Beautiful brown manicure - design ideas in the photo


Brown manicure with a design is an underestimated hit. On nails of any length, it looks noble and expensive. But it just so happened that modern women of fashion are somewhat biased towards this shade. To some it seems too gloomy, and to someone boring. In our today's review, we want to tell and show that brown nail art can also be very beautiful. Be sure to take note of the suggested ideas.




What shades go best with brown in nail art?

To begin with, the brown palette is quite extensive. And in it it is easy to find shades that will win your heart. The following colors from the brown palette can be considered trendy: coffee, chestnut, walnut, terracotta, cinnamon, dark chocolate, antique bronze, praline. Each of them is self-sufficient in its own way and can become the basis for beautiful modern nail art.

What shades can be combined with brown in manicure:

  • With orange. The perfect tandem for autumn. The design, made in orange-brown tones, will reflect the autumn mood. At the same time, it will add charm to your outfit. You can resort to this duet for Halloween.


  • With green. A very interesting combination that you rarely see on the nails of fashionistas. And yet these two shades perfectly complement each other. Juicy and cheerful green makes the perception of brown easier. This manicure is ideal for both spring and autumn.


  • With gold. A beautiful duet that has long become a recognized classic. A scattering of gold sequins and kamifubiki, foil and golden stripes on a coffee, chocolate, terracotta background look beautiful. Such a manicure can be included in festive and evening looks.


  • With blue. Warm brown and cool blue shades look great together. Despite their opposites, they successfully complement each other. The photo below shows examples of brown and blue manicure on square nails. Agree, it turned out very stylish?
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  • With milk. If a monochromatic brown manicure with a design seems too uninteresting to you, refer to the novelty - a duet with a soft milky tint. Unlike white, milky will not so persistently draw attention to itself, which means that nail art will turn out to be harmonious.


  • With silver. Another noteworthy combination. Nail art, in which silver glitter coexists with warm "chocolate", will perfectly complement fashionable images in the cold season. Glitter, rubbed silver powder, neat stripes, foil, rhinestones - everything will be relevant here.


Beige-brown manicure will also look good with everyday autumn-winter looks of modern fashionistas.

Fashion trends for brown manicure with design

Stylists are sure that brown nail art is the best addition to an office look. It is believed that this shade helps to focus, adjusts to a businesslike mood, disposes to seriousness and restraint. Perhaps that is why the brown palette can so often be seen on the nails of a business woman.


Now we will tell you what design is relevant for this shade in the current season:

  • Monochrome. A monophonic dark brown manicure has its own incomparable aesthetics. Even one of his contemplation will give a feeling of peace and tranquility. Choose mouth-watering coffee or chocolate shades to delight you every day. And no extra decor! He's out of place here.


  • French manicure. That's where there is a fantasy run wild. For short nails, we recommend doing a French manicure in a brown palette, but using different tones. In addition, emphasize the “smile” line with a matte top. This will add style to the nail art. You can also turn to the classics by covering the main part of the plate with nude varnish, and the free edges of the nail with rich coffee.
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  • Quail egg technique. Brown manicure can also be done using lighter shades. For example, in the "quail" design. Cover your nails with light brown polish. Shades of cocoa and coffee with milk will look best here. And already apply a speckled pattern on them. The result is simple and elegant.


  • Sequined. As we have already said, a silver and gold glittery placer on a brown background will look beautiful. But do not abuse it so that it does not draw too much attention to itself. The exception, perhaps, will be New Year's Eve. The rest of the time, when working with sparkles, it is better to exercise restraint. It is enough to place sparkles on 1-2 fingers.



  • In a coffee theme. The novelty of the season. The design, which involves the image of a cup of aromatic coffee on the nails, looks incredibly cute. This newly emerged gastronomic trend is very fond of modern fashionistas. This is understandable, because for many, drinking coffee in the morning on the way to work is a favorite ritual. And now he is reflected in the manicure.


  • Matte. This nail design looks expensive and stylish. Feel free to apply it on long nails, your image will only benefit from this. A very effective manicure in brown and matte finish will turn out on almond-shaped nails. In general, experimentation is allowed.



Drawings in the style of minimalism, the "cat's eye" technique, combining with animal prints, rhinestones - all this will also be a good addition to nail art in a brown palette.


These are the fashion trends of brown manicure. We hope that the photos from our review fully convinced you of the merits of such nail art.