Manicure with "golden" flowers - design ideas in the photo


Floral designs always look elegant and charming. They are able to complement and decorate everyday manicure and can become an integral part of the festive design. An adorable and noble pattern in the form of golden flowers can be placed on both short and long nails.

The main trends of manicure with gold flowers

When decorating a manicure with gold flowers, it is best to use large drawings. Combining with flowers allows you to create incredible designs with additions in the form of animal drawings or geometric shapes.

A manicure with voluminous golden flowers, performed using the modeling technique or Sweet bloom, will look very beautiful and elegant. For nails of short length, it is best to use concise flower images of a small size. Such a decision will not weigh down or spoil the overall image of a fashionista.

Additional decor will help to complement and complete the fashionable manicure design with golden flowers. Glitter, crystals, rhinestones, rubbed powder, foil or sequins - all this diversifies and decorates unsurpassed nail art.

Manicure with voluminous golden flowers

You can make an incredibly stylish manicure with golden flowers using a three-dimensional technique - modeling or Sweet bloom. These eye-catching and catchy color options will look wonderful in combination with dressy looks.

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You can also use this decor as a highlight for your everyday design. It is best to carry out voluminous golden flowers on a transparent or light base. Sometimes girls perform this decor on a gold base.

For an elegant and luxurious design, contrast black can be used as the base coat. And as an addition, use small beads and rhinestones.

French manicure with golden flowers

The ageless manicure trend is everyone's favorite French manicure. Since many girls find this design boring and familiar, manicurists make incredible adjustments. One of the most fashionable and unsurpassed design options is the decor in the form of gold flowers. You can decorate with such an element the whole “smile” on each finger, or cover several nails with floral designs.

French manicure with the addition of a gorgeous flower on a transparent base will look great. You can safely use various decor as decoration.

Matte manicure with golden flowers

The sophistication and sophistication of the nail design in a matte finish will perfectly complement the floral designs in gold. Such nail art will attract many admiring glances. The most popular basis for golden floral designs is matte black. Also, these patterns are perfectly combined with red, brown, blue or beige tones.

You can make nails in one tone, and highlight a few with a contrasting color and decorate with golden floral patterns. To make the design bright, perform drawings and patterns with glitter.

Natural manicure with golden flowers

Moderate and attractive nude manicure will be in perfect harmony with the charming flower patterns, made in gold tone on nails of any length and shape. On this basis, you can make incredible plot drawings or independent gold-colored buds.

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Both will add playfulness and elegance to the design. Use bold decor for a more dramatic effect.

Manicure with golden flowers and rubbed powder

To get an incredibly chic and elegant manicure with golden flowers, such a decorative element as rubbed powder will help. As a base, you can use the pearl tone of the rubbed powder, so you should try to decorate all the nails or highlight the accent fingers. Luxurious floral designs in gold color are best done in volume, so that the pattern is more noticeable.

Minimalism in manicure with golden flowers

Light, laconic and unobtrusive manicure with golden flowers in the style of minimalism will make any look restrained and moderate. Small golden buds and twigs will help to realize trendy manicure in any color. This manicure can be supplemented with geometric patterns or small animalistic elements, which will add sophistication and elegance to the design.

Golden flowers combined with negative space

Addition in the form of golden flowers based on negative space is becoming more and more popular and in demand among fashionistas. This design looks spectacular and delightful. The main feature of this nail art is its versatility. A beautiful manicure is suitable for romantic meetings, business working days or festive events.

Gold flowers with rhinestones

A charming and sophisticated solemn or evening design with golden flowers will help create an incredible image for a girl. To successfully complement this manicure, many masters advise using sparkling rhinestones. These small elements will give nail art catchy and become a great accent. Rhinestones can decorate each bud or only large flowers.

Gold flowers glitter

Beautiful and sophisticated flowers, made with gold glitter, look luxurious and graceful. This pattern is best applied in a contrasting color. Iridescent flower patterns on a matte surface look very attractive and charming. To make the drawing stand out, you can make edging with varnish in a contrasting color.

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Photo of a manicure with "golden" flowers

To make the manicure look interesting and unusual, you just need to use additions in the form of drawings. Recently, the popularity of floral designs in gold has increased. Gold colors look beautiful and delightful, which is why fashionistas like this design so much. You can safely combine such designs with any fashionable manicure techniques.