French Twist Manicure: Fashion Design Varieties in 100 Photos


Manicure has a major position in creating a female image. French manicure is a very common nail decoration. Thanks to modern techniques and incredible ideas of masters, this design is gaining more and more popularity. Nowadays, it has become important to use varnishes that have unique properties to transform nails and at the same time strengthen them. It is with the help of gel varnish coatings that incredible manicure designs are created. This also applies to the French version. An incredible color palette was able to influence the modification of the usual classic French manicure. We invite you to familiarize yourself a little with French manicure in the twist style.

Modern ideas and trends of the season in French manicure

I would like to highlight the most important modifications of French manicure in modern fashion. Firstly, stylists have reintroduced almond-shaped nails into fashion. Secondly, the range of color palettes has expanded and design options have been added (glitters, kamifubuki, sequins and rhinestones).

Popular patterns and colors of French manicure twist

Modern life dynamics have radically influenced the color schemes in French manicure. Bright contrasts are again replacing calm shades. But pastel palettes do not stand aside either, helping office workers in their free time to transform into bright and eccentric fashionistas.

As for the ornaments, their variation is very large (flowers, geometric shapes, images of animals). In some cases, manicurists even use animal prints (leopard, snake, zebra).

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Fashionable length and shape of nails for French manicure in twist style

Long, sharp claws have gone out of fashion. Short nails with a rounded shape are making a comeback. Those people who still like long nails should use the almond shape. It is she who now occupies an important position in modern manicure.

Decorating a French manicure twist

The usual pastel or translucent base tone was often changed to a soft pink or peach shade. The tip of the nail itself can now be done not only in white. It was replaced by gray, red and even black. In this work, the main thing is now the imagination of the clients and the master himself. Modern technologies have introduced new introductions to French manicure, decorating it with hand painting, rubbed powder and glitter. All of the above types of decoration will easily complement any classic manicure. The result will be the most incredible nail art.

Pedicures are performed in exactly the same way. For example, if you decide to decorate your nails with a soft pink French twist manicure, then the tip of the nail plate can be coated with a double black varnish coating. It will look original and at the same time unusual. In principle, this is what modern fashionistas love. As a decoration, you can decorate the hole located at the base of the nail with several rhinestones.

It will also look interesting if the ring finger nail is painted black and a matte finish is applied over it. Thus, the manicure will acquire a certain mystery and will attract the attention of others. For representatives of the younger generation, stylists suggest using French manicure in bright and rich colors (purple, Marsala, olive). They have a unique combination with a variety of jewelry options.

Popular varieties of French twist manicure

Every year some new types of manicure and their technologies come into fashion. Currently, there are many interesting varieties of French manicure in the twist style: lunar, gradient (ombre), “millennium”, wedding, Hollywood. When you are going to do your own manicure from the listed option, you should study the sequence of its design as carefully as possible. Otherwise, everything you planned to depict on your nails may lose its sophisticated look.

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Amazing French twist manicure design in the photo

Twist is a rather interesting type of decoration that has come into fashion quite recently. He was able to win the hearts of many modern beauties. Thanks to the combination of shades, this decor can reflect the brightness and playfulness of any manicure owner.

To perform a twist, you need two shades of varnish coatings that have a certain harmony with each other. This version of the French manicure has two or more thin lines at the tip of the nail plate. Each of them is applied in different shades. But you can make the very end of the nail in the form of spots and paint each one in bright shades. The connecting lines of the spots should be outlined with gold glitter. Thus, the manicure will take on a stylish and rich look.

Flowers, bows, and twigs can be used as additional decorative elements. Also, in some cases, rhinestones are used, which are placed in a chaotic manner along the entire tip of the nail. The main thing is not to overdo it! French manicure in the twist style can decorate any hands and create an attractive image. Bright stripes are made both in clear edges and in slightly blurred ones. And the most interesting thing is that they can be placed in a variety of directions.

This French manicure technology provides a unique opportunity to transform your nails into a fun and colorful rainbow. The twist is considered the most original and popular option for performing a French manicure. This design is used by the younger generation.