100 bright polka dot manicure ideas: simple methods of creation and photos


Polka dot nails are a great example of a bright and unusual manicure that you can create yourself. More often than not, polka dots are only part of the overall nail art, performed using the French manicure or moon manicure technique. Miniature dots highlight the root hole, the edge of the nail, and indicate individual parts of the pattern, for example, the core of flowers.

Polka-dot manicure can be a part of a retro-style image, boho, grunge with light chiffon skirts, flowing satin or silk blouses, and linen outfits with lace.

Polka Dot Manicure: Design Options

There are several simple ways to create dots of various diameters and colors on your nails. These include:

  • Dots - manicure tool with a ball at the ends. Each wand has balls of different diameters, so you can easily create interesting and original designs by expanding your manicure set with this tool.
  • pencil - an alternative to dots. This refers to an ordinary school pencil with an eraser that is immersed in the coating and transfers the image to the nail. Process the eraser so that you get circles with a diameter of 3-5 mm.

  • stencil - a large number of ready-made stencils are presented in manicure stores. Apply the sample on the nail plate and apply the top varnish with a brush, carefully remove the stencil. Perfect polka dot pattern ready.
  • stamping - is a set with manicure tools to create the most unusual patterns on the nails. The set includes a special plate with extruded patterns. A special seal is pressed against the plate, which by its texture is similar to an eraser from a pencil, and the imprinted picture is transferred onto the nail plate.
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Manicure polka dots on short nails

The size of the peas is of no small importance for a harmonious and stylish nail art. On short nails, patterns of medium size will look concise. For a rectangular nail plate, choose a design with large and small peas.

For manicure on short nails are suitable options such as:

  • chaotic drawing pattern - circles are drawn in random order. This takes into account the size of the peas, first a large pattern is drawn, then a smaller one.
  • colorful drawing - circles in this case are made in a variety of colors. This is the best option for the summer. If desired, perform multi-layered drawing of peas by applying contrasting circles inside a large pattern.

Stylish polka dot manicure with a bow

The bow is the most frequent "guest" of polka dot design. A lush bow on the ring finger to match the main nail art looks very cute and feminine.

Popular nail design options are:

  • design with a bow in the area of ​​the moon - the rest of the nail plate is covered with a monochromatic varnish and dots of the same diameter
  • French manicure with a miniature bow and peas - a bow looms directly on the smile line. The remaining area of ​​the nail plate is covered with circles of the same color and size.

Stylish white polka dot manicure

Manicure with white peas is a youth version that looks perfect on nails of medium and short length. The main part of the nail plate is covered with white or another bright color, points of different shades, but of the same size, are applied over the base.

Often, a monochromatic base is replaced by a gradient application, where circles complement the design. In such nail art, the diameter of the peas gradually decreases from the root hole to the edge of the nail.

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Manicure black polka dot

Black is traditionally considered aggressive and categorical color. You can dilute the dark perception of dark tones with the help of circles of a contrasting color. At the peak of popularity are designs with matte black lacquer and circles of shimmering silver hue. The manicure stylized as the famous handbag from Coco Chanel looks impressive.

Manicure red polka dots

A red manicure will look appropriate only in looks that contain details of this color. You shouldn't completely cover your nails in red if you decide to wear a bright dress. Try to choose a shade for your manicure that matches the accessories, patterns on the dress, flounces and fringe on the outfit.

In a red polka dot manicure, contrast is also important. If the main color is red, then the circles should be made in white or silver.

Pink polka dot manicure

Pink, as a traditional pastel shade, goes perfectly with classic outfits and easily fits into the office dress code. To slightly diversify and refresh the pink design, complement it with white polka dots. For bolder, more aggressive nail designs, swap out soft pink polishes for bright neon colors.

Beautiful manicure under a polka dot dress

A polka-dot dress is a classic outfit that is appropriate in any situation. How to add it in order not to spoil the perception of the main image?

If your dress is made in a retro style, do not rush to do a polka dot manicure. Such an abundance of circles will look excessive. Draw miniature polka dots in the French manicure area, complementing it with stripes or bows, decorate only the ring finger with circles.

Under a dress with large polka dots, choose a design with small diameter polka dots placed along the edge or at the base of the nail. Pay attention to the color scheme of nail art. You should not make a design to match the dress, such a combination is considered bad manners in the fashion world, and besides, it does not look attractive. Opt for a monochromatic manicure with subtle dots of white or silver.

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Polka-dot manicure is a design that can be done at home. You can make original mugs with the help of available tools - a toothpick, a pencil, a cotton swab, an eraser. Having at your disposal the entire 2 shade of lacquer, after a quarter of an hour you will become the owner of a bright and summer-like manicure with polka dots.