Who will be interested in the Chelsea hairstyle, the rules for performing and styling haircuts


Modern rhythms of life make their demands. Simple comfortable clothes, a hairstyle that does not require much time for care - nothing should distract from the main life goals. Modern women do not want to yield to the male sex in anything. The Chelsea haircut was originally intended for men. But almost immediately it was borrowed by representatives of the female half of informal communities. And over time, it became more widespread.

History of the hairstyle

The history of Chelsea spans several decades. The English name speaks for itself. There are two versions of her appearance.

One by one, the “parents” were English gardeners, who in the 60s of the last century began to trim trees in a special way. In the spring, they cut off only the upper part of the crown, and did not touch the side shoots. The hairdressers were inspired by their idea: they began to shave off the top of the head, leaving the temples and the back of the head.

According to another version, the creators were representatives of the new youth subculture skinheads. Young people from the working environment used contempt for bourgeois society as an ideology, listened to reggae and cut their hair bald. Skinhead girls kept up with the guys, and the only external difference was a small “hedgehog” and a few elongated strands on their heads, painted black.

Looks like

Chelsea is a combination of masculine and feminine principles in an image. At the core, it is a very short hairstyle, sometimes the crown is completely shaved. To give femininity, elongated feathers must be left in front.

Bangs are not mandatory, their presence or absence is dictated rather by the shape of the face and the preferences of the owner of an extravagant appearance.

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As for the length of the strands, there are some nuances here. On the back of the head and temples they are the longest. And at the back, the strands are left longer than at the temples, they can go down below shoulder level. However, some girls shave the back of the head completely, leaving feathers only in the temporal region.

To whom does

Chelsea are preferred by young energetic people. It gives the appearance of boldness and extravagance, makes the face more open. That is why it is necessary to pay attention to girls who have the right features and expressive eyes.

For this model, round and oval face types are considered the most suitable. Owners of other types should not despair, you need to seek advice from a stylist, and he will select a version that highlights the advantages.

Important! When deciding on the length of the temples and the presence of bangs, some points should be taken into account. For example, short temples will make the features softer, the contours more rounded. With a round face shape, it is better to refuse bangs.

Hair color is irrelevant. The model will look equally good on both blondes and brunettes. Curly curls will not become a hindrance, but it is better for owners of curls to choose another model for themselves.

To create an image, it is important to harmoniously combine all its elements. "Chelsea" is organically combined with the youth and sports style of clothing. But with an evening open dress without frills, it will look good.

Haircut technology

Technology includes several varieties. Younger and more courageous girls strive for a minimum of vegetation on their heads. At the same time, they retain small strands at the temples and sparse bangs.

Another variety provides for a “hedgehog” of 4–5 mm on the crown and a uniformly increasing length of feathers around the circumference of the head. Older ladies who are interested in the very concept of hairstyles prefer the length of the hair at the top of about 5 cm, which smoothly turns into long thick strands. It is unlikely that you will be able to make such transitions beautifully on your own, without the help of a stylist.

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But you can try to perform a simple option yourself at home, having little skills in hairdressing and a minimum of tools. To do this, you will need a clipper, scissors and a cape on your shoulders.

First you need to evenly separate and fix the strands in front and at the back of the head. Then the remaining hair is cut with scissors, and the irregularities are eliminated with a machine. Experienced craftsmen are limited to a typewriter. Having determined the length, scissors model bangs, temples and the back of the head. If desired, thinning scissors apply the finishing touches.

To diversify the image, coloring is used. Modern girls, unlike their predecessors, opt for bright colors. Full staining is acceptable, as well as highlighting and coloring. Using a few contrasting shades will add creativity to the look. Brunettes use white, ashy, pink shades, blondes - black, green, brown.

This option is also suitable: dye short hair in light brown, and elongated in brighter shades. There are varieties when the curls are painted in different colors, of which there are about a dozen. Stylists advise keeping the shaved part natural, and choosing the paint for elongated strands based on the rule: the longer, the lighter. This technology creates the effect of transparency.

Care and laying

Chelsea are easy to care for. Often, simply washed and blow-dried hair looks quite impressive.

Stacking feathers also does not require much effort. Most often they are smoothed with an iron. Sometimes they curl with tongs or curlers. The "hedgehog" is either smoothed or, conversely, made voluminous with the help of clamps. If you curl the elongated strands in different directions, and smooth the short ones, then the image will become more serious and concise. Elongated strands at the temples and the back of the head make it possible to make a ponytail from behind. This option can be allowed even by those girls who are forced to follow strict dress code rules at work.

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Hairstyle should be updated every two months. If there is a desire to change the appearance, increase the length of the hair, then you need to contact the hairdresser in a month. Haircut is part of hair care, so you need to remove damaged tips in a timely manner. This makes styling easier, and the hairstyle will look more voluminous and beautiful.

Differences from other short haircuts

Short models are distinguished by style and showiness. Unlike other "boy" hairstyles: Trash, Halfbox, Punk - allows for long strands both in front and behind. It is also easy to care for, but looks more extravagant. A big plus is the ability to change the image due to different styling options.

Haircuts Punk and Half Box

Advantages and disadvantages

Haircut has many advantages. Easy to care for, versatile and perfect for the stylish modern fashionista. It is difficult to somehow spoil it, because the strands can be of different shapes: the same length or different, symmetrical or not. Short hairstyles are always in trend, as they make their owners younger and sexier.

Minus by and large only one. If you didn’t like it and feel sorry for the cut off curls, then you have to grow it for a long time.

Which celebrity has a haircut?

Celebrities didn't pass by either. The models of the famous stylist Akin Konizi look impressive. Amazing Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell.