Cashmere blonde hair color trend


Fashionable blonde coloring is performed in the Cashmere Blonde shade, which has conquered many girls. We understand what is the secret of the popularity of the new shade and who is recommended to decide on stylish changes.

Coloring features

The unique color creates a combination of honey and wheat notes with a powdery finish. The classic technique for achieving the cashmere effect is the complex mixing of balayage and shatush hair dyeing techniques.

Cashmere on the hair conquers with its softness and velvet overflow. The peculiarity of the color scheme lies in the versatility and naturalness. This coloring looks easy and feminine.

It is easy to distinguish a stylish version of a blond among a bored platinum by its golden undertone. This is a light color nuance that is not striking, but at the same time sets the character of the coloring - soft, noble and refined.

To embody true cashmere on hair is within the power of a professional master. In coloring, warm tones are subtly intertwined with an admixture of cold notes, which creates an expensive and sophisticated color. At home, the desired layering of shades cannot be achieved.

To whom does

A new trend in coloring pleases with excellent versatility - an exquisite shade of blond is variable and suits everyone. There are simply no restrictions in the form of eye color and skin tone!

Hair coloring in the color "Cashmere Blonde" is a suitable trend for girls with thin hair. Multifaceted overflows of shades create a feeling of additional volume and airiness. The master can enhance the effect of density by increasing the color palette.

The main feature of a fashionable shade is corrective properties. Cashmere blonde makes skin imperfections less noticeable, adds femininity to the image. The new trend is suitable for girls who want to soften the image.

Stylists emphasize that the new favorite in coloring has no age restrictions and is suitable for women over 50. In addition, a well-chosen tone visually refreshes and rejuvenates the appearance, smoothing wrinkles and softening the complexion.

Note that complex coloring in a light tone requires well-groomed and strong strands. So, dyeing your hair blonde is a bold decision that seriously affects the condition of your hair. A combo of lightening and toning suits girls with healthy curls.

Colorists warn that dyeing "Cashmere Blonde" is an expensive pleasure. A visit to the salon will have to be included in the business schedule once every 3-4 months, and nourishing masks and toning should be added to home care to eliminate yellowness. At the same time, hair regrowth promises to look natural, provided there is a slight contrast of the natural color with dyeing in shades of blond.

Fashion Coloring Ideas

Cashmere blonde can be as close as possible to the natural color of the hair. This solution is chosen by celebrities who are tired of flashy bright colors.

Another stylish idea is to enhance the refreshing and rejuvenating effect with light highlights on the face. This color nuance smooths out skin imperfections and age-related changes. You can achieve the desired effect with smooth highlighting or the “kiss of the sun” technique.

Among the trends, a smooth lightening of color to the tips is also kept. The ombre technique is back in business!

The combination of cashmere on the hair with a wavy texture of the strands looks wonderful. To embody the duet will turn out on medium or long hair.

Fashionable hair coloring blond in a shade of cashmere is a great opportunity to transform the image and enhance the natural appeal. Let the stylish changes surprise you!