Hairstyles and haircuts that rejuvenate a woman


We cannot stop time, but it is quite possible to adjust our appearance so as to look a little younger than our age. Stylists and psychologists are struggling with the same problem - what details of a modern woman’s image should be changed to make her look young and beautiful?

Based on the research of specialists, it was concluded that the first thing that catches the eye of those around is this face. Thanks to the achievements of the beauty industry, it is possible to transform it and visually “throw off” a couple of years. In addition, a hairstyle plays a big role in the perception of appearance, then attention is paid to clothes, manner of holding and talking.

If you do not want to spend money on expensive cosmetic procedures, it is quite possible to adjust the appearance with the help of hairstyles and haircuts. We offer you the best options for hair styling, which are able to make the appearance younger, face more open and bright.

Open face

If you have a beautiful face with a clear oval and large features, then you should not hide it under long bangs and strands falling over your eyes. Take your hair back, opening your eyes as much as possible. It will make it brighter and younger.

Milled bean

Clear lines and perfect hair styling to a hair will only add severity to your image. In addition, this hairstyle focuses on imperfect facial oval. Smooth bangs draws attention to the wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and the area of ​​the nasolabial folds.

Torn bangs with structured strands will look much more attractive. A darkened or lightened uneven line visually straightens the face, drawing attention away from minor flaws in appearance.

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Pixie haircut

The choice of bold fervent women who want to "throw off" with the help of a hairstyle is not a couple of years, but much more. Pixie will suit owners of thick hair and close to the ideal face shape. Free tousled look gives ease and unsurpassed chic, this haircut can change the inner mood of a woman.

Brow brows and curls

If mimic wrinkles and other age troubles still appear on your face, then it's time to “drape” them under low bangs. Free, relaxed curls, casually falling on the shoulders, give the image a romantic touch.


Bob haircut

Kare will rescue the owners of the full face. A haircut with slightly disheveled hair to the chin will help focus on the cheekbones.

The hairstyle practically does not need styling. It is of the “dried and done” variety. Kare will help get rid of excessive boredom and conservatism in the image of women who...


Curls - amazing hairstyle, which, regardless of the length and color of hair can visually reduce, without exaggeration, 5 years.

During the experiment, respondents were asked to estimate the age of the same women with straight hair and curls. The choice was obvious - most of the respondents “rejuvenated” the owners of curls.

Tips facing out

Correct styling of such a minor detail as the ends of the hair can radically change the visual perception of the face. The outward ends look much more attractive than the same hairstyle, but with the ends placed inward. Such a minor nuance will make the look lighter and more open. Facial styling is a recognized means of visually reducing age.

Boy's haircut

The haircut is designed to maximize open face, so it is the best option for women without obvious defects on the skin - deep wrinkles, large moles, etc.

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Haircut "under the boy" slightly refreshing and rejuvenates the appearance. There is nothing supernatural in her, but thanks to her boyish appearance she emphasizes her cheeks, her neat neck and expressive cheekbones.

Laying with careless strands

The same haircut can look completely different in different styling options. For older women, it is absolutely impossible to “lick” strands and collect them in a tight bun. That only is a hairstyle fixed abundantly with strong hold hairspray. If you know yourself, then immediately stop doing it.

The lack of volume adds to the image of rigor and, accordingly, several extra years. Give preference to light hairstyles, which can be tricked out with a casual waving of a hand, creating a playful romantic image.

Long straight hair

For many women, long hair is a real jewel, so not many dare to cut it. Owners of long length can also reduce a couple of unwanted years with a spectacular hairstyle.

In the case of women after 40, it is not recommended to dissolve long hair. This option looks beautiful only on young girls.

Long curls - a great opportunity to create original braids and beams. "Horsetail" is not the best option for obese women and older women.

Considering the topic of hairstyles that make you look younger, you cannot help but note options that lead to the exact opposite effect.

Moveton is considered:

  • obvious overkill with styling products;
  • lush bouffant;
  • high hairstyles;
  • perm from the fashion of the 80s.

The opinion of stylists is advisory in nature, to cover the individual characteristics of each woman is simply impossible. The only advice in this case is to experiment with styling, to slightly change the length of the hair. In the end, you will find the perfect hairstyle that will emphasize your facial features, rejuvenate and refresh the whole image.