Beauty trend Soap Brows: why are soap eyebrows so popular?


Just recently, a new trend, Soap Brows, has taken the internet by storm. Rumor has it that he will rule the world of eyebrows this year. We found out why we liked the browmaker soap eyebrows so much, and how to keep up with the brow industry in the coming year.

How the fashion for eyebrows has not changed over the past decades - shape, thickness, color, methods and care products! As soon as we got used to the new trend, it was replaced by another, radically different from the previous one. Thread eyebrows, curved, straight, wide – every makeup season on the world catwalk surprised the audience. Today fashion craves naturalness, and women, abandoning tweezers, are growing thick, fluffy eyebrows.

What are Soap Brows?

Soap browser
Soap eyebrows are both the name of a shape and a method of creating a “soapy” and fluffy effect. A trendy eyebrow look is a natural, maybe even slightly lightened color, a natural bend and fluffiness. In fact, fashionable eyebrows today look as if they were never plucked, but simply neatly combed up. It would seem that everything is too simple, but in order to achieve a well-groomed look, you also need funds.

fashionable eyebrows
If earlier this was done with the help of gel or pomades, now makeup artists use soap to style eyebrows. It is this that provides such an amazing natural effect, making the eyebrows appear thicker and fixing them in the right direction.

Where did the Soap Brows technique come from?

Instagram trend
Beauty bloggers on social networks have just now shown what fashionable soap eyebrows should look like, but it turns out that famous browmakers have known about this technique for a long time. Styling and fixing eyebrows with soap has a number of advantages that are undeniable compared to gel.

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Soap is denser, so it helps to achieve the desired thickness, even if it is not naturally there, and the effect of Soap Brows lasts much longer. What famous makeup artist Linda Hallberg says about eyebrow soap:

“Wide and fluffy eyebrows are now in fashion, and using soap is the easiest way to achieve this effect, especially if you don’t naturally have the required thickness.”

So, can you use regular soap?

soap on eyebrows
Yes! Just keep in mind that soap should contain a high percentage of glycerin. It is this component, due to the low pH level in the product, that ensures safety for the skin and prevention of irritation. And so that the soap does not leave unnecessary marks after drying, it is important to take a transparent one. Glycerin and clarity are all that is required.

Of course, there are also special products for soap eyebrows - they are produced taking into account all the requirements. Plus, cosmetic soap can contain a coloring pigment to tint the hairs subtly and naturally.

eyebrow soap

Is it difficult to achieve the Soap Brows effect yourself?

Rihanna's makeup artist Priscilla once advised the singer to use soap, and since then the technique has reached the masses, becoming so popular that it has supplanted all others. And the whole point is the simplicity and speed of the algorithm.

soapy eyebrows
All you need to do is comb your eyebrows upward with an eyebrow brush dipped in water and fix them with soap. Some people, however, will have to paint on their eyebrows a little, if they are very sparse, but there is no need to be zealous - the transparency effect should be preserved.

how to make soapy eyebrows
Popular makeup artists also advise lightly tinting the ends of your eyebrows with henna from time to time to achieve more fluffiness and volume.

One little life hack: Instead of water, it is better to moisten the brush with a makeup fixing spray - it will provide additional durability.

Soapy eyebrows also have their downsides.

new trend
Natural means natural, so Soap Brows require excellent skin condition and do not tolerate foundation. If the face is covered with a layer of concealer cream, streaks may appear above the eyebrows after applying the soap.

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There is one more nuance: if your face sweats, the soap can get into your eyes. It is clear that it will not be very pleasant... Therefore, such makeup is not suitable for the beach or just in the heat.

soap bros
But, despite these disadvantages, the Soap Brows technique has burst into the beauty industry and has already conquered the whole world. This is exactly what all women have been waiting for - to quickly and effortlessly do fashionable makeup and always be in trend.