Autumn manicure: fashionable nail design ideas with a pattern and photo examples


Despite the fact that with the arrival of autumn, the bright sun, fun and carelessness are replaced by calm, cloudy and rainy weather, such a detail of a woman's image as a stylish manicure does not become less popular. Even, on the contrary, women of fashion successfully embody the most extraordinary ideas of manicure into reality, refreshing and thereby transforming their entire image.

In addition, despite the gloom and the onset of cold weather, autumn remains a wonderful time of the year with golden landscapes, large raindrops flowing down the glass, a mug of fragrant tea and a warm blanket. Autumn is the time to dream! And what dream can do without colorful pictures and plots?

That is why, today we bring to the attention of our readers stylish ideas for autumn manicure with drawings that embody the most incredible design ideas. About what images on the nails will be relevant, and how you can combine the drawings on the nails with different techniques, read on.

Fashion trends of manicure autumn with drawings

The current trends of nail art autumn is undoubtedly a warm palette of colors that are characterized by elegance, depth, softness and fully reflect all the changes that occur in nature at this time of the year. In addition, almost no autumn nail design is complete without golden additions, which means the use of all kinds of sparkles and rhinestones in manicure.

And, most importantly, nails can be decorated with drawings and images in various themes, from laconic and strict geometry to original abstraction, autumn landscapes and other artistic masterpieces.

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As for the choice of fashionable manicure techniques for the fall, then in this case the French design, matte design, gradient, "negative space" and many other proposals will be a good solution.

Autumn manicure with a fox

Such an offer can rightfully be called a novelty of the season. A funny fox on the nails is not only beautiful, but also very original. Such a manicure will not go unnoticed and certainly no one can call it boring. And most importantly, you will add some flavor to your image and get a charge of positive emotions!

It is important to place images with a red cheat on several nails, which will allow you not to overload the manicure with bright pictures, and you can choose not only different application techniques, but decorate your nails with the image of an animal from different angles and with different details.

For example, on the nail plate of the thumb of the right hand we depict a sly face of a fox, and on the left hand we draw a fluffy tail. No less interesting are the prints of fox paws on the nails, which can also be combined with a funny face. Or whole plots in which the main character is hiding behind tree branches or bushes.

Beautiful manicure ideas with leaves

All kinds of images of falling leaves have always been considered invariable components of autumn nail art, and this season designers urge not only to support this tradition, but also to introduce their own ideas into it.

It can be a beautiful combination of patterns with shiny decor, an original way of applying the image, for example, in the form of a modular painting, stamping techniques, a French leaf-shaped smile line and many other suggestions.

Fantasy impulses and experiments in this case are only welcome. Fans of discreet and laconic manicures will be enough to decorate with leaves with shiny splashes of a pair of nails. For women who prefer more spectacular designs, you can depict several large maple or other leaves with a stretch on several plates, or use bright colors to apply drawings.

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Autumn nail design with umbrellas and raindrops

Since the autumn period is always characterized by rainy weather, and the umbrella is an integral attribute of many female looks, the designers suggest using this feature to create a stylish manicure, which can result in one of the fashionable nail art options with a thematic pattern.

Various images of umbrellas look especially beautiful in combination with raindrops, which can be applied to the base of the nail using the same technique as the umbrella itself, or can be made of transparent acrylic and look like "real". Use smooth gradient transitions as a base for these "rainy" designs, which in combination with transparent drops will look especially beautiful or a matte top. Attention to your hands with such manicure masterpieces is guaranteed to you.

Stylish nail art ideas for autumn with portraits of girls

The idea of ​​decorating nails with portraits of girls has long attracted the attention of fashionistas, so designers have included this version of manicure in the top of the most fashionable proposals for the autumn period. Why such a choice?

It's simple. Firstly, the image of a dreamy beauty with hair fluttering in the wind and a languid look is incredibly beautiful and impressive. Secondly, it is quite difficult to duplicate such an image, unless of course you use sliders. And, thirdly, a manicure of such a plan will not only miraculously refresh your image, but also emphasize your individuality.

Portrait images, as a rule, adorn several nail plates at the same time. Additionally, you can use liquid glitter with fine sparkles for drawing details, rhinestones or beads.

Fall nail design: brush strokes

A change in temperature and worsening weather, as a rule, entail a change in mood, so many girls, coming to a nail salon, complain about the "boring" colorful and catchy summer design. However, at the same time, observing monochromatic and laconic manicure options on your nails also does not express a desire.

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In this case, the designers propose to pay attention to a rather restrained, at the same time elegant and original manicure with unusual patterns - brush strokes, which belong to a variety of abstract images. Such an unusual solution can decorate all nails or accentuate several nail plates. At the same time, you can combine with each other completely different shades that differ in brightness and character, for example, black and neon lemon, noble burgundy and marsh, calm beige and a shade of wet asphalt.

Strokes are applied vertically or randomly to the base and can be combined with glitters or multiple crystals. In this case, it all depends on your preference.

Photo manicure with drawings for autumn

As you can see, despite the "gloomy" mood of autumn, manicure at this time of the year can be quite bright, spectacular and extraordinary. Autumn is a great time to experiment and not a reason to be sad about the past summer.