Everything you need to know about grombre staining


Stylists and many stars in recent years have conquered the fair sex with a bewitching shade of hair - grombre. The fabulous tone looks very unusual and does not create problems when the roots grow back.

On Instagram (search for the #grombre tag), today you can find entire communities with fans of a peculiar mixture of white, gray and platinum shades. To get a noble color that will suit you, it is better to visit the master. In the catalog with various paints, you can choose colors and their combination, and the master will tell you how to perfectly match them to your face, taking into account your color type and other factors.

natural trend

On the global agenda, the trend towards naturalness is a done deal. One of the first celebrities in the image of au naturel appeared Sarah Harris - a recognized style icon, director of British Vogue. A true fan of minimalism and comfort, she wears her natural grombre with long, waist-length hair with incredible chic. And once gray hair was a reason for her embarrassment.

Sarah started going gray at the age of 16, a feature she got from her mother, who also turned gray early. Regular staining of gray roots quickly tired her, and Sarah decided to accept herself for who she is. Not only has she come to terms with her premature gray hair, she has turned it into her signature style. A shock of silvery hair to the waist gave her some incredible appeal and became the finishing touch to her minimalist, but very stylish image.

The director of the leading glossy magazine seemed to break the mold, proving that gray hair can be not only an element of style, but also an interesting accent, decoration of the image. Then, in the 90s, a super model became an icon of style Kristen McMenamy, whose gray hair not only did not interfere with getting expensive contracts, but also contributed to the advancement of her career. Now Kristen is 57 years old, and she remains a successful model, and she is especially proud of her long snow-white hair.

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Many Western celebrities have joined the trend. Yes, the actress Andy McDowell, who appeared at the Cannes Film Festival with her undyed indomitable curls, made a huge splash. In an interview, she admitted that this step made her feel as honest and strong as ever.

Helen Mirren, Jodie Foster, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lily Allen — the trend for naturalness was supported by dozens of stars. Many joined the grombre fans during the pandemic, when it was not possible to go to beauty salons, and someone decided to give up dyeing to keep their hair healthy. But all celebrities show by their example that with the advent of gray hair, a career does not end.

Trend coloring

There are two English words hidden in the name of the hair color. Grombre is a combination of gray - gray + ombre - gray ombre. On the hair, it appears as:

  • gray;
  • gray-haired;
  • platinum;
  • steel;
  • ashy;
  • white strands.

Such hair looks fabulous: the images resemble fantasy nymphs or forest fairies. Coloring can occur as a smooth transition from one shade to another or as a whole tone, but the main principle is that everything is colored in gray undertones.

grombre coloring

To obtain the desired shade, the hair is bleached and then tinted. With this action, you can get a slight silver tint on the hair or dark gray metallic, as well as the color of wet asphalt.

The final result will depend on the initial color and how long the paint will be on the strands. Light and brown tones or bleached before staining are preferred.

Suitable for whom and not for whom

Grombre ideally suits:

  • girls with well-groomed porcelain skin;
  • women with light irises - gray, blue and green;
  • ladies with silvery gray hair, but when yellowness appears, the hairstyle becomes untidy.

You will have to wait at least six months to bleach strands for brunettes 1-3 times. Otherwise, the grombre with dark hair will not turn out uniform. Not a single master will undertake to bleach his hair in one visit to the salon, since the aggressive composition will simply destroy the curls.

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Grombre for women with gray hair

grombre for women with first gray hair

Grombre coloring is suitable for both girls and women in adulthood. Based on the natural color of the hair, choose zones at the roots or from the middle of the strands to the ends. The best solution is smooth transitions, with gradually painted curls.

Important! This trend is now not only about coloring age-related gray hair, but also about stressful and premature gray hair: it shows that silver hair can be worn even at a young age - and this does not age at all and does not make us untidy.

More often, stylists darken the roots and adjacent areas, and then stretch to gray. This color scheme looks perfect on smooth, even strands. Thanks to this technique, ladies with gray hair stopped hiding them, but made them an ornament on their heads.

Grombre is a very convenient and comfortable hair care concept. It completely solves the problem of regrown roots. So, gray hair has to be dyed about once every four weeks, and sometimes even earlier, when it comes to dark hair and a contrasting appearance. Of course, this cannot but affect the quality of the hair: due to constant dyeing, whatever the paint, they become dry, brittle, thinner.

The grombre concept allows for color contrast, so there is no need to stain the growing roots. The technique may also include hair toning, color stretching, so that the transition from gray roots to the color of the length looks smoother and more harmonious. When the hair is fully grown, it can be given a noble silver sheen or a dark metallic color.

Care after staining

After painting, a luxurious color is always obtained, but after 2 weeks the shine and saturation of tone disappear. This is due to frequent shampooing and the quality of care products. The brittleness and dryness of the strands is provoked by thermal devices with which women dry their heads. That's why:

  • In the first week after dyeing, it is better to abandon the heat treatment of the strands with a hairdryer, curling iron, ironing.
  • Choose a shampoo without parabens and sulfates, but with nourishing oils, herbs, vitamins and an emulsion.
  • For lovers of daily shampooing, switch to 2-3 times a week. Otherwise, the color is quickly washed out and the hair fades.
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Cosmetic brands offer whole series of cosmetics specifically for gray hair. For example, these are toners to maintain a beautiful shade and shine of gray hair. Toning looks harmonious without the effect of a wig, it is washed out gradually so that the regrowth border does not appear. These are shampoos to neutralize the yellowness of gray hair, masks and conditioners with a pearlescent effect, shampoos and balms for cold and ashy shades. Toners neutralize unwanted warm pigments for clearer, brighter grays.

The concept of grombre is also a special hair care. Gray hair is hair devoid of melanin. They become porous, dry, heterogeneous not only in color, but also in thickness. To make them look well-groomed, they need to be nourished and moisturized not only from the outside, but also from the inside. These can be nutritional supplements, salon procedures to enhance the nutrition of hair follicles, mesotherapy, biorevitalization.

The presence of contrasting transition gradients makes it possible to visit beauty salons less frequently, since growing hair with gray hair only enhances the grombre effect.

Can you color at home?

This incredibly beautiful platinum hair color requires the painstaking work of professionals with texture, hair and color. Girls who dream of making an enchanting grombre at home may not be satisfied with the result of the work of their hands or a girlfriend.

What looks stunning and mesmerizing on the cover of fashion magazines can turn into a nondescript ash or downright cheap dirty gray shade.

Therefore, it is better to trust the professionals!