Fashionable bright makeup for the summer - arrows, gothic and highlighter in the photo


Summer is always associated with bright colors and glitter. This year, makeup artists decided to express such seasonal features in makeup. Fashionable summer makeup is filled with juicy colors and expressive accents, both on the eyes and on the lips of girls. At the same time, nude makeup is leading the trend, which will not compete with summer colors, but rather complement them. But what kind of makeup to choose for a summer vacation or working days is still worth deciding after studying the above review.

Summer makeup basics

First of all, makeup artists pay attention to the ease of makeup. It has no place for tonal foundation and contouring. In summer, it is recommended to choose "BB" creams that allow the skin to breathe and create a natural glow on the face.

And in case the skin of the face does not have flaws, you can limit yourself to sunscreen. It is quite suitable for natural makeup, which is in the lead in the trend lists of the season. However, you need to understand that natural makeup implies some kind of intervention in the design of the face. For example, eyebrows are highlighted and fixed with a gel, and eyelashes are brought up and painted with a doll-like or careless effect.

If you can’t do without a foundation, then for the summer you should choose a product that is a tone darker. In addition, highlighters are in fashion, which give the surface of the face a natural shine, hide dark circles and bags under the eyes, and also perfectly mask other imperfections.

makeup summer

Gothic makeup

Despite the fact that the gothic style was a priority in past seasons, this year it is also acceptable to use it. However, it is better to replace black lipstick, for example, with dark cherries, and for girls whose teeth are not as snow-white as we would like, cold shades of burgundy should be considered. Together with bright lips, it is better to use a neutral eye design, in which only eyelashes are tinted.

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makeup summer

Shining skin

Speaking of shine on the skin, highlighter is meant. It is applied at the very end of makeup on the following areas of the face:

  • above the cheekbones;
  • above the lip
  • on the tip of the nose;
  • on the chin;
  • on the forehead

In other words, the product should be applied to the protruding parts of the face. At the same time, the highlighter can have different shades, chosen in accordance with the color type of the girl.

makeup summer

Fuchsia on the lips

Fuchsia lipstick or gloss is especially popular this summer. However, you should not use it in tandem with bright or dark shadows. It is enough to limit yourself to basic shades on the eyelids and slightly tinted eyelashes.

Depending on the chosen image, lipstick can be applied in different ways.

  • In a light version, a small amount of lipstick is meant on a brush or fingertip, which is applied to the surface of the lips with patting movements. Lips painted in this way are suitable for natural make-up, business attire and everyday looks.
  • Owners of plump lips may like the option of applying lipstick along the cut line. From the center, the lipstick must be shaded towards the contours. The effect is interesting, but specific - it is not suitable for thin lips, as it will make them even thinner.
  • Finally, for bright parties, you can use full coloring. However, the fuchsia color is already bright, so you should not combine it with catchy shadows or colorful clothes.

However, such a bright lipstick goes well with a matching dress or suit.

makeup summer

glitter decoration

Sequins became fashionable in the spring, and in the summer this trend does not stop. They can be made out:

  • cheekbones;
  • eyelids;
  • lips;
  • brows.

On the eyelids, glitter can be laid thickly or only in a thin contour along the border of the eyelashes. In addition to round spangles, it is permissible to choose stars and hearts. This face design is best suited for photo shoots and parties. But when going to a restaurant, it is better not to decorate lips with glitter.

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makeup summer

The metallic effect in the summer is observed in clothes, manicure and, of course, make-up. Its most traditional manifestation is metallic shadows. But you can experiment with lips, for example.

Metallic in this case means not only the classic gray version of the arrows and shadows, but also blue, green, gold, bronze or purple options. Moreover, the most versatile and popular of them are brown and bronze eyelids, suitable for any outfit. They are perfectly combined with arrows and eyeliner.

But turquoise colors and combinations of blue and green will help to refresh the image. The latter can be applied to the eyelid with a gradient.

makeup summer

Futuristic makeup

This type of makeup involves bright geometric details on the face. Therefore, it is unlikely to be used for everyday or office dress code. But for parties, futuristic makeup is best suited.

In it, black arrows are often replaced by colored stripes, including red or blue. This makeup variation also includes lipsticks of non-standard shades: blue, green, yellow and purple.

makeup summer


In addition, a variety of arrows with pronounced tips have been trending since spring. They can be twisted into a geometric figure, performed with a careless stroke, doubled or drawn with a dotted line. In general, all manifestations of pronounced arrows are in fashion this summer.

At the same time, in addition to the upper eyelid, it is fashionable to emphasize the lower contour of the eye. In this case, carelessness and ease of application should be observed. Moreover, in makeup, you can emphasize only the contour of the lower eyelid, without drawing its upper partner. This "inverted" design visually enlarges the eyes, creating a romantic expression on the face.

To accentuate the lower eyelid, you may need a black pencil, eyeliner, highlighter and glitter. In addition, the arrow on the lower eyelid can be combined with sparkles on the upper eyelid and metallic colors.

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Photo of bright makeup

In order not to be mistaken with accents in makeup, you should use the photo examples given. But the main rule of successful makeup is to maintain a balance in colors and saturation. Emphasis on the eyes implies neutral lips and vice versa. If you choose the right part of the face that you would like or need to emphasize, you will be able to create a beautiful make-up for a unique look.

makeup summer

makeup summer