Selective and Niche Perfumery: Top 20 Fragrances

Selective and niche fragrances Beauty

Many people know that in addition to mass-market and luxury fragrances, there are also “selective” and “niche” perfumes. These segments are often considered the same by perfume aficionados. However, it is not.

selective perfumery

Selective fragrances - Le sélectif, translated from French - special, or selectio from Latin - choice, selection. Selective fragrances are fragrances of luxury, unique, awakening emotions and feelings. Selective perfumery reveals the versatility of scents that reign in nature, they are voluminous, complex, and distinguished by luxurious packaging. Selective fragrances are made from expensive and rare ingredients. These are fragrances that are a masterpiece in the world of fragrances.

Niche fragrances

But niche fragrances can also be called special, but their main idea is that they are not addressed to everyone. And the point here is not the high cost of fragrances (they are also created on the basis of expensive components).

Niche perfumery, from the French la niche - a niche, a cell, includes a perfume that is far from clear to everyone. These fragrances are quite complex both in composition of ingredients and in sound, so their smell will not delight everyone and everyone.

Niche fragrances develop their own circle of fans, that is, their own niche. They are provocative, with a rare sound, they can earn the admiration and admiration of many perfume lovers, or they can attract the attention of only a select few. Niche fragrances often have a small circulation and a simple design of bottles and packaging, as if saying about themselves that the main thing for them is not the form, but the content.

Niche fragrances are distinguished by a non-trivial pyramid or even its absence. There is no mass production here, because they are “for amateurs”, which may be few, in other words, they occupy a small niche. And so the name of such fragrances becomes clear. Niche fragrances are often created as an experiment or a provocation, when a perfumer seeks to express his opinion, not being guided by the opinions of numerous perfume fans.

Often in these fragrances there are not floral-fruity compositions, but a mixture of exclusive components, so these perfumes cannot be available to everyone, their high price is justified by the cost of including rare and unique components. They do not need promotion and advertising, niche perfume brands do not seek to attract buyers, we repeat - these fragrances are not for everyone.

Perfumers create a unique fragrance that can develop differently on each of us, while commercial luxury fragrances sound almost the same on everyone.

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Selective and niche fragrances

It is difficult to draw a line between niche and selective fragrances. "Choose from the best" - this definition is more suitable for a selective perfume. However, niche fragrances can earn admiration not only among the elite, but also among a wide range of perfume lovers, and become more sold, and selective fragrances sometimes end up in a "niche".

And yet, selective perfumery is expensive, selected fragrances, the best of the best, produced in limited quantities, niche perfumery is also expensive fragrances, “perfume is not for everyone”, designed for the amateur, and produced in limited edition.

We strive to be fashionable and stylish and at the same time emphasize our individuality, however, popular trends make us repeat each other, and we lose our uniqueness. Niche and selective perfumery allows us to be different from the majority, to stand out, to create our own image, unlike everyone else.

And everything that we find in large stores is mass production, for everyone, which means that there can be no question of any uniqueness. Mass-market fragrances are created for the widest range of perfume lovers and do not differ in the complexity of the composition, the presence of expensive components, but at the same time they are accessible to many.

Luxury fragrances are quite expensive, and at the same time affordable. They adhere to trends and focus on the opinions and wishes of perfume lovers, use advertising, attracting famous and famous personalities.

What perfume brands create exclusive fragrances in which they reveal their secrets?

L'Artisan Parfumeur is considered the first niche brand. It was in 1976 that the fragrance "Mure et Musc" (Blackberry and Musk) was released.

Today, such brands are considered the most popular.

Best Selective & Niche Perfumery: 20 fragrances

Tiziana terenzi

Country of manufacture: Italy.

The brand's cosmic fragrances are impressive. And this is not surprising, because the brand was created by talented people - a brother and sister from the Terenzi family, known since ancient times, which at different times included representatives of the elite circle, as well as musicians, artists, inventors and perfumers. Therefore, the perfume brand Tiziana Terenzi has become famous and successful today.

Each Tiziana Terenzi perfume has its own history and features and is not like the other.

Tiziana Terenzi Kirke, Tiziana Terenzi Draco


Country of manufacture: France.

Pierre Montale, having returned to France after a three-year stay in Saudi Arabia, founded the niche brand Montale. He brought with him vivid impressions from the East, where he created fragrances with a unique sound from high-quality blends of aromatic oils for high-ranking sheikhs.

Selective and niche fragrances

In Paris, he continued his perfume business, emphasizing new creations on the traditions of East and West, while harmoniously combining hot desert ingredients with sparkling and fresh citrus notes.

Fans of perfumery compare Montale's compositions with a witch's potion, they attract with their unique aroma, in which overflows of delicate vanilla and warm almonds, tart musk and ripe strawberries sound. But the perfumer's greatest pride is the line of oud fragrances, because it is not in vain that Pierre Montale is called the King of Oud.

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Perfume Montale Dark Purple
Montale Dark Purple, Montale Chocolate Greedy


Country of manufacture: Italy, the Netherlands.

Alessandro Galtieri and Arturetto Landi created a brand that produces exclusive and provocative perfumes that embody defiance and rebellion, and the brand's compositions have become scandalous due to the use of non-traditional perfume ingredients: absinthe and hemp. Perhaps that is why there is something mystical in every perfume from Nasomatto, and each of them envelops with a dizzying dope that conquers thoughts and feelings.

Selective and niche fragrances
Nasomatto Narcotic Venus
Selective and niche fragrances
Nasomatto Black Afghano

Maison Francis Kurkdjan

Country of manufacture: France.

This is a fairly young perfume house, but in a short time it has become a living legend. The founder of the brand is Maison Francis Kurkdjan, who, before creating his own house, managed to work with many famous perfumers, and his fragrances became bestsellers of famous brands.

Deep, complex fragrances of Maison Francis Kurkdjian conquer and tell us their legend without words. They are sensual and memorable, bright and multifaceted. Many of them have already entered the history of perfumery.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540, Maison Francis Kurkdjian Feminin Pluriel

The Different Company

Country of manufacture: France.

The fragrances of The Different Company are all different, unlike each other, just like the creators of the brand. Among them is the famous perfumer Jean-Claude Ellen. Elite fragrances by The Different Company for those who appreciate high quality and consider perfume an element of self-expression.

The Different Company Bois d'Iris
The Different Company After Midnight Eau de Toilette and The Different Company Bois d'Iris

Serge Lutens

Country of manufacture: France.

Serge Lutens is a brand creator and multifaceted personality, equally talented in many professions in the Beauty world. He is a master hairdresser and creates jewelry, photographs and interior decor, publishes books and experiments in perfumery. And his perfume compositions have oriental sensuality and gentle romance, they are emotional and complex at the same time. Serge Lutens fragrances are unique and memorable, each of them reveals its story without words and tells the thoughts dictated by the soul and heart of the author himself.

Serge Lutens fragrance
Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille, Serge Lutens Chergui

Frederic Malle

Country of origin: France

Frederic Malle is a luxurious selective perfumery, and has long been a favorite brand by many. Frédéric Malle is the founder of the niche brand Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle.

Frederic is the grandson of the famous French entrepreneur Serge Eftler Luis, who in 1947, together with Marcel Boussac and his childhood friend Christian Dior, founded the Christian Dior fashion house. He also took part in the launch of the brand's first perfume releases such as Miss Dior, Diorama and Eau Fraiche.

His daughter, Marie Christine Eftler-Luish, served as artistic director of Christian Dior's perfume department for almost forty years. So the founder of the above-named brand from early childhood had every opportunity to engage in perfumery and have tremendous success in this business. As a matter of fact, that's how it all happened. Frédéric Malle fragrances brought him success and worldwide fame, his cherished dreams were brought to life by eminent perfumers.

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Frederic Malle Eau De Magnolia, Frederic Malle Portrait Of A Lady


Country of manufacture: Oman.

When choosing the best niche fragrances, you can't miss the Amouage perfume house. Since the birth of the brand, its popularity has been growing every year, perfume masterpieces are being created one after another, and each of them has its own unique history.

Amouage perfumes are special compositions that combine the best oriental traditions and technologies of French perfumery. The idea of ​​the brand was originally to create "the most expensive perfume in the world." And today, each Amouage fragrance can be called a real work of art, these are fragrances for the elite.

Amouage Sunshine
Amouage Memoir


Country of origin: Sweden.

Byredo perfumes are works of art that contain the author's memories, each perfume has a certain meaning, a story about real events and people. Through aromas, the author acquaints others with his views on the world, paves the way to the human soul.

Byredo is high perfumery, with a creative approach to creating fragrances, they intertwine extravagance and traditional values, classics and surrealism. The founder of the brand, Ben Gorham, presents his perfumery as a magical land where the most original and sometimes fantastic ideas can be realized.

When creating a perfume, Ben Gorham uses the best ingredients, while the brand name, which comes from the English by redolence, confirms that the fragrance will be “unobtrusive, optional, discreet”, with a slight sillage.

The fragrances of Byredo La Tulipe with floral freshness or Byredo Bal D`Afrique with passionate, intoxicating nuances, embodying the vibrant and poignant nature of African culture, are an exact reproduction of what they say.

Byredo The Tulip


Country of manufacture: UAE.

Today Ajmal perfumery is known all over the world. And it was created in the middle of the 20th century, when Haji Ajmal Ali, an unknown Indian supplier of agarwood, opened his perfume shop on one of the streets of Bombay. And then he created his first perfume, this fragrance called Ajmal.

The perfume line and fragrance brought success to Ajmal, and in just a few years his perfumery became famous in many countries of the world. Today, luxurious Ajmal perfumery, already in its third generation, gives amazing style and success to all its owners. They continue to sound unique, alluring oriental motifs, distinguished by a rich train, symbols of the perfume house.

Perfume Ajmal
1001 nights. Ajmal Enigma For Her