Manicure 3D: many ideas of spectacular design in the photo


Nowadays, all girls want to be different from the rest in some way. Some do this through outfits and hairstyles, while others express their individuality through unusual nail designs. And 3D manicure can help with this.

Interesting 3D cat eye manicure

This manicure looks very attractive and gentle. The alluring shimmer of a cat's eye amazes with its beauty and superiority. This nail art will suit any style of clothing and image of a girl. The way to do it is very simple. To do this, you just need a special varnish and a magnet with a suitable pattern. First, coat your nail with polish and then hold a magnet to it. This manicure can be complemented with rhinestones and sparkles.

To make the design more unusual, cover your nails with a matte topcoat. This way we will get rid of unwanted gloss and add charm and luxury to nail art. When choosing a shade, it is recommended to pay attention to green, purple, blue, red and brown. It is worth noting that the cat's eye goes very well with any type of nail art.

3D manicure with gel

Using the gel, you can create a pattern of any shape that will look voluminous on your nails, regardless of their shape and length. The main positive quality of the gel is that it perfectly holds its given shape and does not spread. Thanks to this, you can make a variety of pictures, patterns and inscriptions. Recently, the most popular are velvety patterns, which are made with gel and sprinkled with acrylic powder on top. After drying your nails in a lamp, you get a very stylish and beautiful nail design.

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Spectacular rhombuses

3D manicure in the form of diamonds looks very elegant and unusual. This nail art is quite simple to perform and does not require much time. In order to make a spectacular manicure in the form of diamonds, we will need: varnish of any tone, acrylic powder, gel and rhinestones for decorating the 3D pattern. First, apply the varnish to the nail and dry it in a lamp, then draw diamonds with the gel and dry it again.

Next, fill each diamond with acrylic so that they are slightly convex. Now once again we dry in the lamp, and in the end we decorate with rhinestones. Diamonds can be performed both on one nail and for all. This manicure is gorgeous in any color.

3D manicure with foil

Using foil, you can create an incredible extravaganza of designs on nails of various lengths. With such an element it is worth trying a royal manicure that will complement any look. Foil can be holographic, embossed or engraved. When performing a manicure, you can completely cover one or two nails with foil.

Girls who are used to surprising are encouraged to cover all their nails. Holes made with gold or silver foil look very unusual and feminine. To add elegance to your manicure, make a slanting strip of small pieces of foil of any color on the tips of your nails.

Luxury molding

If, when performing a manicure, you want to add an unusual and luxurious element, then modeling will be the best option. This manicure will look pretty gentle, attractive and beautiful. To perform modeling, you initially need to apply varnish of the desired tone and dry in the lamp. Now with the help of a gel or acrylic make the desired shape of the selected element and dry in the lamp. Details are superimposed on the nail separately, forming a general picture. So you can make stunning flowers or shapes of various shapes, sizes and colors.

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The flowers look great in a soft pink tone with green leaves on the ring finger, gradually moving to the middle finger. You can also make a general composition that is divided into two or more nails. Lately, bulk fruits have been rapidly gaining popularity. Slices of watermelon, kiwi or orange look very original. Small molded flowers on the ring finger will add tenderness and mystery to the manicure. Very often this element of nail decor is chosen for a wedding ceremony.

3D manicure with bouillon

This type of manicure has recently become incredibly popular due to its texture and volume. You can cover your nails with broths in various ways: completely fill all or one nail, decorate the holes or complement the design. It is very fashionable to perform a French manicure with multi-colored broths. Using this decorative element, you can make various designs, for example, bows, flowers, hearts, and also lay out various patterns.

Exquisite 3D Manicure with Stickers

When performing 3D manicure, the easiest and most convenient way is to use stickers. Such stickers differ from the usual relief pattern, which is very noticeable on a flat nail plate. To create three-dimensional nail art you will need gel polish of any tone and of course the stickers themselves. First, prepare your nails for a manicure, apply the polish of the desired tone to them and dry them in a lamp. It is best to use a polish with a sticky layer to make the pattern easier to move around the nail.

Now let's start applying the stickers. Cut the desired design and place it on a damp cotton pad for a few minutes. Then remove the sticker from the paper and place it on your nail. Finally, coat the nail with topcoat and dry it in a lamp. This manicure will look attractive. Using stickers, you can focus on two nails or decorate all your fingers.

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Alluring manicure with 3D sliders

Sliders are transparent, thin stickers with various patterns. It is very fashionable to apply sliders all over the nail, this way the manicure looks unusual and chic. There are several varieties of this type of decor:

  • The entire surface is covered with a sticker - this option is applied to the base or varnish of any color. Most often, one or two nails are decorated. Nails covered with sliders with a leopard or floral pattern look very catchy and unusual.
  • Applique – part of the nail is decorated with a pattern, and the rest is covered with gel polish of any tone, most often bright.
  • Aqua stickers with the effect of 3D - they often decorate the entire surface of the nail plate. Volumetric patterns give the manicure grace and elegance.

Photo of manicure with 3D volumetric effect

This type of nail art is voluminous, attractive and very effective. It will easily complement any look. 3D manicure can be made from various materials, for example, rhinestones, stickers, modeling, feathers and much more.