Fashionable haircuts with bangs: images in the photo


Modern women are always aware of current fashion trends not only in their stylish wardrobe, but also closely follow all hairdressing innovations. In today's review, we will look at the current trends in women's haircuts with bangs and get acquainted with the upcoming trends.

Main trends in women's haircuts with bangs

2024 calls for renewal. And we encourage you to change your hair color, haircut, styling, cut your bangs... But do this not chaotically, but thoughtfully and correctly, having studied the fashion trends of new women's haircuts.

Stylish accents of the most famous women's haircuts this year will be various variations of bangs, correcting the flaws in the shape of the face and emphasizing attractive advantages.

The hit parade of bangs is occupied by straight and thick bangs at eyebrow level.

You can change the image with the help of ultra-short bangs, which will suit confident and purposeful women.

Romantic, touching image can be created with the help of elongated bangs.


The novelty of the season will be asymmetrical bangs with different lengths and purple, cognac colors or rich caramel, which will be very trendy this year.

Modern women's haircuts with bangs for short hair

Many people think that a hedgehog haircut is contrary to female nature, but this hairstyle will be at the peak of popularity this year. The most stylish fashionistas who have never cheated on long hair can finally find themselves by trying on a business look with a short female haircut with bangs.

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Hair cesson

This year, the sesson haircut in a new geometric design will add variety to everyday life. An interesting hairstyle will help a woman feel confident and unique.

Pixie Fashion Haircut

The pixie cut has gained a unique versatility that fits easily into a variety of styles. The owners of this hairstyle this year will be able to open up huge spaces for experimentation.

Retro haircut

A fashion hit is a retro haircut that goes perfectly with bohemian chic and gloss.

Haircuts with bangs for hair of medium length

Who dictates fashion for short hair? Of course, the world of film and fashion industry. A lot of Hollywood stars and famous models today wear curls to the shoulders. Even those who literally a couple of days ago sported a boyish, naughty hairstyle, "overgrown" in an instant.

Haircut Gavrosh

The long-forgotten from the historical past women's haircut "gavrosh" is returning. It becomes trendy this year and will suit almost all stylish women.

Haircuts with bangs for long hair

In a fashionable top, neat, voluminous and shiny hair with bangs remains.

Hit: Italian haircut

Italian style haircut is perfect for women of all ages with thick hair. The essence of the hairstyle is to give the hair smooth, stepped lines.

Long hair cascade

A very popular and delightful haircut is a cascade for long hair with bangs. It allows you to look as great as possible with a minimum of effort and time. Wonderful styling of the bangs - "natural mess" style.

Undercut for long hair

Given the inherent creativity, female haircut Undercut for long hair is appropriate for any style of clothing. It is ideal for business as well as informal. There is a huge variety of options for styling bangs in the female hairstyle Undercut.

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Bang without scissors

Long live long hair with bangs, but if you feel sorry for cutting the bangs, stylists offer to form it just out of long hair without the help of scissors. This style will help to look stylish every day.

Haircut "Cascade" with a bang

The different length of the curls in the cascade haircut and the diversity of bangs will inspire and add enterprise. Suitable for women with any type of face. Lush hair with bangs, like a competent make-up, capable of unrecognizable change a woman's face. A haircut cascade with light and careless bangs will give its owner lightness and maximum naturalness.

Haircut "square" with a bang

The relaxed luxury of curls in a bob haircut and the magnificent volume of bangs - icons of 1950's style come to life again and inspire with their beauty. In the upcoming year, the trend of the season will be such variants of the square with bangs, like a bob-square, four-square with a leg, four-square "rectangle", four of a kind with lengthening and graduated square.

Bob haircut with bangs

There will definitely be representatives of the fair sex who have experimented with their hair a lot. It's time to make the final choice this year in favor of the bob haircut with bangs, which has many modifications.

Photo review of fashionable bangs

Shortened bangs

Hairstyle is an important component of appearance. That’s why almost every woman tries to surprise others with a new hairstyle. Short and ultra-short bangs with torn edges and uneven shapes are excellent for this purpose.

Elongated bangs

We can say with confidence that the mystery, sensuality and mystery are characteristic of women - owners of elongated bangs of diverse forms. Such bangs favorably emphasize the beautiful eyes.

Non-standard bangs

Stylists and image makers unanimously say that non-standard bangs of varying density, shapes and textures look attractive and unusual. Replace the standard bangs with asymmetrical ones - and a completely different person will look at you in the mirror.

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Choosing bang right

To look stylish and choose the right bangs, we advise you to contact a professional hairdresser. Based on the texture of your hair, he can choose the right haircut that suits your face shape.

Stylists surprised us with such a variety of bangs that are fashionable this year. It is fashionable to update any hairstyle with bangs. This will allow the image to play in a new way. Being always beautiful and stylish is easy and pleasant!