Bright motifs of fashionable nail art - yellow manicure


Every girl associates a yellow tone with the warm summer sun, flowering, hot sand and a wonderful mood. However, no matter how attractive this color may seem, when it is used in manicure, it causes surprise and fear. Despite this, he is able to bring a touch of freshness to the design. With the help of this color, you can create an exciting, unique nail art. To do this, you just need to choose the right shade. Yellow tone is very well combined with almost all colors. Let's take a closer look at all the options.

Refined yellow manicure.

Every year, the color trends of manicure change. This year it's time for a bold yellow. This is not at all surprising, because with the help of this coating, girls can express their individuality and rich inner world. Another advantage is that the color has an incredible number of shades, so there will be no problems with the choice.

Delightful yellow manicure on short nails

Yellow, like other light shades, visually expands the nail. For girls with narrow and short nails, absolutely any tone of this color is suitable, and you just have to add nail art. For a wide nail plate, it is best to choose more saturated shades of yellow and manicure techniques that visually stretch the nail. These include powder-rubbed foil designs and geometric rhinestone designs.

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Elegant yellow manicure with the addition of black

First of all, to perform a spectacular manicure, you need to choose the right tone. The combination of black and yellow is perfect. Depending on the tone of yellow, you can make a delicate, strict, light or evening design. Additional decor, the presence of drawings and their style also play a significant role. Most often, such nail art is chosen for the autumn period. This is due to the fact that it will fit perfectly into the wardrobe of the season.

Regarding the design, choose exquisite lace, delicate flowers or a trendy geometric design. Each of the options will give a certain character to manicure.

Incredible yellow manicure combined with green

The combination of several colors in manicure is most relevant in the summer. Juicy and bright yellow shade is able to perfectly cheer up and cope with sadness. The yellow-green combination in manicure is suitable for any length and shape of nails. The gradation of tones and shades of these colors is incredibly wide. It includes colors such as light green, lemon, marsh, beige, as well as more muted and saturated shades.

Regarding design methods, you can use anything here: beads, drawings, glitter, patterns or rhinestones. Choose decor to suit your taste!

Bright attractive yellow-orange nail art

The most stylish and beautiful options for yellow manicure This year are unsurpassed combined with orange varnish. Despite the fact that these two colors are close in color, they are incredibly different and can turn nail art into a real work of art. Juicy yellow colors perfectly complement a calm orange tone and vice versa.

The combination of yellow and white looks especially beautiful and gentle. Therefore, it is used quite often and is incredibly appreciated among girls. Often, such a manicure is performed in plain colors, but when complemented with decor, such nail art looks even prettier. The best decoration will be small rhinestones.

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Another sophisticated option would be a pattern on one or more nails. Very often, these colors are used for moon or French manicure. This performance looks incredibly feminine and playful.

Burning red and yellow manicure.

When choosing a manicure for a romantic date or office everyday life, of course, you should give preference to the original and luxurious red-yellow combination. Such a manicure will never go unnoticed, and will attract a lot of looks. You can arrange colors in various ways, for example, using the stamping technique, patterns, French or moon manicure.

Luxurious yellow manicure with a beautiful design

In order to complement the yellow manicure, you need to use additional decor. This allows you to make incredible designs for various outfits and events. This year, the most fashionable varieties of decor are:

  • rubbed powder. Perfectly complements any tone of yellow. The mirror surface of the nail looks very beautiful and amazing. In this way, you can focus on one or more nails. Incredibly attractive looks French manicure or moon manicure, made with rubbed powder in a contrasting or similar color to the main tone.
  • Foil. Along with such a stylish decor as rubbed powder, there is multi-colored foil. The color scheme of the foil can be absolutely anything. With regards to the methods of using foil, there are two main ones: torn and figured design.
  • Kamifubuki, rhinestones. Such an addition is today considered an integral part of any manicure. Rhinestones are great for all shades of yellow, the most important thing is to choose the right tone for the pebble. It is worth paying attention to rhinestones of various sizes. This year it is incredibly fashionable. With the help of kamifubuki, you can create a wonderful holiday manicure. You can arrange jewelry in various ways, it all depends on the desire of the girl herself.
  • Glitter and powder. If yellow manicure seems too simple design for nail art, then diversify it with sparkles and powder. There are many ways to use this decor, you just need to dream up and a beautiful manicure will decorate the girl's nails.
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Photo of a bright yellow manicure

The yellow manicure is able to bring optimism and warmth to the girl's life. Having chosen her own shade of yellow, and choosing the right details for decoration, the girl will certainly create a unique and unique design.