100 of the most stylish women's haircuts and hairstyles - photo images


To create her own unique style, a girl needs to put in a lot of effort. The choice of suitable clothes that will favorably emphasize the figure, accessories, and color schemes largely determines how the girl ultimately looks. However, an important part of the image is the haircut, which can attract attention and successfully hide flaws in appearance.

For every fashionista, going to the hairdresser is an event that is expected with excitement and anticipation. But before you go to the hairdresser, you should find out which fashionable haircuts are most relevant and suitable for you.

New look for short hair

According to most short haircuts - this is unjustly. This opinion is wrong, just short hair is not suitable for all women.

For example, Coco Chanel, the first lady in the world, easily parted with her curls, replacing them with a short haircut. Of course, she had to do it, and the perm completely ruined her hair. But the result pleased her so much that she was faithful to her image for a long time.

The new image of the fashion diva was positively received by fashionistas from all over the world and short haircuts are popular today.

The most popular short haircuts will be these options.

Haircuts with geometric shapes – the style was named Vidal Sassoon, in honor of the British hairdresser, the creator of this style. The temporal and occipital parts of the head are cut off, and the top of the head is cut to the required length; you can even make bangs.

The main thing is to abandon negligence and stick to straight lines. Hair can be dyed purple, juicy caramel or brandy. They will be the most popular this year.

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Bob haircut – there are many modifications of this hairstyle, but in the coming year, haircuts with long bangs and short, disheveled varnished strands at the back are popular.

Haircut in grunge style – such “ragged haircuts” will help any girl rejuvenate and refresh her image. The haircut is easy to style and can make your look either romantic and elegant or casually casual.


Golden mean: long haircuts

Long haircuts are ideal for those who are suspicious of short haircuts, but do not want to care for long hair. Medium length haircuts are chosen not only by young girls, but also by self-sufficient ladies who are not ready to experiment with a hairstyle.

Extended "Bob" - is becoming increasingly popular. Asymmetrical bangs, thick short strands on the back of the head and crown can visually lengthen the face.

It is beneficial to emphasize not enough thick hair capable of elongated cascade. The more layers in the cascade, the better the hairstyle will look. Long strands are created in a chaotic manner, at the discretion of the stylist, as a rule, their length reaches the lines of the cheekbones of the face.

Elongated square – a variety of haircut variations are popular – from neat to careless locks.

Fashion trends for medium hair

Medium length hair prefers the vast majority of women. Medium length haircuts are convenient, easy to lay and create different variations for each specific situation.

In the coming year there will be a lot of options for medium-length haircuts, which will perfectly complete the image and make it more interesting and attractive. The best option is still elegant haircuts, emphasizing the social status of women.

Haircut in the style of "Gavroche" – the main emphasis is on the crown. Hair here requires constant styling using an iron, hair dryer or curling iron. To create a hairstyle, just backcomb it, giving your hair maximum volume.

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Cascade without bangs – looks attractive with both straight hair and curled curls.

Strict square – a clear geometric silhouette and elongated bangs will be popular this year. To add originality to the look, you can fantasize about processing the ends of your hair. A strict bob is an ideal haircut for those with thick, straight hair.

Femininity of long curls

Despite special care for long hair, many girls grow luxurious curls. They are convinced that long hair makes a girl more sophisticated, feminine and romantic.

Owners of long hair know firsthand that their weight affects the volume, it simply delays the pomp and injures the hair.

Haircut "Fringe" – if you don’t want to cut off the length, but still want to diversify your look, then the “Fringe” haircut will cope with this task. The hairdresser simply cuts the hair from the front to the sides, leaving the long curls unchanged.

Haircut “Ladder” – has been popular for a long time, but the latest fashion trend is curling strands of hair with an iron or curling iron.

Hair color solutions

Modern coloring techniques allow you to create a stylish and fashionable look by combining a variety of seemingly incompatible shades. This year, these coloring techniques will be the most popular.

Bronzing – the optimal solution for those who have not yet decided on their hair color. The combination of chestnut and wheat blond, platinum with dark ash looks very impressive.

The intensity of coloring is chosen individually, depending on the requests of the girl and the skill of the hairdresser.

Coloring – equipment that is acquiring new color schemes this year. The technique of combining opposite bright shades appealed to many girls.

Strand tinting – allows you to quickly change the image, thanks to the use of unstable paints. Tinting crayons and shampoos are a current trend for those who are not ready for drastic changes in their appearance.

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Ombre – a technique suitable for short haircuts. Take a look at how this coloring method looks on short and medium-length hair.

Properly chosen haircut and hair color can transform a girl beyond recognition, making her romantic and feminine, or, conversely, playful and careless. A good stylist and an unbiased attitude to his appearance is the key to creating a successful image.