Fashionable haircuts with bangs - images in the photo


Women's haircuts with bangs are the leading beauty trend this season. We tell you which models will be the most fashionable ideas for changing your image this year!

Pixie with extended bangs

Pixie haircut has no equal, because the legendary silhouette really has a lot of advantages. This hairstyle captivates with an elegant look, unpretentious care and the ability to add volume to hair.

This season, the combination of a pixie with an elongated oblique bang is relevant - a classic move for a feminine and elegant look.

Elongated bangs with pronounced asymmetry are well suited for a round face. The created angle visually lengthens the shape and balances the proportions. Slanting strands also soften wide cheekbones and pronounced cheeks.

Crochet with bangs

Falling in love with a bob haircut is easy - the classic silhouette a priori looks elegant and expensive. In the new season, stylists offer to soften the strict graphic contour with thinned graduated bangs. Such a fashionable accent will noticeably refresh the image, highlight the eyes and add mystery to the appearance.

If the straight contour of the bangs suits exceptionally thick hair, then graduation does not impose such strict requirements. The lightened edge, on the contrary, visually increases the volume of the hair.

Young girls are easily solved on a square with shortened bangs. Such a tandem helps to create a trendy and daring look. And how stylish it looks with dark coloring!

Short bob with long bangs

The list of favorites also includes a short bob with an elongated bang, divided into two sides. This contrast of length looks interesting and gives the image a fashionable twist.

The elongated bangs will also be joined by a blunt bob haircut, which is characterized by a smooth contour. Such a fashionable hairstyle is a real find for girls who dream of saving hair styling time.

The bix haircut with bangs is rapidly gaining popularity, which gives the classic silhouette texture and volume. The dynamic contour of the hairstyle gives the image freshness and style. In addition, such a silhouette has no age restrictions and perfectly rejuvenates the appearance.

Cascade with bangs-curtain

Haircuts with bangs are responsible for creating the most feminine and delicate images. If you want to embody just such an effect in a new image, take a closer look at the current combination of a multi-layered hairstyle with an exquisite bangs-curtain.

Fashionistas are crazy about this silhouette, because it frames the face very beautifully and highlights the features. A parted curtain visually makes the face slimmer and adds volume to the hair. On straight strands, bangs are easy to care for and easy to style.

Another fashionable idea is the combination of a cascade with Birkin bangs. This silhouette resembles a curtain and is recognizable by the shortened middle strands and elongation to the edges.

Straight cut with straight bangs

A straight cut haircut is a great idea to emphasize the beauty and well-groomed hair. This silhouette is ideally combined with thick and straight strands, not devoid of shine.

Fashion trends offer to make the image with such a haircut even more spectacular - for this you need to decide on an addition in the form of a straight bang. Such a detail is recommended for girls with a wide forehead and an oval face shape, as it gently balances the proportions. Another important condition for a successful change of image is sufficient hair density.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs offer a wide variety of ideas for a beautiful change of look in the new season. And in order for a fresh image to be to the face, we advise you to follow the compatibility of the bangs with the shape of the face. We wish you beautiful and stylish transformations!