Fashion trends in manicure for autumn: photo of nail design


In the modern world, manicure has already become an integral part of the image of almost every girl. It is because of the large selection of the most diverse options for the shape of nails, decor, color of varnish, design and manicure in general, nail art masters do their best to please clients with new and original solutions.

Autumn is a rather gray time of the year, which is also the most difficult, since many girls go to work or study. Therefore, it is so important to please yourself with a beautiful and neat manicure so that the mood rises from just one glance at your neat hands. Every season, new fashion trends and current designs appear, which we invite you to familiarize yourself with.

Topical nail forms

At the moment, a wide variety of nail lengths are popular: short ones will appeal to those girls who value comfort and consider the choice of nail length from the point of view of practicality or take into account the peculiarities of the profession.

Long nails always look aesthetically pleasing and bewitching, nevertheless, one should remember about a sense of proportion, otherwise such a manicure runs the risk of looking sloppy and ridiculous. However, what about the actual forms?

The current forms for short nails for several seasons are semicircular, rounded square and square. For long nails, the variety of shapes is already greater. Classical shapes include square, almond and oval, and more interesting and new ones include stilettos, spades and pipe.

Ombre and monochromatic manicure

Of course, one of the classic and most practical manicure options that will fit perfectly into the office and business style is simple and concise monochrome nails. If we talk about the trend colors of this year, we can highlight all the nude and natural shades (powder, pale pink, brown and so on), pastel shades, as well as lemon color, however, it will no longer be suitable for a dress code. Do not be afraid to experiment with ombre colors: you can make transitions in the same color scheme, playing with shades, as well as with contrasting colors.

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French manicure

French manicure has long been a classic of nail art. A thin stripe at the tip of the nail is quite easy and quick to make, and such designs look elegant and feminine. If you are tired of the usual French manicure, then the nail art masters have prepared many options for a variety of strict design in the new season.

You can make the line itself wider at the tip of the nail, decorate it with rhinestones or drawings, and also use the ombre technique or assign a different color to each nail and stripe. Lunar manicure was not so popular until recently, however, this technique has been at the peak of its relevance since the spring of the year and is not going to become less popular.

Drawings on nails

A variety of patterns on the nails do not become less popular in the fall of the year. Bright and juicy summer patterns are being replaced by calmer, but no less interesting, autumn ones. Drawings can be very different: autumn fruits and vegetables, abstraction, various geometric shapes, neat patterns made using stamping or drawings carefully drawn with a thin brush.

In manicure, new techniques will also look relevant, such as: "negative space" and color block. Minimalist prints will be relevant, as well as all kinds of botanical, plant and animalistic. In addition, the checkered print began to gain popularity.

Actual decor in manicure

Different types of glitter can perfectly complement a wide variety of manicure designs. Kamifubuki, glitter, foil, rub-in powder - all this decor will decorate your manicure and make it festive and presentable.

Techniques "water way" and "broken glass" also look actual and aesthetically pleasing in manicure. Marble designs and glitter nail powder are also some of the hottest trends this season. All sorts of inscriptions, abstraction and the implementation of different, contrasting or, on the contrary, harmonizing designs on different hands do not lag behind them.

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Matte manicure

One of the most trendy solutions for nail design in the fall of the year will be a matte finish. Matte manicure is always chic and sophistication. You can use it as a matte top coat on solid colored nails, or you can combine it with a glossy finish and a variety of designs.

Colors in matte manicure can be used in a variety of ways: light and dark, bright and pastel. This type of manicure will look great in the fall, complementing classic, formal and everyday looks.

Mineral textures

A beautiful and mesmerizing effect on your nails can be created by manicure designs with mineral motifs and textures. Outwardly, such a design resembles noble precious stones, and each such manicure is unique and inimitable, because marble textures are drawn with a thin brush by hand.

You can use stickers and sliders that resemble the texture of precious stones, but the work, drawn by hand by the master, looks much more harmonious. We advise you to choose natural shades for this design, in the color of the minerals themselves.

Every girl who regularly takes care of her nails and visits a manicure master wants to choose the most relevant, memorable and beautiful manicure design for herself. Remember that you can embody a variety of ideas on your nails. It all depends only on your imagination and the professionalism of your manicure master.

Photo of autumn manicure in different techniques

Choose those techniques and ideas that appeal to you, and if you wish, be guided by the fashion trends of this season. Complete your look with a beautiful manicure: bright, delicate, catchy or simple. Study the fashion trends of the season and choose the manicure that suits you!