The concept of "mineral screen" and a description of the funds with it


Mineral screen is a protective film formed on the surface of the skin after applying sunscreens with mineral filters. Such creams do not contain chemicals, fragrances, or fragrances, so they are optimal for use on hypersensitive skin and for dermatological problems such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, photodermatitis.

A cream with a mineral filter is applied immediately before going out into the sun, the coating is renewed once every 1-2 hours, which depends on the conditions of your stay - just outside, with water procedures, playing sports.

What is a mineral screen, how do mineral filters work?

Mineral shield is a component of some sunscreens that can repel and diffuse ultraviolet rays from the surface of human skin. Unlike chemical filters, mineral filters do not allow rays to penetrate the skin, and the likelihood of their harmful effects is reduced to zero. Characteristics of mineral filters included in sunscreens:

  • do not contain chemical compounds and synthetic substances;
  • do not allow the skin to heat up under the rays of the sun, which means they are suitable for use by people with rosacea and excessive pigmentation;
  • excellent for use on hypersensitive skin;
  • may leave white streaks and spots on the skin after application;
  • have a dense structure, they are difficult to apply in a thin, even layer - they are not suitable as a base for makeup;
  • almost immediately washed off with water.
The photo shows the mineral cream REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30

Mineral filters are presented in products with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which are complete mineral substances.

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Which is better - a mineral sunscreen or a chemical one?

To figure out which is better - a mineral sunscreen or a chemical one, you just need to compare their characteristics. Chemical screens:

  • have a light structure, can be used as a base for makeup;
  • do not react with other cosmetics;
  • increase the external temperature of the skin and provoke the severity of age spots;
  • after application, they begin to work only after 20-30 minutes - it is necessary for certain chemical reactions to take place;
  • irritating to dry dermis;
  • clog pores;
  • require frequent updates.

Mineral filters have a completely different description:

  • protect the skin from all types of sunlight - infrared, ultraviolet;
  • if you don’t swim, you don’t often need to renew the coating;
  • after applying the cream, you can immediately go out into the scorching sun - no time is required for a chemical reaction;
  • have a long shelf life.

Which remedy will be better must be determined individually. Cosmetologists recommend that people with skin problems use creams with a mineral screen. This way, the risk of exacerbation of dermatological diseases and increased dryness of the dermis is reduced to zero.

Avene mineral screen cream: pros, cons, price 

Avene Solaires Mineral Cream SPF 50+ is a sunscreen with a mineral screen from French manufacturers. The product contains no fragrances, fragrances, chemical filters, or perfume additives, so it can be safely used by people with overly sensitive skin.

The cream protects the dermis from the entire spectrum of sunlight, has high photo-resistant properties, so sun protection will be long and reliable. The cream is intended for use by people with skin types 20 and 50. The advantages of the presented product include its price - about XNUMX euros for a XNUMX ml tube, and its consumption is really economical.

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Disadvantages of Avene mineral screen cream:

  • when applied, it lays down unevenly in a thick white layer and highlights all skin imperfections;
  • if you apply powder or foundation on top, their color will change significantly;
  • has a high level of fat content, which gives the feeling of the presence of a film on the epidermis;
  • when applied, the skin becomes excessively pale;
  • not absorbed.

Alternative cream with SPF 50 with mineral shield 

An excellent alternative to Avene sunscreen is Uriage Bariesun Mineral Cream SPF 50+ - a cream with a high level of sun protection and a mineral screen. Its advantages of use:

  • light texture - it is possible to distribute the product in an even thin layer;
  • absence of any chemical additives in the composition;
  • suitable for use by people with photodermatitis, rosacea, hyperpigmentation;
  • not contraindicated during pregnancy and childhood;
  • does not whiten the skin intensively, can be used to protect specific areas of the face - for example, only the area around the eyes.

The price of Uriage Bariesun Mineral Cream SPF 50+ is also reasonable - for a 50 ml tube you need to pay an average of 10-15 euros.

How to use sun protection correctly  

Sun protection products with mineral filters are applied to the skin immediately before going outside. This is done with light massage movements, without much effort. It is important to preserve the protective layer, therefore:

  • if a person is simply in the sun, does not swim in a pond or play sports, then the coating needs to be renewed once every 1 hours;
  • When swimming, you need to apply sunscreen every time after water procedures - this is the ideal scheme, or at least once every 1 hours.

After returning home, you need to wash off the product with water. After the procedure, there is no need to apply moisturizer to the skin, since any products with a mineral screen have pronounced moisturizing properties.

Mineral screens are substances in sunscreens that protect the skin from sunlight without chemical reactions. When applied, they create a dense film that prevents rays of any spectrum from reaching the epidermis - they are scattered and repelled. Mineral filters allow the use of creams for hypersensitive skin, the presence of dermatological diseases and allergic reactions.