Manicure with stains - 100 photos of nail design


Monochrome coating or standard drawings have already bored many girls. To diversify the usual manicure, we recommend to pay attention to the design with divorces. It looks more original, unusual. In addition, due to the opportunity to experiment in the process of applying, the pattern always turns out to be unique.

How to make a manicure with divorce?

Of course, many girls prefer to do manicure at home. Nevertheless, it is worth understanding that it is quite difficult to achieve the effect of a salon covering by yourself.

The main feature of a manicure with stains is the effect of volumetric haze on the nails. Moreover, the color solution can be very different depending on your own preferences. Most often, girls choose the design in black or gray. This is the perfect option for an evening look with an elegant outfit. Other color combinations are also acceptable.

You can do a manicure with stains on your own in one of several ways. Each of them requires certain materials. Also in the process of applying the design requires a different approach. For beginners in the world of nail art, we recommend trying the simplest option. To do this, you will need a glass of warm water, a few varnishes and an orange stick or needle.

Place a drop of varnish in a glass of water. If desired, a drop of varnish in a contrasting color can be applied over it. Repeat this process several times, after which you need to quickly make a simple pattern with a stick. We recommend applying a layer of hand cream to the skin and cuticles, but it is very important that it does not get on the surface of the nail plate. Next, one finger must be lowered into the water, held for a few seconds and carefully removed. Lacquer that will be on the skin can be easily removed with a cotton swab. That's what hand cream is for. As a result, the nails will have an original design in the form of stains.

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Also, special stickers with a pattern are great for home use. Slider design allows you to achieve excellent results in a short time. The main thing is to prepare the nails and apply the base coat that matches the color. After complete drying, you can transfer the image. In order to fix the result, it is necessary to apply a finishing agent. Thanks to this, the manicure will last much longer.

The following way to design nails will suit more experienced girls. You will need a varnish and a set of brushes. Apply the lines to the prepared nail plate with a thin brush. To achieve the effect of haze they need to be shaded. It is best to use a flat brush for this. This method requires a little more time and experience. But the result is often worthwhile.

Experienced manicure masters often use a special gel paint in their work. When combined with an alcohol-based liquid, it transforms into a translucent haze. It is this effect that girls want to get in most cases. Also, manicure masters work with stained glass gels. But keep in mind that it is quite difficult to work with them on your own.

Manicure white with divorces

White color has long been a classic solution for any design. It is used not only as an accent, but also as the main background for the picture. Therefore, a white manicure is suitable not only for everyday life, but also for important events.

As for the manicure with divorces in white color, it looks especially beautiful. And it doesn’t matter what shape and length your nails are. For work it is better to choose a contrasting color varnishes. Thanks to this design will be more vivid, catchy. For example, red, blue, black or pink are the most popular options.

Lovers of gentle manicure should combine white with shades of pastel gamut. They look especially harmonious in this application.

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Black manicure with divorces

Lovers of design in dark colors will definitely appreciate the black manicure with divorces. It looks very unusual and therefore never remains without attention. It is all a matter of a light haze that complements the monochromatic coating. More and more often other colors are used in the design process that visually transform the manicure.

If desired, a black manicure can be supplemented with decor in the form of small rhinestones or sparkles. Such details give a special elegance and chic.

Stylish manicure: watercolor stains

Watercolor stains on nails are becoming increasingly popular. The fact is that such a manicure turns out to be saturated and multi-colored. In the process of work, you can use not only artistic paints, but also a special gel varnish. At home, an excellent solution will be water technology application design. In any case, this manicure turns out incredibly beautiful and stylish. It can rightly be called an ideal option for the summer.

Multicolored manicure

Colored manicure is better than others for creating a stylish, vibrant look. Moreover, the choice of shades directly depends only on your personal preferences. However, we note that manicure masters recommend choosing no more than two contrasting colors. Thanks to this approach, the design will be stylish, not gaudy with a lot of details.

Pink manicure with divorces

Of course, not only classic tones, but bright shades of lacquer are in fashion. Choose the main pink cover, and boldly complement it with colored drawings in the form of stains. This design is ideal for summer experiments. But keep in mind that the manicure should be well combined with the usual images. Only under this condition you will look harmonious.

Photo of a manicure with stains

Manicure with divorces is an excellent option for experiments even at home. Of course, in the process you will need a little patience and practice. But thanks to it it will turn out to realize original, unusual ideas of design.

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