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Expressive lips will help their mistress stay at the peak of popularity. They catch the eye of others and make the makeup unique. Therefore, it is very important to choose a lipstick that suits the external features of the girl and corresponds to fashion trends. Makeup artists did everything to make fashionistas look amazing in winter and summer, during festive celebrations and at the workplace.

trendy red

Red lipstick is already recognized as the most fashionable shade of the year. Many ladies will like this makeup option, as it will save the hostess from spending time and effort on a full-fledged make-up: red lips do not require other bright or expressive additions.

The Emporio Armani, Fendi, Helmut Lang and Tory Burch brands presented makeup with red lipstick at their shows. Red has surpassed burgundy and burgundy this year, leading in past seasons. But he didn't rule them out.

trendy lipsticks 2023

Below are other shades of red that are also trending:

  • Wine. Loyalty to this color is kept not only by many girls, but also by the brands Versace, Chalayan, Roksanda. Wine-colored lipstick is suitable for “clean” makeup, where only eyelashes are made up or black eyeliner is used in addition.
  • Plum. A certain mixture of red and purple is also a trendy color. It is used by makeup artists Simone Rocha and Sally LaPointe. It is better to apply this color with patting movements of your fingers to soften its saturation. You can use both glossy and matte lipstick. However, in the case of the latter, the clarity of the contour should be observed.
  • Crimson. Ideal for summer makeup. Moreover, makeup artists recommend applying lipstick casually with blurry contours. In addition, raspberry lipstick can only be applied along the cut line of the lips, creating a "kissed" effect. By the way, it belongs to the fashionable makeup variations this year. “Kissed” lips were presented at the shows by fashion houses Oscar de la Renta and Zadig & Voltaire.
  • Red-brown. This color is more feminine than pure chocolate. It is also called brick. It was this lipstick that Antonio Marras and Rejina Pyo used on models.
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Thus, the presented palette of red allows you to choose the most suitable lip color for yourself, which favorably emphasizes feminine features.

nude makeup

Among the most trendy make-ups, it is worth highlighting nude, which aims to emphasize the natural virtues of a woman. It does not differ in flashy and bright colors. Therefore, for lips, it is necessary to choose a shade that will be a couple of tones darker than the natural color. It was this makeup that Dolce & Gabbana chose for its shows.

Shiny lipsticks

The matte finish, of course, did not have time to completely leave the catwalks, but it is no longer popular. Now you should choose the most radiant lipstick. It was these variations that were fashionable in the 80s and it was this lipstick that the fashion house Viktor & Rolf chose for its show.

noble burgundy

For the autumn-winter period, stylists proposed bright saturated colors: from classic red to black or blue shades. The latter were demonstrated at their shows by the brands Blumarine and Gucci and Lanvin. However, these colors are too extravagant and are unlikely to be suitable for an everyday look. What can not be said about the color of burgundy, presented by Versace stylists. Lipstick belongs to the noble neutral colors that are suitable for a variety of looks and lips.

trendy lipsticks 2023

Winter options

But if the noble shade of burgundy does not appeal, there is an opportunity to choose from a huge range of other dark colors. Their trending variations include:

  • scarlet;
  • red;
  • purple;
  • burgundy.

In addition, it is permissible to choose metallic variations of lipsticks, including gold, bronze, silver and more. There is also an option to use a velvety pink or rich sorbent.

Spring Summer 

This season, women love to transform and change their looks. Therefore, fashionable colors for women were proposed appropriate. The most relevant color of the warm season is pink, whether it is a pale variety, dark or saturated. In addition, you should not give up the bright burgundy, orange or red that you fell in love with during the winter.

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trendy lipsticks 2023

However, bright colors should be made more muted. To do this, lipstick is applied to the fingertips or a special brush and applied to the lips with patting movements. Thus, a more restrained shade is obtained, which is best suited for spring.

trendy lipsticks 2023

Makeup artists also do not recommend following clear contours on the lips. The edge should be carelessly blurred, so you should do without a contour.

trendy lipsticks 2023

In addition, spring is exactly the time when nude makeup with lipsticks as close to the natural color as possible is the most relevant.

trendy lipsticks 2023

evening make-up

For an evening look, as well as festive occasions, you should use the rich shades presented above. Moreover, they need to be supplemented with the maximum amount of shine, whether it be glossy variations of lipsticks or glitter. The latter, of course, should not be used for feasts. But in the photo sessions, shiny lips will look more than impressive.

trendy lipsticks 2023

lipstick for every day

For everyday makeup, do not use too bright and saturated colors. Delicate coral, pink and terracotta are more suitable. However, the same classic red may well decorate lips every day. And this is exactly the option in which you should not apply the blurry outline trend.

Thus, makeup artists offered lip options for different ages and looks. For the most extravagant ladies - blue and black colors, for lovers of the classics - red variations, and for bright fashionistas - shiny glitter.

trendy lipsticks 2023

You no longer need to spend a lot of time on makeup, because it should look casual. In addition, the main trend of the season is red lipstick, which eliminates brightly accentuated eyes, which makes the makeup process easier.

One way or another, lipstick should be chosen in accordance with the chosen image and style in general.

Fashion makeup photo

trendy lipsticks 2023