Manicure for a very short length of nails - exquisite and stylish options in the photo


For many years in a row, manicure for a short length of nails has been popular. After all, the beauty of women should be present in everything. Even short nails are simply required to have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, since a manicure is the final element of a gentle and excellent image. This year, almost all stylists recommend using a natural and neat style in women's fashion.

Therefore, modern nail art has a huge variety of variations that can decorate even the shortest nails. We offer to discuss several interesting and popular manicure options with special demand.

Manicure gel-varnish

Most of the girls use modern manicure technology. It is a unique design using gel polish. Gel polish has the unique ability to stay on nails for up to four weeks. It is very convenient and practical.

Moreover, even the shortest nails easily acquire an incredibly beautiful look. It should also be borne in mind that after coating with gel polish, the nail plate begins to grow rapidly.

Incredibly beautiful manicure

It is becoming more and more difficult for modern manicurists to work every season, because each client has her own taste and special whims. Almost any manicure differs from each other in design and shade. Thanks to this, now even very short nails can be transformed at least every day.

Unique designs

This year, special attention is on short nails. Now it is fashionable to decorate them with various decorative elements: sequins, rhinestones, foil, kamifubiki and broths. A true master of his craft can even transform short nails with watercolor painting. It would seem, how to draw a real masterpiece on a small surface? Thanks to the skill of the master, even the most complex design can be completed.

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This year, it is fashionable to decorate a short nail plate with shiny holes and shining stripes, lined with shimmering stones.

The best color solutions

The modern world of fashion simply amazes with its incredible decisions and changes. This even applies to short nails. Now it is fashionable to cover them with bright and incredibly beautiful shades.

But also do not forget that you need to pay more attention to gentle and natural tones. This is the main trend of this year.

Popular French manicure, moon manicure, and even a plain design option look best on calm shades. Yes, you heard right! Now short nails can be transformed with French manicure. The main thing is to correctly draw a line at the tip of the nail plate. After all, a strip that is too thick can shorten the nails even more.

For a more original combination, it is best to use extraordinary solutions. For example, the main background will be a pastel shade. And transform the tips of the nails in blue and white using the watercolor technique.

Spring manicure

In the spring period of time, almost all beauties try to achieve the main goal - to look amazing and fashionable. For this, you do not need to have too big nails. As for the spring manicure, it has recently been decorated with light lilac, gray, nude and pink shades.

As a design, you should use nail art in the form of drawings. Ornaments have a spring theme: tulips, tree branches, lilacs, painted peony buds. Also, do not forget about the geometric design. This style of decoration occupies a major position in modern manicure design.

Manicure in a red shade

More recently, red was found only on long nails. But it is worth repeating that fashion does not stand still. Now this rich color is often an adornment of a short nail plate. But most importantly, the color red doesn't go out of style. It complements new trends every time.

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Red manicure goes well with almost all design elements. But rhinestones look best on a bright and juicy shade. Thus, the manicure takes on a rich and incredibly chic look.

Short nails with a red design are best used for an evening look. Of course, not all girls can use such a manicure. Basically, red is suitable for romantic and determined beauties.

Black manicure

For more than a year, black manicure has been popular. It looks especially interesting for a short nail plate. At the present time, craftsmen use various types of decoration when creating a new design. Cobweb is one of the popular techniques. Rhinestones and foil are used to improve and complement such an ornament.

Matte manicure

Matte manicure is in great demand among modern girls. It looks quite original in combination with black. Even owners of short nails can afford such a manicure. The main thing is to choose the right option for the additional design correctly.

Gentle manicure

It is best to decorate a short nail plate with delicate shades. These include: nude, pastel, light pink, light gray and blue tone. All of the above colors are the best way to transform short nails.

The uniqueness of all these shades is that they are perfect for any style of clothing. Let's say nude and pale pink color is best suited to an office outfit. But they can also be used to perform an evening manicure.

In order for a delicate shade to slightly lengthen the nail plate, a line or pattern of shining rhinestones should be laid out along the length of the entire nail. This strip of stones can be performed in one row. But it is best to lay out rhinestones in pairs.

Photo manicure for short nails

So, in this article we tried to outline several manicure options that are best suited for the design of short nails. We also tried to prove to all girls and women that any shape and length of the nail plate can be transformed and complement any image. The main thing is just to want it. Therefore, you need to experiment with your image.

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