Matte manicure with glitter: new design trends in the photo


The creation of a flawless female image provides for the presence of attractiveness in every detail, and this concept is expressed not only in a fashionable outfit, skillfully selected makeup and hairstyle. Without well-groomed nails and beautiful manicure, no image will look complete and complete.

Modern variations in nail design are presented in a wide variety, which allows girls and women to choose the perfect design for a particular event or for every day. In this case, matte manicure is very popular, and its various interpretations with sparkles look especially beautiful and chic on the nails. How you can competently play up the proposed design idea on the nails in order to emphasize the individuality of the image and emphasize the beauty of the hands, read on.

Fashion trends for matte glitter nail designs

Matte manicure design is considered one of the most fashionable trends in the world of nail art, and nails with a velvety finish fit perfectly into women's images and are combined with different lengths of nails. The matte finish favorably emphasizes the well-groomed hands and looks dignified in any situation. Nails with this design do not play with glare, but fascinate with their grace and reveal the depth of the shades of the varnish.

Fashionable matte manicure can be red and white, black and blue, made out in one of the nude or beige tones - it all depends on your mood and preferences. As for the choice of sequins, the matte base works wonderfully with foil and glitter, metallic stripes, kamifubuki and other materials.

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White matte glitter manicure

The popularity of this design idea is based on the versatility of color, because if you need to carefully select a pair for other shades, then in the case of white varnish, you can not think about these details. The same rules apply when using glitter. The matte white base will look great with any sparkling addition. This can be one of the options for a monochromatic manicure with a fine glitter located at the base of the nail plate, or nail art with a scattering of silver or colored fragments in the form of a gradient.

With the help of glitter, you can arrange a French manicure, highlight the lunula, or focus on one of the nail plates. Shiny stripes or kamifubuki compositions in the shape of stars, hearts or rhombuses will look no less original and attractive on a velvety white base.

Trendy matte nail art with glitter in red tones

Red nails always attract attention and in some versions can even look too expressive. Therefore, the combination of such a catchy color with a matte top can be called the perfect duet, since the velvety structure is capable, on the one hand, to reveal the depth of the chosen shade, and on the other hand, to restrain its energy.

Red matte nails with glitter can be designed in the style of a French manicure with sparkling fragments placed on the tip of the nail plate in the form of a triangle, or they can be a single-color design with a full coating of glitter on the ring finger. Foil prints or drawings made with liquid glitter look very nice on such a base.

Black matte nails with shiny accents

Many women of fashion try not to use such an extraordinary and dark color to create a manicure, and this is absolutely in vain. Black varnish has long belonged to the category of classic, and with proper design it looks very stylish and elegant. In addition, matte black nails are wonderfully combined with any kind of glitter, be it large fragments of the original shape or the smallest particles in the form of powder.

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On such a dark base, you can make a design in the style of the starry sky and marble nail art made with foil prints, as well as make shiny lunulae or stretch with sparkles from base to tip.

Matte manicure with blue varnish and glitter

This type of design will be the perfect complement to a denim-style look. The main thing is to choose a shade that suits your appearance type. The list of current offers includes a classic monochromatic matte finish with glitter highlighting one or two accent nails, a manicure with shiny lunulae and “stars.”

Shiny chaotic stripes or transparent areas, the outline of which is drawn with glitter, look no less impressive on a blue velvety base. This manicure will not leave your hands unattended and, if desired, can easily be used as New Year’s nail art.

Duo of pink nail polish and glitter in a matte manicure

Pink shades have always been associated with tenderness and romance, so such ideas will definitely appeal to subtle and sensitive natures. A matte pink manicure using glitter can be performed in various variations, since any interpretation of it can complement the image with notes of femininity and lightness. Even when it comes to covering the nail plates with a fuchsia or raspberry tint.

Shiny particles can be used to highlight the ring finger or to design in a French style. Sparkling patterns on a matte base, a shiny stretch and many other ideas will look no less beautiful and elegant.

Beige matte glitter manicure

The combination of beige varnish and glitter in popularity can only be compared with classic French manicure or solid nail art, and a matte beige manicure with glitters in this design looks especially interesting. Laconicism and minimalism in this case are harmoniously combined with the radiance of the particles, as a result of which the manicure confidently takes a leading position and perfectly complements any image.

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Using glitter, you can highlight the tip or base of the nail plate, completely cover one of the nails, or apply a simple pattern. It is not worth getting too carried away by the number of sparkling fragments, since it is very easy to cross the line between “beautiful” and “repulsive” on such a calm and balanced foundation. Highlighting one or more velvety fingers with sequins will be sufficient.

Velvet nails with glitter in nude shades

Nude manicure is considered one of the most delicate and sophisticated. And in the case of a matte design, sophistication and elegance are added to these qualities. It is not necessary to resort to any intricate or complex techniques to decorate these nails. A thin shiny strip on the tips of the nail plates in the form of a French manicure, a stretch made like a gradient using particles of different sizes or a sparkling composition on the nail plate of the ring finger will allow matte nails to look more interesting and expressive.

Photo of matte manicure with shiny decor

Matte manicure is always something unpredictable, since not even a single experienced master can predict how exactly this or that shade will manifest itself in such a design. The velvety structure certainly softens and mutes the colors, but at the same time allows each of them to reveal their depth and character. Glitter in this case only contributes to this process.

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