Manicure design with sparkles at the tips: stylish nail design ideas in the photo


The fashion trends of modern manicure are constantly updated, and new types of nail design appear in the arsenal of manicure masters, collections of lacquer shades are replenished and original variations of decor arrangement are practiced. One of the current trends is the use of a variety of sequins, since the style of the 90s, with a characteristic radiance and other “spectacular” details, is again at the peak of popularity, which could not but affect the design of the nail plates.

This type of manicure has always been very popular with fashionistas of different age categories, because thanks to modern techniques, with the help of glitter, you can achieve any effect. At the same time, special attention is paid to precisely all possible arrangement of sequins on the tips of the nail plates.

Glitter manicure - features

Since the modern market offers a very wide selection of sequins, this decor is considered one of the most effective and easy to use. Such material can have a liquid or dry structure, and particles of various sizes, shapes and colors.

Glitters are applied to the surface of the nail plate using tweezers, a brush or special rub-in powder. In this case, it all depends on the type of sequins and the chosen design. Such a manicure always looks fresh, so it can be used as a complement to any female look.

In addition, applying a shiny decor exclusively to the tips of the nails allows fashionistas not only to match the fashion, but also to save money, because such an idea of ​​decoration skillfully distracts attention from the regrown base, as a result of which the period between design updates can be extended.

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Transparent manicure with glitter on the tips

Sometimes choosing the right design can be a real challenge. And in this case we are talking not only about the changeable female mood. The modern pace of life, a busy schedule and household chores simply force most women to give preference to classic or universal ideas for decorating a manicure.

A clear lacquer with glitter pigments is the best choice for this situation. The main advantages of a transparent glitter manicure is the harmonious combination of simplicity and glitter shine.

Current ideas include highlighting the tip of the ring finger with glittering particles, a variation of French manicure, glittering from tip to base, and many other options. As a base, it is acceptable to use both an absolutely transparent coating and a varnish with a pink, beige or peach base.

Nude manicure with shiny complements

This manicure idea is considered the perfect solution for creating everyday nail designs. Milk, beige, peach, sand or light pink shades in such a situation will look simply luxurious on the nail plate. With the help of glitter on such nails, you can highlight the lunula at the base, draw the tip of the nail in the form of an enchanting shining French manicure, or draw a gradient-style stretch.

Combined variations in the arrangement of shiny particles look especially beautiful. For example, a tandem of a shiny French manicure and holes on a pair of nails, a solid color coating and a stretch on the ring finger, or the use of sequins in the form of stripes, an imprint of foil or glitter powder.

Pink glitter manicure

The idea of ​​combining pink varnish with glittering particles can be confidently attributed to one of the most stylish and feminine examples that will look relevant in any situation and at any time of the year. This type of design is especially interesting in the company with the oval shape of the nail plates, which is a win-win solution for most ladies.

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Pink nails with a scattering of shiny particles on the tips, a sparkling smile, a twist-French manicure, a moon design and other options will allow fashionistas to emphasize femininity, show imagination and attract attention at the same time.

White nail designs with shiny accents at the tips

Despite the fact that a snow-white manicure is considered an invariable attribute of a wedding look, such a coating is successfully used to complement many images. Depending on the amount of decor used and its type, and in our case we are talking about the design of nails with glitter on the tips, this design will perfectly complete both a solemn and an everyday look.

This can be a thin strip of glitter in the French style, an arrangement of particles in a gradient format, foil prints, or a combination of decor. For lovers of minimalism, many ideas have been proposed for highlighting several nail plates with sparkles. In the case of creating a more effective design, decorating all nails is acceptable.

French manicure design ideas

We are sure that all women of fashion, without an emphasis on the age category, can characterize French manicure only on a positive side, since for many decades this particular nail design has not left the leaderboards and perfectly adapts to fashion trends.

Depending on the mood and preferences of the woman, such a design of the nail plates can be an ideal complement to both everyday and evening looks, and the French manicure with glitter is a direct confirmation of this.

You can use decorative material of any color, shape and structure. These can be sparkling moonlights, a gradient stretch, and other suggestions. The special interest of the designers was aroused by the non-standard drawing of the smile line. An envelope, a beveled smile, a double smile, a drawing, or an unfinished smile made with small sparkling particles in this case can be called a "highlight" of nail design.

With gold glitter

Golden glitter is not only a scattering of fine glitter, but also pieces of foil, kamifubuki in the form of various geometric shapes and other decor options that are considered the most versatile in terms of combination with shades of varnish and manicure design techniques.

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The list of the most relevant proposals includes a tandem of a laconic beige coating with golden fragments, a bright red lacquer with gold, a white base with a shine of precious metal and other ideas.

With red sequins

Because red itself is eye-catching and eye-catching, shiny décor in these tones can be confidently used to create an expressive evening look. Especially if you use a combination of red glittering particles with more contrasting coatings in the design. White and red, black and red, pink and red are always stylish and fashionable.

With black sequins

As you understand, for such an original shade of glitter, you should choose a worthy base, and in this example, the masters suggest giving preference not only to contrasting light tones. A dark manicure with shiny charcoal details looks very interesting, unusual and attractive. This can be stretching sparkling fragments, a clear drawing of the free edge of the nail plate, and many other ideas.

Photo of a manicure with sparkles on the tips of the nails

The use of glitter in manicure allows fashionistas not only to draw attention to their hands and feel like a nail designer. Such design ideas fit wonderfully into both everyday and evening looks. As an example, we invite our readers to pay attention to the photographs of finished works offered below.