Uniform haircut on different lengths of hair: how it looks and who suits


The right haircut is the key to a successful hairstyle. The choice is made on the basis of an assessment of individual facial features, the severity of the forehead, the type of skull. For example, a uniform haircut is suitable for owners of a head shape without flaws. The variant, being a projection of a circle, completely repeats the outlines of the bones of the skull. Who needs to pay attention to this hair cutting technique, for which hairstyle models the method of processing strands is suitable, according to what principle work with hair is performed: we will consider further.

General description of technology

The essence of a uniform haircut is simple: the hair is treated uniformly. The strands are cut at the same length at a pull angle of 90 degrees. The shape of the hairstyle perfectly repeats the circumference of the head. The variant is performed using the “strand on strand” method, in which the newly processed curl serves as a control beacon for a new cut.

The technique of cutting strands is used to perform hairstyles of different lengths. The shape of a cap with the same weight area at the ends of the strands is considered ideal for thin, straight or curly hair of short or medium length. The option is recommended only for owners of the ideal outline of the skull.

A haircut made in a uniform technique will require regular styling. This does not apply to variants of considerable length. Uniform processing will facilitate the daily maintenance of maxi hairstyles.

To whom does

The main feature of a uniform haircut is the presence of uniformly falling strands. The hairstyle looks concise, the oval is smoothly outlined. This property will most successfully hide the shortcomings of a triangular, elongated face shape. The option obscures the angularity of the features, allowing you to focus on the cheekbones.

The technique is used to cut thin hair of normal density. Thick curls in such a treatment run the risk of weighing down the bottom of the hairstyle too much. A uniform haircut is done for straight or curly curls. Hair of an even structure receives clear boundaries, curls - the appearance of a neat hat.

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The processing technique allows the presence of bangs. She is cut in any format. In a short hairstyle, bangs are usually present, trimmed uniformly with the total volume of hair. For options of medium or considerable length, the bangs are cut separately.

Performing a haircut in a uniform technique is not recommended for owners of ugly skull outlines.

Attention! It is not advisable to use the method of cutting strands for those who are endowed with a heavy lower part of the face: a square, round type of oval. Lightweight options are best for owners of heavy curls.

Preparatory stage

The basis for a uniform haircut is a hairstyle of uniform length or an option that can be leveled, focusing on the desired level of hair length. For work use standard hairdressing scissors, clips, combs.

The technology of uniform cutting is simple. At home, you can perform an option for long hair. You can risk working with an average length. The option for short hair is best done at the hairdresser.

Execution technology

A uniform haircut is done using a single technology for any length of hair. To achieve the result, perform the following actions:

  1. Moistened, well-combed hair begins to cut from the crown, moving to the temples, the back of the head. In the frontal zone along the hairline, a strand up to 1 cm long is captured. Cut to the desired length. The curl will be the first control.
  2. Each next strand is captured together with the previously processed one, the length is uniformly cut. The angle of the pull of the curls is unchanged: 90 degrees. In the process of work, the fingers of the master are parallel to the head.
  3. Finally, edging and texturing are done. If necessary, make a bang separately.

The resulting hairstyle is characterized by a homogeneous structure. Hair retains its natural density and volume. To change the characteristics of the hair, additional styling is required.

Options for hair of different lengths

Model haircuts that use polarity, occupying high positions in fashion ratings, are performed according to a given scheme. A hairstyle rarely contains a single execution technique. More often, the model combines different approaches to hair treatment: this is evidenced by the technological map of each specific option.

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A uniform haircut for short hair is most often called a classic page. The model has a characteristic spherical shape. Covering strands are endowed with a single length. In this case, the variant is created in layers. The lower level is cut shorter than the upper, which allows you to achieve the effect of twisting the strands inward, slightly lightening thick hair.

The uniform cutting technology is used to create the Bob haircut. According to the scheme, the upper covering strands are processed. This allows you to achieve uniformity, clarity of boundaries. The technique is partially used when working on Pixie or Garson haircuts.

A striking example of the use of a uniform technique is a female haircut “under the boy”. The hair is treated uniformly. The result can be supplemented by graduation or highlighting strands. The option is suitable for owners of a perfect skull, regular facial features, bold behavior, an active lifestyle.


A classic uniform haircut for curls of medium length is called a Kare haircut to the shoulders. The hairstyle is uniform, performed without bangs or with a separate treatment of this element. The option is ideal for business women with moderate behavior, classic or romantic style of clothing.


Many stylists recommend trimming the ends of long hair in a uniform technique. Additional thinning of the cut line will refresh the shape, give a strict appearance of coquetry.

A uniform cut of long hair will help to achieve neatness of the hairstyle. Curls will get a well-groomed, healthy look. The design technique will facilitate regular styling and maintenance. The option is suitable for feminine balanced natures with a calm lifestyle.

Styling and care

Without styling, a uniform haircut in an ultra-short or maxi version looks perfect. Curls of minimum length can be “beaten” with fingers with a small amount of styling gel. Well-groomed long hair, even without additional effort, is always chic. Hairstyles of medium length will have to be styled. Thin curls need to be given volume at the roots, to pacify the activity of curls.

Important! Hair cut in a uniform technique must be carefully looked after. Growing length, split ends will make the hairstyle careless. You will have to update the slice frequently.

Advantages and disadvantages

A haircut in a uniform technique is considered easy to perform. Even a beginner can cope with the task. The variant is easy to correct in case of poor performance. Hairstyle looks traditional, does not go out of fashion.

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The option is demanding on appearance, which complicates the selection of hairstyles. Styling and care will burden the daily worries about the hair. A uniform haircut looks strict and solid, which complicates the possibility of a variety of appearance.

Examples in the stars

Most often, a uniform haircut among celebrities is found in the form of an elongated straight Kare. Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone preferred this option. Heidi Klum or Halle Berry have already changed this option to more progressive ones. Anne Hathaway is a typical wearer of short hairstyles using this technique.

It is better to entrust the selection of hairstyles, techniques for cutting strands to an experienced hairdresser. The stylist focuses on individual characteristics that can become significant when choosing. The uniform cutting technique is tried on often, but can only be partially used to create the final result.