Coloring fine hair to create volume


We have prepared for you an overview of fashionable coloring for fine hair. These new items will not only significantly increase the volume of the strands, but also create a spectacular and stylish image.


A win-win way to breathe freshness and style into your look is to decide on a new hair color. If at the same time the goal is to add volume to the hairstyle, stylists recommend choosing a technique with a beautiful overflow of shades. The fashion trend in coloring is the balayage technique, which is great for the goals.

Based on the French technique, the colorist draws highlights on the tips and front strands, playing with smooth transitions between shades. Such overflows are the secret of volumetric staining.

The real hit of the spring-summer season is caramel balayage coloring, which was picked up by all the girls using the example of Parisians. This trend is ideal for girls with brown and light brown hair. Neutral and natural shade universally suits all fashionistas, regardless of age and skin tone.

The balayazh technique is ideal for women who are sorely lacking time for regular visits to the salon - as they grow, the hair looks well-groomed and neat for up to 6 months.

You can enhance the volumetric effect of staining with a multi-layered haircut and styling with raising the roots.


The sombre technique, which creates a smooth color gradient, also appears in the volumetric coloring trends. The master stretches the selected shade by 2/3 of the length of the hair and creates a beautiful and well-groomed image with an increased volume of strands.

This season, brave girls are trying a new product - the grombre technique (from the English gray - gray, ombre - shadow) with a beautiful silver palette. A popular solution would be to stretch it from dark to gray.

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If the soul requires bright experiments, take a look at the fashionable coloring using the ronze technique with overflowing red and bronze strands. The novelty creates a bewitching effect of fiery highlights and beautifully increases the volume of hair.


Coloring for thin hair can be embodied in the technique of blonding. This is a smooth lightening with alternating darker strands, which creates a beautiful effect of burnt hair. Game 2-3 shades and is responsible for the additional volume.

Caramel Blonde

Fashionable coloring this season is a real gift for blondes. In addition to current techniques, trends have provided new beautiful shades for blonde beauties.

So, a stylish idea for a change of image would be a shade of caramel blond. This color starts with a light tone, and then beautifully reveals beige or caramel nuances. A deep tone and a gradient from the roots will just create the coveted effect of volume.

air touch

The touch of wind translation technique creates a color transition with the smoothest possible gradient. Such coloring looks expensive and noble, and at the same time enhances the volume of hair.


The most popular coloring techniques are those that fill the hair color with dynamics, volume and strength. One of them is Babylights coloring.

For a new look that will please you with a beautiful transformation, consider your skin tone before choosing a color. For example, with a warm shade, fashionable caramel and honey nuances of coloring are recommended.


Complex coloring with a natural effect is an unconditional trend of recent seasons, which definitely does not plan to lose momentum. An example of a fashion trend in coloring is the Brazilian Shatush. They turn to the technique when they want to add strength, volume and shine to the hair, as well as mask the gray hair.

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Coloring to increase the volume of hair - it is possible to create a new stunning image, increase self-confidence and cheer up. The best time for a stylish change is today!