Bright French manicure - photo of nail design


Everyone is used to the fact that French nail design is a universal manicure due to its discreet design. But in fact, French manicure can be very bright, catchy and even vulgar. We present the best selection of bright French manicure for any shape of nails.

Two colors

Bright French manicure is very easy to create if you use two different bright colors. Most often, in such a design, the master selects exactly “acid” neon colors, which are very advantageously combined with each other. Although it is not necessary to select only harmonious colors, but on the contrary, you can make a sharp contrast. In any case, you get a very bright and beautiful manicure.

With butterflies

Butterfly drawings or stickers are always very rich and bright in color. They are variegated, multi-colored, and various decors and accessories will help make them voluminous and more lively. They can be used to decorate all nails at once, or to highlight only one finger to create an accent.

Manicure "cat's eye"

Incredibly beautiful French manicure with a "cat" design. This is a rather rare combination, because the "cat" nail polish is very capricious. With it, it will be difficult to create a smile zone, thereby highlighting all the nails at once, or create another effect that will immediately show us that this is a French manicure. There are absolutely no restrictions in the color palette, but in a bright design, it is important to select the most saturated and catchy ones.


Our bright selection of French manicure did not do without the popular ombre. The ombre or gradient technique needs no introduction, because it will always be in the hearts of many fashionistas, due to the perfect ability to transition color to color. Bright ombre is an effect, burlesque and good mood!

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Rainbow French Manicure

Rainbow or multi-colored nail design makes it possible to create an unusual, bright and very feminine manicure. The rainbow can be located on one nail, where the colors alternate with each other, or each nail can be painted with its own color, forming a rainbow.

French manicure with a pattern and a pattern

If you don’t know what color is best to highlight the base of the nail or the smile zone, then choose a neutral shade, but here is a picture in bright color. It is allowed not to apply a pattern or drawing manually, but to use stickers or stencils. Thanks to this, every woman will be able to create a unique and bright French manicure without leaving home.

Stylish french nail design

A stylish version of a bright French manicure successfully combines other design application techniques. That is, some nails may have a continuous coating, characteristic of a single-color application of varnish. At the same time, any geometric shapes, sparkles, kamifubuki, rhinestones, foil and acrylic powder are popular in this stylish form.

"Fruit" nail design

Ideal for the spring-summer season, a manicure with fruits can decorate any nails in shape and length. In particular, designs of kiwi, orange, banana, lemon, strawberry, avocado, pineapple, grapes, strawberries and much more are selected. There are no restrictions. So you can use other designs in a similar design, combining them with fruits. The main rule is brightness and brightness again.