Highlighting on red hair - coloring options in the photo


Highlighting has been available in any salon for several years now, where the result can please you with a quick update of the entire image. Highlighting does not imply complete dyeing of the hair, which significantly protects its health, unlike complete dyeing of the strands. Despite the fact that everyone is already accustomed to highlighting, few people know how this amazing technique looks on red hair. Introducing the secrets to a successful style with red hair and highlights.

Types of highlighting by color for red hair

Highlighting can be performed by a master in different ways, which gives its own special effect. This method was developed by specialists for the best combination of the final result, so there are no restrictions for highlighting. The two most popular types of dyeing for red hair are:

  • Light - the master selects light paint from the following colors: beige, ivory, milk chocolate, caramel, wheat and blond.
  • Dark - There is a choice of chocolate, amber, honey and other dark tones.

In any case, highlighting on red hair gives a magical result. The hair seems to be renewed, becomes healthier in appearance, its fatigue goes away and energy appears.

Benefits of highlighting on red hair

The advantages of highlighting have long been known to everyone, where the most important thing is the safety of the procedure, but there are also other positive qualities of coloring:

  • Suitable for people with sensitive scalp, as the dye does not affect it.
  • The ability to renew a beautiful red hair color without completely repainting it.
  • Different methods of applying hair dye give your own unique result.
  • Highlighting is suitable for very thick and long hair.
  • Highlighting may affect bangs.
  • Does not require frequent updating - once every 1-3 months.
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Highlighting on red hair is the result of dye application techniques

Frequent highlighting

The frequency technique involves coloring strands one at a time. This creates the effect of not too pronounced stripes that harmoniously intertwine with each other. The frequency technique looks good on hair of any length, but is better on medium hair.


Classic highlighting highlights only a few strands throughout the head. It gives a slight effect of freshness if the paint is light, or a mysterious effect to the whole image if the paint is dark. The classic is performed on thick and heavy hair, which usually takes dye the worst. Classic always works with foil to create an additional heating effect of the dye, and it penetrates better into the hair structure.

Venetian hair highlighting

The Venetian always happens without the use of foil. The master applies the composition to the hair and smoothly distributes it, which creates a very delicate and feminine coloring. The method looks beautiful on long and medium hair, as it reveals itself in full force.

Highlighting "Zebra"

A rare method for a redhead is “Zebra”. Here the stripes are very pronounced, where the alternating technique includes a stripe of red, a stripe of black. Of course, classic Zebra highlighting is done using white and black, but this technique is also ideal for red hair.