Women's mohawk - hairstyle for brave girls and photo images


Creating a bold, flashy image is impossible without shocking. It will not work to surprise others with curls or thinning. Even bright coloring does not always help to achieve the goal. The female Iroquois is another matter. An extreme tuft of hair, set up, against the background of short-haired or shaved temples, will definitely not let you go unnoticed. Even options of moderate content, imitations of informal hairstyles help to get the expected interest in the person.

general description

Historically, the Iroquois on the head was observed among the Indians. In modern times, the hairstyle was “approved” by representatives of the punk culture that arose in the mid-60s of the XX century. Informals, seeking to attract maximum public attention, left their hair in the central part of the skull, completely shaving off their temples. The long part of the hair was put up in various ways. The resulting tuft was designed in the form of a comb.

Initially, the hairstyle was considered masculine, but the female part of informal groups quickly borrowed a bold image.

Now Iroquois on the head does not mean belonging to a subculture. A bright appearance does not symbolize a statement of protest to society, does not emphasize strength, aggression. The styling option allows you to attract attention, emphasize individuality, courage of behavior. The comb of hair set up is more often a situational hairstyle option. Laying is performed from a haircut of a typical shape or even imitates an element.

Iroquois is understood as a hairstyle with short temples. The hair of the central, longer part, lift up. The strands in the classic element are located at an angle of 90 degrees to the head. Modern moderate options allow a smaller angle of inclination.

Iroquois for a fashionable female look is done on short or medium hair. From a long hair, it will only be possible to imitate a catchy element. It is not necessary to specifically cut the classic version, constantly shocking others. You can create a hairstyle variation from Halfbox, Pixie, Garcon or Tomboy hairstyles.

To whom does

Iroquois is not one of those hairstyles that suit everyone. Haircut, styling method must organically fit into the image. An extravagant option should complement the appearance, combined with the style of behavior. Usually a tuft on the head impresses bold, self-confident natures, ready for the increased attention of others.

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Contrary to the opinion that a shocking hairstyle is only suitable for a sporty or informal style of clothing, stylists argue that this is an erroneous belief. The elegant Iroquois is in harmony with casual outfits and even evening dresses.

The relevance of a catchy haircut is determined not only by the style of clothing and behavior. It is important to consider external data. Owners of an elongated, narrow face should think about the appropriateness of hairstyles. Highly raised hair risks exacerbating the situation. The option is not recommended for owners of bright defects in appearance: scars, warts, asymmetry, ugly features. The styling method will highlight imperfections.

Owners of a large oval: square, round shape, large physique need to evaluate the appropriateness of informal styling of hair. A high comb will emphasize the dimensions, make the appearance masculine, and draw attention to the shortcomings.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the structure of the hair. Straight strands of high stiffness are the best solution. Tight curls will require complex styling. Thin, damaged curls run the risk of not being able to withstand the load.

The age of the Iroquois is not a hindrance if the owner is ready to wear a similar hairstyle. Mature ladies rarely agree to such experiments. Yes, and wrinkles are not the best neighborhood for such styling. A young girl looks more organic with a similar hairstyle.

Hair color does not affect the ability to create a Mohawk. Light, dark, natural or dye strands: everything is suitable. A bright hairstyle is often complemented with creative coloring. Contrasting combinations, accent spots are possible.

Preparatory stage

To perform Iroquois, you need a certain length of hair. The specific values ​​depend on the desired result. The basis for an elegant option can serve as elongated haircuts Pixie, Garson, Poluboks. The traditional Iroquois is cut separately.

To work on the hairstyle, you will need scissors, a clipper, combs, and styling products. Run Iroquois as a styling will turn out at home.

Attention! It is not recommended to cut the base for the hairstyle yourself. Any imperfections in short hair attract attention.

The hairstyle is often supplemented with fantasy coloring, creative styling. These services are charged separately. Doing styling for every day will turn out on your own.

Execution options

Creating an Iroquois is a creative work that requires a comprehensive assessment of appearance, excellent contact with the client. The following hairstyles are widely used:

  • Classic. Long hair is left only on a narrow strip in the central part of the head from the forehead to the back of the head or neck. The remaining areas are shaved or cut very short. The length of the comb is 5-15 cm. Long hair remains uniform or the size decreases in the direction from the top of the head down. The hairstyle is informal, the choice is carefully thought out.
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  • Short elegant. The basis of the Semi-box or similar haircuts with a short hair length is used. Laying Iroquois is done as needed. Short-haired or shaved temples smoothly transition into a longer central part. The base of the comb is wide. The hairstyle is universal, suitable for everyone. The option can be worn to the office.

  • Creative. In addition to the traditional crest, the design of the temporal-lateral areas is performed. Cut out patterns, perform accent coloring. The hairstyle is very bright, there is a non-standard spirit.

  • Gothic. Shorten or shave off only whiskey. The length of the side parts gradually increases, reaching a maximum in the area of ​​the central vertical parting. The hairstyle is catchy, but moderate styling is possible. Not suitable for a classic office.

  • Imitation. Hair is not cut, but styled, imitating a classic comb. You can use short haircuts that are suitable in shape as a base: Pixie, Halfbox, Garson. Long hair is braided in the side zones or perfectly smoothed, fixed with styling products. The ends are placed in the form of a comb. The option is suitable for medium length hair. Maxi hair is difficult to style like this. The method is suitable for those who do not risk parting with the length of their hair.

Other options are possible according to an individual scheme agreed upon by the master and the client.

Haircut technology

For the implementation of Iroquois, it is recommended to contact a hairdresser. It is permissible to try to perform radical options that do not require the creation of a foundation on your own. Home experiments are acceptable for those who are willing to take risks and are not bound by the aesthetics of appearance. The classic comb is cut according to the following scheme:

  1. Well-combed, moistened hair is divided into zones using vertical and horizontal partings.
  2. Processing begins with the temporal areas. They cut their hair short, extinguish the length with a clipper. From the temples smoothly pass to the back of the head.
  3. From the top of the head, they begin to cut out the main shape. The strands are separated by horizontal partings. Leave the required length. Process the entire volume.
  4. With the help of vertical partings, the length from the temples to the crown-parietal zone is connected.
  5. They make an edging that becomes a smooth transition between the long center line and the short sides.
  6. Perform thinning of the tips and root area.
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Completes the design process, styling. The hair is pulled up. The comb can be supplemented with cutting teeth, temporary or permanent staining. The final stage usually takes most of the time.

Styling and care

Regular styling for the classic Iroquois is an important step in obtaining the desired appearance. The process is complex and time consuming. The hair is put up with the help of strong fixatives. Inept actions, the use of light styling risk overshadowing the impression of the hairstyle.

Laying the short version is easier. On the head, you can create an elegant, slightly casual or extravagant look. It is enough to ruffle the hair, comb it up, imitating a classic comb.

Important! Haircut care is complicated by the need to maintain a given length. Overgrown comb hair makes styling difficult. With thin, weak hair, traditional styling is possible while maintaining a certain length.

Comparison with options Box, Half box

Haircuts Boxing, Semiboxing, Iroquois are characterized by a short length of hair. In the first version, the haircut is uniform, ultra-short. Polubox and Iroquois have a length transition from a minimum to a given value. Boxing and Iroquois on a woman's head are a sign of outrageousness. Variants are uncharacteristic of mass distribution. The semi-box has a more moderate appearance, it can fit in the form of an Iroquois.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hairstyle allows you to get the most daring look. Haircut and styling are simple, but require attention. The option is stylish, but not for everyone. The use of styling techniques requires matching the image, style of behavior. Hairstyle hooligan, not suitable for respectable ladies. The choice requires taking into account various nuances.

Celebrity Examples

To notice the styling in the form of an Iroquois, it will be possible for courageous ladies who love to shock the public. A daring look is more often an imitation of an informal appearance. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Pink shave their whiskey, put their hair in the form of a comb. A light imitation can be seen on the hair of Ann Hattway, Halle Barry. The real Mohawk is worn by Kelly Osbourne.

There are many ways to shock others. Creating a Mohawk on your head is a great way to focus on your person. The option is unusual, but requires a balanced approach to the choice.