Fashionable beige manicure - design ideas in the photo


Beige manicure, or as it is also called nude manicure, is a universal design option for nails of various shapes and lengths. Beige comes in many shades, from sheer and pale pink to light coffee and beige brown, bringing it closer to natural skin tone. Therefore, it often seems that a girl with nude nails does not have a manicure at all. So why pay attention to this style of nail art at all?

In fact, the versatility and naturalness of beige makes it a great base for creative ideas. Let's discuss fashionable beige manicure with design.


Top 10 interesting options for beige manicure 

The abundance of the most diverse shades and decor promises girls many interesting nail design options, from French manicure to acid splashes with rhinestones on extended nails of an unusual shape. Among the diversity offered by the masters, the beige color stands out. It allows the imagination to run wild and come up with dozens of interesting designs from the most concise to the solemn. We recommend paying attention to the following trends.


  • Beige manicure in the style of minimalism. A truly versatile choice. Modest and stylish, appropriate in any situation and giving out in his mistress a restrained woman who appreciates neatness and order. Nails with such a manicure look not only beautiful, but also very well-groomed. No wonder he is included in the royal dress code. If you are too bored to wear a solid color polish, you can complement the look with a micro pattern or add a couple of rhinestones.


  • Beige French Manicure. Another stylish combo. Along with beige, French manicure is considered a universal option for different occasions. So why not combine them? The lacquer that emphasizes the natural color of the nail and the “smile line” neatly highlighted in white look harmonious and appropriate together. This option is well suited for short nails, when the edge does not protrude much beyond the nail plate.
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  • Rubbed powder manicure. A variant in which the smallest polyester powder is applied to the base coat of varnish. The name "rubbed powder" comes from the method of applying the substance - for better adhesion to the nail, the composition is carefully rubbed. The result is an iridescent coating with a delicate pearl or expressive mirror shine. On beige varnish, the association with pearls is best seen. Suitable for long almond shaped nails.


  • Manicure with foil. Another option for a beige manicure. The trendy design using gold foil will be a beautiful addition to the evening look and add chic. There can be many ways to apply foil on nails - from arbitrary "splashes" to neat stripes and complex patterns. Correct geometric patterns look more harmonious on square nails. Foil can be combined with glitter.


  • Manicure with a cobweb. A beige base, with or without gold, can be complemented with a gossamer pattern. It can be both light and dark, contrasting. This design is especially suitable for long nails, as thin lines and streamlined shapes work well together. Rhinestones will also be in place.


  • "Predatory" manicure. Animal prints go well with beige, as they are often found within the same palette. This bold design will suit girls who are not afraid to draw attention to themselves. A predatory manicure seems to tell others that they are in front of a daring lady who knows her worth and is not afraid to experiment.

  • Manicure with rhinestones. It is not very comfortable, as an option for every day, but fashion trends are constantly changing. Rhinestones in combination with a beautiful delicate pattern on a beige background still look luxurious on evening and festive manicures, but you won’t surprise anyone outside of parties either. You can combine different techniques, decorating one nail with crystals or all at once.
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  • Flower motifs. Timeless ornament. The floral pattern looks very elegant and feminine on a neutral beige background. Gamma can be any - color, with a realistic image of individual buds, or a stylized black and white ornament. Such nail art will perfectly fit into the image of romantic girls who want summer even on cold autumn or winter days.


  • Ombre. Another option for a beige trendy manicure. Ombre is the effect of a smooth transition of a color shade from dark to light. Gradient type. In beige tones it looks incredibly stylish, gentle and natural. If desired, it can also be decorated with a pattern or rhinestones. This is the manicure that will be appropriate both at a party or a date, and in the office.


  • Matte manicure. Shiny nails look attractive, but matte finish is in trend. It also adds naturalness, since healthy skin of the hands, with which beige varnish is in perfect harmony in color, does not shine. Therefore, the matte effect does not cause dissonance. All decorative elements look beautiful on it, including drawings and patterns.


Despite the outward modesty, the nude base for nail art is not at all so boring. It gives a lot of opportunities for the realization of design ideas.

Any fashionista will find an option for herself, depending on the occasion and personal preferences, from modest and almost imperceptible to bold and eye-catching. To verify this, let's take another look at the photos of beige manicure presented in the review.