Ballerina nail shape - manicure design ideas


The future type of manicure will completely depend on the shape of the nail. Therefore, it is very important to consider all aspects before choosing the shape of artificial nails. Some shapes are better for chubby and short toes, others for long and thin ones. There are also universal forms that can fit both one and the other option. Below we will talk about the "ballerina" uniform.

What is the "ballerina" form

“Ballerina” has a shape similar to a rectangle with a characteristic tapering towards the end - like a ballerina’s pointe shoes, which is where the name comes from. It is a cross between a rectangle and an almond shape, which is why it is considered more versatile than others. Thanks to the two classics cleverly combined together, the ballerina shape contains the advantages of both.

Advantages of the "ballerina" uniform

The advantages of the form are undeniable:

  • Long-lasting wear due to correct load distribution.
  • The ability to play with the length of the nails, where you yourself choose the option you want.
  • Suitable for women with problem nails and a thin nail plate.
  • Convenience and comfort.
  • Well suited to different finger lengths and thicknesses.

The "ballerina" form is most often used for the selection of fashionable techniques, most often French. Monochrome and bright designs with an abundance of rhinestones and sparkles will also be in fashion. Everything will depend on the event.

Fashion ideas for ballerina shape nails

French design

Classic and stylish French manicure is the perfect choice for any occasion. The design looks great on the shape of the ballerina nails, where it reveals itself in full force. Therefore, experiment with the selection of the type of French manicure to determine the best modification.

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For those women who do not like excesses and sit too long with the master for the procedure, there is a simple one-color staining. The color of the varnish can be selected based on the current season to keep up with fashion.



Minimalism is simple and calm in its design. It does not contain an abundance of any patterns and decor, which visually lightens the image as a whole. This type of manicure is perfect for work where flashiness is not appreciated, but on the contrary, is prohibited by the authorities.


Do you want to make a discreet manicure, but at the same time add zest to it? Accentuation will help in this matter. Here, the master highlights two or one nails in a bright color, or decorates them with decor. It turns out that the emphasis makes you take all the attention to it, but the overall picture of the manicure does not deteriorate at all from this.

Matte manicure

A matte top works wonders with different polish colors. You can choose any shade you want and the top will make it matte. Matte accentuates the depth of color and even the simplest manicure will look fantastic.


Rhinestones are the most affordable way to highlight your manicure and make it festive. Thanks to the abundance of shiny stones, you can create your own chic designs, play with color transitions, create contrast or catchiness.