Fashionable hair styling for the summer - photo images


Hair styling trends for the summer ensure that there are plenty of beautiful and eye-catching looks in the hot season. Especially for your stylish experiments, we have collected the main tricks: learn quickly!

afro curls

In case you haven't already done so, this season is the time to master the Afro curl technique for amazing volume and the most stylish looks. Curlers for such an image can be used, but rather tedious: it is better to speed up the process with a curling iron with a thin diameter.

Such a trend will undoubtedly be appreciated by girls who cannot boast of the durability of styling on their hair. Stylists confirm: the smaller the diameter of the curls, the longer they retain their shape.

Mermaid style

In the summer season, one wants to repeat the mermaidcore trend that appeared on fashion shows. Turning into a fashionable mermaid is easy - for this, shining makeup, light curls, waves and romantic dresses with frills are used.

wet effect

The most spectacular and fashionable styling of summer are created using a wet effect. To achieve a characteristic texture, you can use a special modeling gel - do not spare the means to make the hair look really wet.

Trends in women's hairstyles for the summer correspond to a bun, tail or curls, complemented by a wet effect. It is important that the strands lie a little carelessly - the “hair to hair” effect is useless this season.

Slicked back looks stylish and elegant too - no need to wait for a special occasion to repeat this trend! If you're throwing a party look, add glitter on the eyelids and a shimmery base for a spring-summer runway trend!

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Another trendy summer styling idea is a wet wave in the style of the 20s. Recreate an incredibly beautiful and feminine look simply with the help of a gel and a fine comb that forms a beautiful contour.

Clear parting

In the summer, it is fashionable to repeat another trendy trick from the top shows - a revealingly even parting. Stylists embodied this trend in combination with smooth styling, which looked especially elegant and expensive.

Making the desired parting is easy with the help of a thin edge of the comb, fixing the central or lateral location. Such a stroke will prolong the durability of the hairstyle and will allow you to look flawless throughout the day. The minimalistic look of the styling easily adapts it to different looks, and even business looks will not be banned.

Lush curls

When creating top looks, designers often cite the aesthetics of past decades. In the summer, many trendsetters were inspired by the images of the 80s of the last century - hence the relevance of lush styling with curls.

You can repeat a beautiful texture with a curling iron or curlers, but it is important not to overdo it with styling - summer curls should look airy and natural.

Careless waves

Every fashionista will succeed in repeating the next summer trend. You can recreate careless curls with the help of untwisted braids or alternating diameter, or the direction of curling with a curling iron. The final touch is the root volume. Naturalness suits you!

Dizzying Volume

Fashionable styling offers to practice the ability to create a dizzying volume. If your hairstyle delights with pomp, roots are raised and the image evokes nostalgia for the exits of models from the 90s, you did everything right! This style is especially well suited for this season's trendy layered haircuts.

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Fashionable hairstyles from Fashion Weeks fit perfectly into the most stylish looks of summer. These hairstyles are so simple that you can try them right now. The hot season is the perfect time for fashion experiments and female beauty!