Black color combinations in manicure design - the best combinations in the photo


Still think black manicure is gloomy and boring? So you should carefully monitor all the novelties of the year. After all, manicure masters have prepared for fashionistas the best, trendy and elegant new combinations of tones with classic black. At the same time, do not forget about stylish techniques that can diversify and decorate nails of any length.

When performing a black manicure in combination with any shade, you can safely apply a glossy or matte top. Such a manicure should be decorated and diversified with the help of patterns, monograms or acrylic powder with a shiny structure. A spectacular and stunning addition to black manicure will be the broken glass technique. Let's take a closer look at all the most stylish ideas for performing black manicure in combination with other colors.

Fashion trends

This year, black manicure strives to become the most popular and stylish. In order to make it look softer and more feminine, masters offer several options that involve the use of various techniques and tones of varnish.

It is worth noting the most popular manicure options:

  • marble manicure in black;
  • black French manicure with a pastel base;
  • gradient with transition from black to light tone;
  • black manicure with light holes;
  • glass nail art;
  • negative space;
  • stylish origami drawings.

Black manicure is a classic solution for both a festive event, business nail art, and everyday use. Many shades are very harmoniously combined with this color, so it is very easy to perform a stylish and breathtaking manicure. Let's look at the most popular and fashionable combinations with black.

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Red manicure with black

The combination of burning red and gloomy black looks great on nails of any length. Such a tandem has been used in the nail art industry for a very long time. The most effective combination is the implementation of the gradient in these tones. Do not forget about the delicate and attractive patterns and paintings. In such cases, it is best to make an accent in the form of a red nail with black patterns.

Recently, the craquelure technique has become very popular, it is it that makes it possible to obtain the effect in the form of neat cracks on the nail.

Classic: black and white manicure

This combination of contrasting colors is always in great demand and relevant in any season. Black and white nail art will perfectly fit into a business look, will become a moderate and luxurious addition to your everyday outfit. If such a combination is chosen for a festive event, then it is best to decorate it with additional decor. It can be rhinestones, sparkles or rubbed powder.

Most often, masters perform a zebra print on the nails, while the stripes can be of any shape: wavy, straight and even vertical. An imitation of a chessboard looks no less attractive and unusual. In this way, it is best to decorate one or two nails, so as not to overload and not make the design heavier.

The combination of black and pink

For several years, a combination of these colors was associated with the youth trend of emo. But today this combination looks very bright, spectacular and glamorous. For modest girls who prefer a minimalist manicure, it is best to choose a French manicure or moon manicure technique. Here, as a basis, you can choose both black and pink.

Do not forget that pink has many shades, so the choice is not easy. A great option as a base would be peach or pale pink.

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Black and gold design

The combination of classic color with noble gold looks incredibly luxurious, rich and expensive. That is why such a design has won the incredible attention of fashionistas. Aristocratic manicure can be safely performed with a matte finish, decorating it with several gold stripes or a scattering of sparkles.

Gold patterns made on a black background look incredibly elegant. Another popular option for performing manicure in these colors was golden spraying or foil on a black background.

"Broken glass" on a black coating

The black base is very suitable for performing various techniques. Here you can safely carry out drawings, patterns, use decor and much more. The popular and very effective "broken glass" technique is performed by superimposing special sections in an asymmetrical direction. Moreover, the decor can have absolutely any color. This is how a few black nails are usually decorated as an accent.

Raspberry Black Manicure

This solution to the design of nails looks very unconventional and interesting. The addition looks original in the form of a black spider web on a raspberry background, rhinestones or droplets. Combination with sparkles and patterns also looks sophisticated.

Black design with colorful kamifubuki

If you need to perform an evening manicure, then this option will look incredibly luxurious and bewitching. With the help of small spectacular particles of different colors, you can make an attractive and romantic nail art.

Black manicure with green rubbed powder

For a more interesting effect, decor in the form of a green rubbed iridescent powder is suitable. The mirror surface attracts with its overflows and smoothness. This decor is best used on several nails. French manicure or holes made in this way look very stylish.

Black manicure with drawings.

When performing an unusual and individual manicure in black, you can choose absolutely any design. For example, monograms, patterns or arbitrary curls. A stylish combination is obtained when using a metallic varnish, which is able to create an incredible effect on the nails. And the geometry on black looks just amazing!

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Photo of a black manicure in combination with other colors

Black manicure looks luxurious and amazing, if it is correctly combined with other colors or decorate. Next, we present to the attention of the girls the best and most stylish photos of the idea of ​​performing black manicure. Now you can safely make your choice!