Stylish design of extended nails - photo of new products


For any woman it is very important to have a beautiful, well-groomed manicure, which will tell others about the sense of style. Even in the busiest days, she finds time to follow the latest innovations in the fashion industry.

Current trends of enhanced design

This year, natural manicure is gaining great popularity. These are short or medium nails with an almond or oval shape. The varnish coating should be beige light pink flesh or brown. Natural, natural forms are replacing long extended nails. The classic French and lunar manicure is also on top. But this year the classic white color can be replaced with more saturated, eye-catching tones.

It would also be a good option to add decor in the form of small rhinestones, or make a gradient transition. These types of manicure suit absolutely any style and look. But despite the popularity of naturalness, beautiful extended nails of maxi length continue to enjoy wide popularity.

Common types of building materials This year

This year, manicure masters offer different methods and materials for performing nail extensions. To build can be two types of material: acrylic or gel. Acrylic is more practical and durable material. But the nails, made by gel, have a more transparent appearance and glossy shine. As for the methods of extension, here, too, it is worth choosing between tips and form. It is necessary to take into account the anthropometric data of the fingers for a more suitable method.

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Varieties of the forms of the increased nails

The nail fashion has its own trends as regards the shape of the nail plate. This year, the popular is not only oval, but also square, almond shape. Bridget is a combination of stylet with narrowed squares and two ribs. Pipe - in this form, the nail has a rectangular appearance, and the tip smoothly turns into an almond-shaped appearance. Edge is a base in the form of a narrowed square, but the stylet must have one facet clearly.

The design of the increased nails for each form

The most classic oval shape is practical, as it takes less damage and at the same time has a beautiful neat appearance.

Almond shape is an incredibly feminine shape that visually makes fingers thinner and more elegant, but still it is better to choose this shape for short or oval nails.

Sharper almonds are an interesting and attractive shape. It is worth noting that it is not very convenient for everyday life.

Popular square - this shape is also better to choose for medium length nails. For this form you need a thorough and special care. A soft square is a traditional square, but with slightly rounded edges.

The rounded shape is also one of the most popular and sought after shapes. Its main advantage is that it is absolutely suitable for any length.

Extended nails: photo of chic nail art

For housewife girls who are always busy with household chores. Or those whose job involves typing, long nails may not be the best option. This year's trend is double and single moon manicure. In this manicure, a transparent hole is made at the base of the nail or painted over with a different shade.

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For short extended nails, this manicure is the best option. It is worth paying attention to the gradient that passes from one nail to another. Or geometric motifs in the form of different figures and hieroglyphs that will look appropriate at any length.

French manicure on extended nails

Extended nails with French manicure have been popular for a very long time. This type of manicure has a lot of advantages. With this design, the nail becomes much stronger, the appearance of the manicure does not lose its beauty. After a certain period of time, you can perform a correction and continue to wear extended manicure further.

Extended French manicure looks very feminine and elegant. It does not have to be done in the traditional white tone. A great option is to decorate with any other color or even shiny. Of course, the more common classic version of the French manicure, but the masters advise the girls to be relaxed and implement more daring ideas, add an accent, dare to take bold steps closer to fashion trends.

Extended nails - with the addition of sparkles and rhinestones

Sequins and rhinestones are a very bright, attractive and spectacular element of decor. Use large stones to apply them to the ring finger over its entire area, and place small sparkles on the rest of the nails. If you want to create an image of a gentle and sweet princess, opt for oval-shaped nails, decorated in pink, with the addition of rhinestones on the rim of the ring finger, and one pebble at the top of each finger. For daring and extravagant beauties, rhinestones or black sequins are perfect.

Black nail extensions

For girls who prefer extravagance, fashionable extended nails made in black will be the best option. It is desirable to diversify such a coating with decorated rhinestones, sparkles, sequins, confetti. But just a plain black version looks incomparable.

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White nail extensions

White manicure for extended nails in the new season is rarely used in monochrome. More and more nail design artists prefer combining white coating with other shades. A white-color combination with rhinestone decoration looks especially impressive on extended nails.

Extended nails: red nail art

Red design this year is very popular and is often found at fashion shows. By adding a manicure in a red color of snow-white flowers, mesh or openwork, you will get an unusually attractive and sexy style.

Adhering to all the tips for extended nails This year, every girl will be able to fascinate, and maybe even shock with her fashionable extended manicure, which literally came down to us from the television screens from the popular Claws series.