Stylish and fashionable pixie haircut


The soul and even more so the appearance of a real woman constantly needs reincarnation. After all, even the most insignificant metamorphosis can lead to incredible and often unexpected results. It is enough to change the hairstyle - and the world around you will change like a wave of a magic wand.

At the turn of the 20s of the 20th century, a fashionable type was a fragile woman with a pale face, brightly lined eyes and short hair cut in a bob. Over time, the understanding comes that short hair is fashionable and stylish. Bob-car turns into a pixie haircut.

Pixie haircut takes the first place in the list of trendy short hairstyles. It is she who creates all kinds of female images: a business lady, a gentle fairy, a socialite.

Who is the pixie haircut for?

Owners of a thin face and bright appearance can safely sign up for a hair stylist. If you have pronounced cheekbones, a narrow eye slit, a neat, even nose and plump lips, then the Pixie haircut is just a godsend.

Many fashion stylists believe that a pixie haircut can easily replace plastic surgery and make you an attractive and attractive person.

Ladies with a triangular or oval face shape can change their image, and the thickness of the hair does not play a special role. Pixie haircut will divert attention from the cheekbones and visually enlarge the eyes and lips.

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Ease and cheerfulness will give a Pixie haircut to women with a thin hair structure. All you need is a lush styling that can transform your face in an instant.

Pixie haircut is suitable for diet fans. This is due to the fact that the hair is capricious and does not suffer deprivation. And who likes dull and weak long curls with split ends?

Pixie Haircut - Color Trends

Any woman aware that the change in the color of their hair is best to entrust a professional master.

The latest fashion hit is the coloring of the Pixie haircut with tint paints that enrich the natural hair color. Fashion provides a rare opportunity to preserve the beautiful originality and perfection.

The most “top” hair color is the one that nature gave you. Pixie haircut with natural hair color correctly accentuates individuality.

Pixie haircut options offered by stylists

Pixie haircut with shaved sides

For the most extraordinary and courageous women, the stylist offers a Pixie haircut option with shaved temples. Outrageous and complex option, more suitable for grunge and rock styles. This image can be decorated with massive earrings, bright jewelry.

One shaved temple

The most popular type of haircut, allowing you to hide the clipped part of the long strands.

Shaved patterns on the temples

Shaved patterns on the temples can be painted in all sorts of colors. Nobody limits you in fantasy. Cheeky girls shaved zone tattooed.

With long side bangs

For haircut peaks, an unlimited length of bangs is characteristic. It can reach the cheekbones and chin. This is the most versatile version of the pixie haircut. Long bangs easily hide the volume of a round face.

With minimal bangs and open forehead

The option of an ultra-short open pixie haircut is suitable for women with the right proportional facial features and always arouses the admiration and interest of others.

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Mohawk pixie haircut

To create a creative, creative and defiant look, the pixie haircut with a mohawk is best suited.

Wavy mohawk

It looks fashionable and amazing, but without make-up, accessories and properly selected clothes with such an image can not do.

Bright mohawk

Painting a mohawk in an interesting color adds personality. However, such a hairstyle should reflect your inner energy, emotional mood.

Kinky Mohawk

Brighten up aggressiveness, light romantic waves will give luxury and femininity.

Multicolored mohawk

The palette of fashionable shades presents an interesting combination of aggressive style and glamorous image.

Chaos on the head

Basal volume and randomly laid curls will leave an unforgettable impression on many envious rivals.

Mini educational program on styling options for Pixie haircuts

If you dream of wavy, casually styled strands, you should style your pixie haircut with wax, which perfectly holds its shape, leaving the hair supple. This styling gives the strands a natural shine.

Pixie haircut styling, like a rock star, is possible thanks to the “tousled” hair technique. The main thing is not to overdo it with the styling agent, otherwise the hair will feel like a wire to the touch. Do not burden your hair with an extra burden, especially the oily type.

A gangster-style Pixie haircut is possible thanks to hair styling gel, since it does not contain alcohol, which dries out the hair. If you need to freshen up your Pixie cut, run through your hair with damp hands and reshape a couple of strands on top.

Styling a punk mohawk is not complete without a plastic hair toffee. A professional tool can style a pixie haircut in any way without depriving hair of elasticity. By the way, the shape of the styling can be changed from Mohawk to extravagant needles.

With the help of creative hair clay, you will create an exact replica of the pixie hairstyle seen on a famous TV star or in a women's hair show. However, the hair when using clay will be matte.

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You can fix the Pixie haircut tightly. For this purpose, use a styling steel with a metallic sheen. Sounds scary, but it washes off easily. Effectively this styling looks at a party.

Pixie haircut is stylish

Pixie haircut is so versatile that it can easily fit into different styles. The owners of this hairstyle open up huge scope for experimentation.

Business style

To look businesslike stylish, the haircut can be laid in spring curls, play with the shape of the ends of the hair. Women who prefer a pixie haircut look intelligent, smart and educated.

Sport style

Pixie haircut is popular among athletes due to the rule: minimum effort - maximum effect. The hairstyle gives the woman the effect of visual rejuvenation and boyishness.

Classic style

For connoisseurs of the classics, the Pixie haircut looks chic on both straight hair and curly hair. Proper hair styling gives the image airiness and maximum naturalness.

Bohemian chic

Taming a short haircut takes half the time. If you put all the strands of hair back and add a haircut with a diadem, it will look very festive and rich.

You can also try on the “a la schoolgirl” ponytail from the latest fashion shows.

Today, the pixie haircut remains relevant and still popular. She will acquire fresh contours and lines, allowing the haircut to represent different facets of perfection.