Elegant Black Manicure - Top 100 Design Ideas


Attitudes towards black manicure used to be very ambiguous. Some considered it too simple and boring, others called it gloomy. But over time, a lot has changed and now it is one of the most current trends of the year. Thanks to the variety of design options, a black manicure will always complement the image of a stylish woman and will definitely attract the attention of others. What will a fashionable black manicure look like?

Black manicure - fashion trends

This year, not only a glossy texture will be popular, but also a stylish matte manicure. Craftsmen note that it is not too flashy, so it is ideal not only for evening events, but also just for every day. Of course, if you want to make it more festive, you can use foil inserts or sparkles of different shades and sizes.

Also do not forget that visual perception largely depends on the length and shape of the nails. Short square nails are the best choice for every day. At the same time, on long sharp nails such a manicure will look provocative. Always take this nuance into account and make a choice before going to a beauty salon.

It is also worth noting that black manicure is often combined with other shades. In particular, with contrasting options in the form of white, pink, yellow, green and red. This allows you to experiment a little more with combinations and patterns.

In turn, pastel colors along with a black finish are a little less common. But in general, this manicure looks interesting, especially if you decorate it with a slight haze effect or gold foil.

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By the way, in this case you can often see a glossy and matte finish in one manicure. This is a modern solution that will decorate absolutely any design.

Decorative accents in a black manicure make it more festive and noticeable. That's why fashionistas choose sparkles and rhinestones. Foil decor is also popular: kamifubuki, adhesive tape, stamping and much more.

Black manicure for short nails

If you still haven't done black coating, we recommend trying it right now. After all, this design is ideal for short nails. In addition, this length allows you to endlessly experiment with new designs and current drawing techniques.

Stylists even claim that a black manicure for short nails will be a great addition to everyday and more festive looks.

Lovers of laconic design will definitely like French manicure. In black it looks a little more unusual, but still stylish.

For those who like contrasts, take a closer look at the gradient, as well as the floral pattern. They look especially tender. Minimalism and geometry look simply great in combination with a black monochromatic finish.

And, of course, for short nails you can choose a design with inscriptions, small foil prints and other decor.

Black manicure ideas

Undoubtedly, a plain black finish looks stylish. But still, women often prefer different patterns and designs of nails. The dark background is ideal for a variety of ideas. Therefore, we suggest you figure out exactly which drawings are worth bringing to life.

French and moon manicure

The popularity of these types of design is difficult to overestimate. Despite the fact that it is more common to see them in white, the black coating looks interesting in its own way. This allows you to present the design in a completely new way and make it a little more original.

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Moreover, it does not matter at all whether they will be used separately or in one manicure. We also recommend trying the fashionable black finish with glossy and matte varnish. This combination is original and looks especially beautiful.

Black manicure with marble design

More and more girls prefer a laconic nail design that does not look provocative. Due to the variety of designs, finding a suitable option is not at all difficult. For example, the marble effect on nails is something new, unusual, but at the same time as neutral as possible. But in this case, a lot depends on the combination of shades.

Black coating with a white pattern and vice versa are popular. Other shades are also acceptable, so every woman will find the ideal solution for herself.

As for the drawing technique, it does not require special skills and knowledge. First of all, you need to prepare the nail plate and coat it with varnish. After complete drying, carefully apply contrasting lines with a thin brush, as in the photo. They should be chaotic, without much consistency.

If you can't do this, try stamping. As an additional decoration, this manicure can be decorated with sparkles or foil prints. But keep in mind that there should be few of them.

Manicure with inscriptions.

A beautiful manicure in the modern world does not necessarily have to contain various complex designs that resemble works of art. Fashion trends dictate completely different rules. Now nail art should be natural and natural.

For example, a manicure with inscriptions is exactly what you should do this year. Moreover, the inscriptions can be humorous, motivating, touching. The main thing is that they reflect your mood and thoughts.

Geometric design

For several years now, geometric nail designs have remained popular. Stylish black varnish is the best solution as a basis for such a design. Clear lines, dots, geometric shapes and other details can be made in contrasting shades. Thanks to this, the manicure looks incredibly beautiful.

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Photo of black manicure

Black manicure is not a limitation, but freedom of choice in terms of combination with other shades, as well as patterns and decor. Use it as a base and then your manicure will definitely look stylish and relevant.