Fashionable autumn manicure with rhinestones and sparkles: photo of nail design


For any modern fashionista, the change of seasons means it's time to update your wardrobe and start looking for new ideas for creating trendy and stylish nail designs. After all, as you know, not a single female image can be considered complete without well-groomed hands and a beautiful manicure. And in most cases, it is seasonality and the weather outside the window that act as a fundamental factor for creating this or that nail art idea.

Fashion trends of stylish manicure for the fall season are also no exception, and the well-known expression "autumn time - the charm of the eyes" has fully realized itself in the novelties of manicure proposed by designers.

Fashion trends of manicure autumn

Despite the fact that with the arrival of autumn, bright and juicy shades are gradually replaced by calmer and deeper tones, the list of fashionable manicure ideas varies from laconic monochromatic coatings with a minimum amount of shiny additions to catchy and colorful designs with an abundance of decor and original designs. In this case, it is not at all necessary to use bright coatings as a base. Although, why not?

Fashionable colors of manicure are brown, beige, gray, blue and other shades found in nature during this period. The design looks very nice in a deep wine shade or black manicure. As for the shiny decor, depending on the girl's preferences, both voluminous rhinestones can be used, as well as smoother golden, silver or colored materials, for example, foil, glitter, metallized stripes or kamifubuki.

The trend is French design and minimalism, all sorts of thematic designs and stylish geometry, as well as marble patterns, shiny holes, negative space, liquid metal nail designs and bare nails. Intrigued? Let's take a closer look at some of the suggested ideas.

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Manicure with rhinestones and sequins autumn in beige tones

The unobtrusive beige palette turned out to be in the spotlight this fall for a reason, because its calm and soft shades are ideal for changing bright and catchy nail art to a more concise design. Beige manicure is universally suitable for nail plates of any length and shape, fits perfectly into any look and blends wonderfully with decor.

Among the stylish fall nail art ideas are beige nails with golden foil, a manicure with highlighting the ring finger and holes with glitter sequins, and sparkling rhinestone patterns on several nail plates.

The beige coating with metallic stripes looks very interesting and, of course, the design with patterns and shiny splashes. This is the perfect solution for lovers of minimalism.

Stylish ideas for gray nail design with glitter and rhinestones

Despite the fact that many fashionistas are rather cautious about gray, nail designers unanimously declare that its popularity peaks in the autumn season.

Women with tanned skin, which is a completely natural phenomenon after the hot summer months, are recommended to use light shades of a gray palette with a slight hint of blue in their manicure.

It is better for white-skinned beauties to give preference to classic gray tones, without impurities, for example, light gray, dark gray or graphite. At the same time, you should not limit yourself to just these examples.

As for the methods of arrangement of the decor, then, as in the previous version, it is acceptable to use sequins and rhinestones in any type of design, be it a geometric design, a laconic monochromatic design, or fashionable patterns on the nails.

Beautiful examples of blue autumn manicure

Blue nail polish always attracts attention and looks quite bright, therefore, for fashionable nail design, experts suggest slightly modifying well-known design techniques in cases of using a similar shade, and combining on nails, at first glance, completely incongruous ideas.

Lovers of the classics should not "break" their principles, because plain blue nails with a pattern of rhinestones or sparkles at the base are always relevant. However, if you are interested in fashionable innovations, then we suggest carefully studying the examples below.

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Blue autumn manicure - these are original ideas for combining a bright blue coating with a contrasting black color, gossamer gel patterns and rhinestones to match the base. Interesting geometric compositions in the color block style, consisting of various figures and elements of "negative space". As well as a blue coating with a shiny foil print, a manicure with crystal chips, stylish drawings with shiny details and marble imitation.

Manicure with sequins and rhinestones for autumn in black colors

We have already said more than once that black manicure has long been equated with the classics and is included in the list of the most elegant and at the same time unpredictable nail design ideas. And the mood of this color completely depends on the style of nail art and the details that complement it. In our case, these are rhinestones and sequins, beloved by many fashionistas.

Depending on your fantasies, a black manicure with sequins and rhinestones can look concise and restrained, or, on the contrary, attract with its brightness and brilliance of jewelry. The main thing is to decide in advance on the nature of the design, because a fashionable autumn manicure is “eye charm”, and not setting a record for the number of jewelry in one manicure.

Among the current examples of such nail art are solid black nails with patterns of rhinestones at the base and an interpretation of French design with brilliant “smiles”, a manicure with shiny foil and droplets of “liquid metal”. As well as stretching with sequins, geometric compositions and patterns, made with a brilliant gel cobweb and a scattering of small crystals.

Brown autumn manicure design with sequins and rhinestones

The beautiful brown shade is perfect to complete the trendy fall outfits and is able to convey the most characteristic mood swings for the season. At the same time, the concept of "brown manicure" is not limited only to a chocolate shade. It can be warm tones that combine mustard and yellow notes, or a beautiful brownish-red hue.

Such nails look especially gorgeous in the play of textures, with golden additions and ornaments to match the base. And don't forget about the drawings. Bright yellow or orange leaves with shiny splashes look especially beautiful on such a base.

Trending ideas for manicure autumn with wine shades

Wine color in manicure looks impressive and noble on any length of the nail plate. Therefore, it can be called an ideal choice for creating a feminine look in the style of "His Majesty Autumn". It can be a laconic monochromatic design with an original kamifubuki composition or a scattering of crystals on the ring finger. And also stretching with sequins to match the base, strict lines and geometric patterns with particles shimmering in the light, incredible gradient transitions, from bright crimson to black, with patterns of stones and many other ideas that can emphasize the "real" royal character.

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Trending novelties of autumn manicure with sequins and rhinestones

In each newfangled season, nail designers offer interesting new items to the attention of fashionistas, which are subsequently improved and become popular. Autumn is also no exception to the rule. A mega fashionable idea of ​​this season is a manicure with an original name and no less spectacular appearance - “bare nails”. What is its feature?

It's simple. You need to carefully perform a hygienic manicure and simply cover your nails with a colorless top or a translucent coating with a pale pink, peach, milky, caramel or nude shade. We supplement the novelty with shiny stripes, single pebbles or various types of sparkles and enjoy the result.

Photo manicure with sparkles and crystals for autumn

Autumn manicure will delight fashionistas with fresh and creative ideas presented in already known techniques and in completely new design techniques that meet all the requirements of modern nail art. In addition, various types of sequins and rhinestones are an integral part of the updated autumn manicure, which will especially appeal to lovers of jewelry and decor.

Today we have told our readers only about some of the ideas that can decorate nails in the fall. And, we hope, our proposals will take an honorable place in the collection of "favorite" examples of manicure of most fashionistas. Autumn outside the window is not at all a reason for sadness.