The most fashionable evening manicure - the best ideas in the photo


Every woman has her own taste in colors and clothing style, but she also has her own personal views on manicure. One girl loves sharp and long nails, while another representative of the fair sex believes that nails should be short and square. Therefore, manicurists try to take into account all the whims of women.

When creating an evening look, many beauties get lost in choosing a manicure design, since its variation is very large. We suggest devoting this article to this particular topic, so that it becomes a little easier for modern women and girls to cope with the difficult task of choosing an evening manicure.

Evening manicure in two or more colors

This manicure option is popular not only among young girls, but also among already accomplished women. This is due to the fact that even two nails highlighted in a different color can diversify a boring and familiar monochromatic manicure. Three-color design is considered popular this year. Particular attention is paid to combinations of black, red and white varnish.

The incredible contrast of blue and gray, powder and light blue, pink and yellow shades also looks original. Many manicurists like to experiment with color schemes. For example, in some cases, each nail has two shades at once, which have a dividing line between them. It will be done using golden ribbons.

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It is also interesting and unusual that both shades complement each other using a pattern in the form of a geometric figure. By the way, such a wonderful ornament can be made in a third color.

Thematic ornament in evening manicure

The time has come when meaningless drawings were replaced by paintings that resemble real artistic masterpieces. This nail design once again demonstrates the skills and talents of true professionals. Nowadays, there are such paintings that occupy not one nail plate, but even two or three at once. Thus, a real composition appears before us, capable of conveying the entire meaning and mood of the future owner of the manicure.

In cases where the master cannot depict such art, special slide stickers are often used. With their help you can also create real miracles. Moreover, performing an evening slide manicure with a pattern will not take much time.

Evening manicure in a minimalist and geometric style

Also, for several years in a row, both styles of manicure have won women’s hearts. The most important thing is that they look perfect not only on a square-shaped nail plate, but also on sharp claws. It also stands quite confidently and the minimalist style looks original on almond-shaped nails.

Minimalism and geometry can decorate light, dark, matte, bright and glossy coatings. Ordinary dots, squares, triangles, diamonds are not considered complex, but they have an incredibly skillful and festive look. The main thing is to place them correctly.

Evening manicure style of the year

Incredible combinations of leopard and snake print are considered the trending shades of the year. They have been at the forefront of rating lists for evening nail art for several years now. Also, a special place is occupied by floristry, which can transform and decorate any boring manicure. With the help of small flowers, twigs and petals, manicurists convey all the beauty of nature.

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This year, metallic and gradient style options play an important role in evening manicure. Moreover, at this time it is very fashionable to combine both directions together.

Evening manicure with foil, rubbed powder and shimmering sparkles

Most girls try to have a perfect appearance at a crucial moment in their lives. Thus, they pay special attention not only to the style of clothing, but also to an important element of the image - manicure. It is in such cases that manicurists suggest using shiny or shimmering decorations in nail design. With their help, a woman's image takes on an elegant, festive, and most importantly, impressive look.

But it is worth remembering that excess overflow can ruin the entire manicure. But if you approach quantitative dosages correctly, the manicure will look completely different (exquisite, rich).

Matte finish for evening manicure

A matte background has always looked and will look elegant and also quite extravagant. This coating is especially unusual and incredibly original when combined with paintings, stickers, rhinestones and bouillons. But manicures where a few drops of autumn rain are applied on a matte background are in particular demand.

But this type of design, of course, is only suitable in the autumn, or spring. Matte finish is in perfect harmony with dark tones of varnish, since dark contrast provides a unique opportunity to highlight the most important ideas of any manicure.

Stamping when performing an evening manicure

Everyone already knows about the wonderful technology of applying an ornament to the nail plate using the so-called printing. Stamping is a pre-made design that is transferred to the nail using a silicone sponge. Monograms, flowers, and lace can be used as designs. These are the patterns that are often used in evening manicure.

Light and airy monograms are often applied to rich shades (red, black or brown). The ornament itself is made in white or gold. Well, if the main tone of the manicure is light, then the ornament, of course, is made in a dark or bright shade.

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Photo of manicure for an evening out

Every year, manicurists present to the public many interesting ideas and technologies for performing evening manicures. Therefore, girls and women can make themselves an incredible evening nail design every time. At the same time, the ornaments and decor will never be repeated. Try and experiment with new ideas and color schemes when doing your manicure. Everything is just for you, dear beauties!