Beige manicure with rhinestones: nail design in the photo


To get a natural and feminine look, you need to choose the right manicure. The fact is that many colors are very bright, vulgar, catchy, which may not emphasize, but only create a too defiant image. Of course, bright colors do not always bring only inconvenience, but for those women who appreciate calm and neutral colors, beige manicure is the perfect choice.

Solid beige with rhinestones

Beige with rhinestones in a single color can perfectly emphasize the oval, rectangular, square and almond-shaped nails. There are popular mirror beige polishes on sale that look simply incredible in combination with rhinestones. But be careful in this combination so as not to oversaturate the design and make it vulgar.

Beige manicure with accent rhinestones

The accent draws attention to any nail, which you can highlight with a bright polish. It can be any color you like, or you can just cover the nail with sparkles. Rhinestones will not be superfluous in this type of design, and instead of sparkles, they can completely highlight the entire nail to create an accent.

Beige manicure with rhinestones and geometric print

Geometry refers to the minimalist look of manicure. In its design, there are usually all kinds of stripes, geometric shapes and chaotic lines. Rhinestones only fuel interest in this type of design.

Manicure "cat's eye" beige with rhinestones

"Cat" beige manicure is quite a popular design option with rhinestones. Rhinestones are used here in a minimal amount, because, like without them, such a design is already very bright and shiny. To beautifully emphasize the "cat" beige, highlight only the hole in the nail with rhinestones.

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Beige ombre with rhinestones

For important events in your life, a beige ombre is very well suited. In addition, if you decorate it with rhinestones, it will become even more elegant and festive. Therefore, a beige gradient is most often chosen as a wedding manicure.

Beige manicure with rhinestones decorated with drawings and patterns

Drawings and patterns are one of the methods to quickly revive and make the most nondescript beige color more interesting. Instead of the usual drawings and patterns, try using a stamp or stencil to create something intricate and very original on your nails.

Beige French manicure with rhinestones

Beige French manicure with rhinestones looks great on any length of nails and their shape. It is he who is best suited for large fingers, allowing you to visually make them longer. Beige also harmonizes with tanned and fair skin, which certainly makes the manicure successful.

 Matte beige with rhinestones

Matte beige looks very stylish and fashionable. It has not lost its relevance for many years, therefore it is considered a popular design. Matte beige is very favorably combined with shiny rhinestones, which creates a mutually beneficial accent on the rhinestones themselves, and on the coating itself. Matte can be combined with a glossy finish, where a combined design technique is involved in the creation.