, dusty rose and others.

French manicure can be decorated with various accessories and sparkles. The main thing is not to create a coating that is too tacky, but to follow the rule of the golden mean.

Delicate geometry

The geometry is very easy to draw at home, so the services of a master are not required if your own length of nails allows. This design belongs to minimalism, so it will always look good with any image. It will be harmoniously complemented with rhinestones or small pebbles.

Design with funny stickers

For especially cheerful girls, it is better to choose a manicure with funny stickers. There are a lot of such stickers on sale in specialized nail service stores. Stickers are very easy to stick on nails, so you can easily create a unique manicure at home. Stickers can decorate all nails at once, or select a pair. Thematic stickers that make up entire plots will look spectacular on any shape of nails.

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Feminine with flowers

An incredibly feminine manicure with flowers will please any girl. All kinds of flower images are used, with the most popular ones being roses, orchids, daisies, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and poppies. Instead of drawing flowers, you can use realistic stickers. From the outside it will be simply impossible to distinguish them from a high-quality drawing.

Peacock design

"Peacock" is a magnetic manicure design that seems to attract attention to itself. It harmoniously intertwines deep and rich colors of blue, white, blue, violet, emerald green, which give an incredible iridescent effect of peacock feathers.

Butterfly design

Butterflies are performed on nails in different ways. Modern ideas contain many attractive options for butterfly images, where the design can be divided into three nails. One depicts a wing, the other the body of a butterfly, and the third completes the design with a second wing. The butterfly can be painted with acrylic paints, varnish, powder, glitter, or made of rhinestones.

The butterflies themselves can be bright, catchy, or, on the contrary, gentle and cute. In any case, this type of manicure is perfect for young girls.