Orange manicure with rhinestones: great juicy design ideas


Orange manicure is not only a catchy and bright design, but also a luxurious addition to the spring, summer and autumn look for all occasions. This spectacular shade is able to fill any female image with rich notes. This color has many incredible undertones that can be successfully combined with each other.

The most common shades of orange are considered to be rich coral, delicate peach, alluring amber and burning copper. As for the additional decor of the manicure, this color is in perfect harmony with both various elements and contrasting colors.

The best ideas for a bright manicure with rhinestones

Orange design is very difficult to call everyday. This shade is too bright and expressive to be combined with strict business looks. Such a manicure will be an excellent option for young fashionistas who want to attract the attention of others with their appearance. Women over 50 will suit muted orange tones. For example, a cat-eye manicure is orange.

With regards to additional decor, rhinestones will look very harmonious and sophisticated on orange nail art. Most often, cone stones, silvery rhinestones with edges, bouillons, hemispheres or charms are used. Rhinestones can be placed in any form, depending on the manicure technique. When performing a classic manicure with rhinestones, decor is best used in a minimal amount.

Solid orange nail art with rhinestones

The orange color is very self-sufficient, therefore it is perfect as a monochromatic nail coating. Even when performing a matte manicure, the orange color looks incredibly catchy and bright. By itself, a monochromatic design implies a manifestation of saturation and beauty of tone, which is why there should be a minimum amount of decor. If rhinestones and stones are chosen as a supplement, then it is best to place them in the root region of the nail, for example, lay out triangles or other geometric shapes.

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Another attractive option for decorating with rhinestones is inlay. This combination looks quite balanced and restrained. This manicure can be a great addition to an evening, festive or everyday look.

Combination of orange and white

When performing an orange manicure, white is often used as an addition. This allows you to create a visual volume, create unusual patterns, geometric shapes or laconic patterns. The tandem of orange and white looks harmonious and avant-garde. The most popular are variations with alternating coloring of nails in white and orange, performing a contrasting gradient, classic French or moon design.

This combination of colors looks very interesting in a velvety matte finish. It is better to use not a milky shade, namely the white color of the varnish. This will allow you to perform a trendy and stylish manicure.

Design with butterflies and rhinestones

In the summer, delicate fluttering butterflies are very often placed on a juicy orange color. Such drawings will help create a romantic, gentle and at the same time bright image. You can make such a drawing in various ways, for example, using stamping, stickers or hand-painted with a brush.

Butterfly wings are best complemented with rhinestones, glitter, which will give expressiveness and sophistication to the manicure. It is best to place such a pattern on 2 fingers with a stretch on both nail plates. Also, small butterflies on several fingers look very good. They can be performed both one by one and several pieces on the nail.

Tandem of orange and black with rhinestones

With a combination of orange and black, the manicure design looks even more noticeable and richer. These two completely different colors look very impressive and stylish on the nails. When performing an incredible orange manicure with rhinestones, you can try several variations of black decoration:

  • Black rhinestones - manicure looks quite restrained and balanced. If the orange manicure seems too bright, then it is this combination that will make it moderate and not so catchy.
  • Monochrome coating - this design provides for alternate execution of nails in orange and black with an addition in the form of rhinestones.
  • French manicure - highlighting the edges of the nail plate in orange with black color looks the most advantageous and spectacular. At the same time, the “smile” line can be of absolutely any shape.
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Bright orange manicure with rhinestones

Juicy orange manicure is a bold choice for young fashionistas. It is very stylish to perform a monochromatic coating of the nail plate. Matte finish and combination with light shades of varnish are also very popular.

To slightly smooth out the flashiness and brightness of the tone, use a matte finish or a combination with black. Orange color will be an excellent basis for various drawings and patterns. When decorating, you can combine rhinestones with other elements.

Orange manicure with drawings and rhinestones

Many girls want to make orange manicure even more expressive and spectacular. To do this, nail art masters offer to perform various drawings and decorate them with sparkling rhinestones. For the summer season, images of fruits, floral motifs and animalistics are considered the top ones.

Do not forget about the geometric shapes of the contrasting color. Also, inscriptions of a different nature are especially popular. Most often, drawings are made on several fingers, so as not to make the design too rough and defiant.

Photo of orange manicure with rhinestone decor

Thanks to the different palette of tones, girls and women of any age will be able to choose the best option for themselves. Orange manicure is suitable for various events and everyday outings. Orange nail design is a great choice, perfect for cheerful, positive and bright fashionistas!


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