Fashionable manicure for almond-shaped nails - design ideas in the photo


Nowadays, in manicure there are many forms for nail plates, and when choosing the appropriate option, a very important aspect is the ability to create a design of any complexity on them. Therefore, modern fashionistas, in search of the ideal solution, try to follow updated trends and constantly experiment with types of designs. The most successful form for translating the most unusual manicure ideas into reality is considered to be the almond-shaped nail shape, which is universally suitable for any design theme, from classics to more complex variations, and is also characterized by excellent corrective properties and looks elegant and feminine on women’s hands.

What are almond-shaped nails and what design ideas are on the list of fashion trends, you will learn further.

Almond shaped manicure - features and trends

Almond-shaped nails get their name from their resemblance to an almond. They are characterized by the presence of a semicircular base at the cuticle and a slightly narrowed, pointed free edge. This shape visually lengthens the fingers, goes well with any technique, decor and is practical. A fashionable almond manicure can be created using any shade of varnish. Therefore, in the list of trending ideas you will find many design ideas in deep dark, delicate light and colorful bright colors.

French manicure and original gradient transitions, manicure with spider web gel, laconic monochromatic coating and nail art with drawings are in fashion. And also incredibly beautiful design variations with glitter and Yuki flakes, rhinestones and rubbed powder, pieces of foil and other decor.

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Manicure design for almond nails

Almond-shaped nails fit perfectly into the global trend of naturalness and naturalness. And this means that such a manicure looks beautiful with a “predatory” print and rubbed shiny powder, abstract stains and streaks, stripes, “bare” areas and other designs.

Lovers of the classics are offered many laconic design ideas with a minimal amount of decor on one or two accent nails. Women who prefer more creative variations can safely combine several techniques on the plates of one hand and decorate their nails with complex compositions of jewelry.

French manicure for almond nails

The favorite of most women on the planet, French manicure, is presented this year on almond-shaped nails in all its splendor. Here are classic variations with a snow-white tip on a transparent base, and a colored “smile” of a non-standard shape. As well as a charming aquarium French manicure and design with a shiny “smile line”, French chevron manicure and “lunar” nail design. Such chic ideas can easily be implemented in many female images and will look appropriate in any situation.

Plain design for almond-shaped nails

A monophonic manicure has long been classified as a classic and, despite the simplicity of execution, continues to be at the peak of popularity for many seasons in a row. In this newfangled season, plain nails in manicure can be beige and red, blue and burgundy, and in general, they pleasantly surprise with a variety of shades. You can safely use only one color of the coating in the design or give preference to several shades at once.

Design a multi-colored variation of a monophonic manicure or original nail art in the style of "different handles".

Trendy almond glitter manicure

All kinds of sequins, for example, glitter or shimmer, go well with almond manicure, as they are characterized by a lack of volume and thus only emphasize the smoothness and elegance of the form. With their help, you can beautifully emphasize many manicure techniques and transform any design. Even the most inexpressive design at first glance after applying sequins will sparkle with festive notes and will look more impressive.

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With glitter you can highlight the lunula at the base or duplicate the classic “smile” line, refresh geometric patterns and make a beautiful stretch like a gradient from the tip of the nail plate to the middle or in the reverse order. Almond shaped nails look wonderful with any of these suggestions.

Beautiful nail art for almond-shaped nails with drawings

Not a single fashion season is complete without all kinds of patterns on the nails, and the trendy nail art on the almond shape is also no exception. The list of current offers includes beautiful flowers and twigs, geometric compositions and seasonal patterns. As well as amazing portraits and drawings on a comic theme, for example, plots from a series of "sweets" or all kinds of kisses.

Drawings can be applied to the base of almond-shaped nails using art painting, watercolor or stamping techniques and, if desired, complemented by shiny decorations.

Delightful matte manicure on almond shape

You can talk endlessly about the advantages of a matte manicure, since it is this coating that miraculously helps to reveal the depth of the chosen shade, as a result of which the design on the nails looks special. Matte almond-shaped nails go well on one hand with glossy varnish and patterns, sparkling rhinestones and other shiny particles.

A velvet base with a “unicorn tear” decor or a kamifubuki pattern looks very fresh and beautiful. If you want to create something original on your nails, you can always perform a manicure with transparent lunula or give preference to a combined design.

New manicures for almond-shaped nails

In order for women of fashion to fully realize their desires and easily complement the most extraordinary outfits with exquisite manicure, designers are constantly updating already known techniques and creating incredible new nail art. This season, the list of trendy new products also includes a lot of incredible ideas that will pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated young ladies in manicure art.

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Fashionable “almond” manicure is an origami-style design and foam manicure, metallic designs, manicure with dried flowers and a combination of “spider web” gel with a backing made of foil, Yuki flakes or kamifubuki. Agree, such interesting offers are worthy of attention!

Photo of manicure for almond-shaped nails in different techniques and colors

Fashionable manicure for almond-shaped nails simply cannot be called boring or uninteresting. We are sure that in such a variety of designs, every fashionista will be able to choose the perfect solution for any style of image, whether it's a party with friends, a gala reception in honor of the boss's anniversary, or a walk around the city in the company of her beloved.