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In the spring, girls feel a special need for transformation and a craving for bright images. Therefore, stylists have proposed this season a lot of unusual techniques and fashionable novelties that are worth decorating hair. Among them are more neutral coloring options that are suitable for classic clothing styles, and rainbow techniques that are best suited for vacations and vacations. The most recognized and still relevant trends are ombre and highlighting. It remains to be seen how they fit into this spring's color palette.

3D effect

The 3D technique began to gain momentum in popularity quite recently, but this year it will certainly be included in the list of TOP coloring. It involves the use of 4 to six tones from one palette, which ultimately create a voluminous effect. In addition, the hair looks more alive and interesting. Coloring is suitable for different hair lengths, even if they are characterized by imperfect health.

coloring spring-summer

Technique «AirTouch»

This technique is already super fashionable and involves a special way of dyeing, which uses a hair dryer. He, in turn, blows out the extra strands. That is why the technique is calledAirTouch", which means "touch of air" in translation. Ultimately, the coloring has no boundaries, so it looks neat and gentle.

However, the technique does not accept short hair, since for technical reasons it is difficult to perform it on a short length. But for the mistresses of medium and long hair, it is quite possible to try this trend on yourself.

coloring spring-summer

Therapeutic illumination

The peculiarity of this method of dyeing is that the hair not only acquires an unusual appearance, but also becomes healthier. The color used for coloring contains reflective particles, and the paint application technique itself assumes a harmless effect. Illumination is suitable for any length and haircut.

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coloring spring-summer

"Burned Out" Baby Lights

This trend has won its leading position in past seasons. The peculiarity of the technique is to create the effect of burnt hair, as under the summer sun. The most beautiful Baby Lights looks on wavy hair or artificially curled. However, it is important for the master not to overdo it with highlighting, so that the “burnt out” strands do not look too contrasting with other hair.

coloring spring-summer

Trendy dip-dye

In this case, coloring occurs only at the ends of the hair. Approximately to the middle of the hair, it has a natural or another - calm shade. And in the lower part of the curls, it stains with several bright colors. Usually masters use from two to four different colors. To make the desired impression, the length of the hair in this dyeing technique should be at least medium.

coloring spring-summer

Horizontal "Splash lights"

This coloring technique was first proposed by a stylist from New York - Aura Friedman. Painting in its version is carried out along the entire circumference of the hair in a horizontal manner. The Splash lights coloring has no transitions - the line is quite clear, but the edges retain the effect of strokes. The technique can be used for bangs, inside or outside the hair, on the back of the head or from temple to temple.

 coloring spring-summer

Zonal highlighting

This very effective coloring method is especially relevant for medium hair lengths. Highlighting in this case is performed only in one or several zones: behind the ears, around the face, on the back of the head. At the same time, curls can be both colored and classic - clarified.

coloring spring-summer

pastel technique

Highlighting with pastel strands also remains at the peak of popularity in spring and summer. Coloring is suitable for different hair lengths. In this case, highlighting can be performed in an open or hidden way. One way or another, the result of coloring is very cute, but catchy, which is unacceptable in certain circumstances. Therefore, before performing the pastel technique on your head, you should repeatedly weigh the pros and cons.

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coloring spring-summer

galactic palette

Hair-new Galaxy involves a combination of colors close in tone: purple, blue, blue, turquoise, green and others. The most effective coloring looks on long curly hair. The most beneficial variations are dark shades in the image of brunettes.

coloring spring-summer

Screen staining

Also in vogue is an interesting way of applying a stencil pattern to the surface of the hair. This method looks great on medium length hair and geometric clear haircuts. In addition, it is better for him to choose bright juicy colors that match the selected print. For summer and holiday parties, the technique will fit in the best way.

coloring spring-summer

Pixel variant

In this coloring variation, not a specific pattern or highlighted strands are used, but colored squares of contrasting colors. The fashion trend looks better on a dark base of hair. But for white or ashy options, pixel coloring is also applicable.

coloring spring-summer

Latent coloration

On long and medium hair, it is quite possible to perform hidden dyeing, in which the color of the upper hair differs from the color of the lower ones. It can be bright variations or even a rainbow collection of colors.

However, for light brown, and for light or dark classic colors, this method is an excellent option to diversify the image. Hidden coloring looks especially beautiful in hairstyles: braids, spikelets and more. However, in this case, only a significant or medium length of hair is assumed.

coloring spring-summer

Photos of fashionable hair coloring

But in addition to interesting variations with highlighting and gradient techniques, stylists offer a lot of methods of dyeing in a single color. This year, the priority is light and natural shades of colors. At the same time, one should not exclude cherry color, matte black, ash-white, powdery and fiery red hair color, which will look no less impressive, but more traditional.

One way or another, fashionistas this spring and summer will be able to choose for themselves a beautiful and catchy coloring option, with which the image will turn out to be bright and unique.

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coloring spring-summer

coloring spring-summer

coloring spring-summer

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